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I remember a time when I would spend all day at the mall with my girlfriends. It seemed like we had all the time in the world to spend going from store to store. Unfortunately, life catches up with you and you find yourself spending time on other things such as chores, family, responsibilities, and most importantly golf! Due to my limited amount of time for in-store shopping I have turned to the internet. There are a few things I learned about internet shopping that have changed the way I look at shopping forever. The first thing I learned was that I could get twice as much shopping done online than in a store. The second lesson was a big one. I am no longer deceived by department store mirrors. You know what I am talking about, you try something on in a store and you think you look incredible, but then you get it home and look in your mirror and wonder if that’s even the same item you tried on in the store because now it looks terrible. The final epiphany I had was that I no longer had to wait in line for a dressing room or wait in line to make my purchase now I can do it from the comfort of my own home.

Great ladies outfit from PAHR
Great ladies outfit from PAHR
Ladies outfit by PAHR
Ladies outfit by PAHR

Since I have become a golf addict I have started focusing my shopping interests on golf clothing. Another bonus is that I am also married to a golf and clothing addict so I had the pleasure of looking for both of us. My only problem was that I was not looking for your ordinary khaki pants and plain polo. We both wanted something different, maybe a little more edgy, with fun colors, patterns, and more tech material. In my quest to find online retailers I came across a site called 13th Green. Here you can find both men’s and women’s golf apparel and accessories. This is not your regular golf store, here you will find more fashion forward golf clothes, just like we were looking for. One of the perks of The Hackers Paradise is having the opportunity to learn more about great companies like 13th Green. We spent some time chatting with the owner and you can read all about it below:

THP: How did 13th green come to be?

13th Green: We come from an action sports background and have grown up participating in sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, moto, and surf. As we have grown older we’ve found ourselves golfing more and more because we love the challenge and the lack of injuries. I don’t know about you, but when we were out on the course the style was so boring, uptight, and regulated. Everything was the same. It was the same old basic polo shirt with some golf company logo, a pair of khakis, and those saddle shoes! What can we say about those? We all rocked the surf, skate, snow, and moto brands that we wore everyday because the style is so much more free and colorful and…cooler. The problem is that a lot of the performance needs for golf were not met. Skateboard shoes have never had golf spikes, the typical surf style shirt does not help wick moisture and keep you cool, and so on. That’s where 13thgreen has stepped in. We are a golf shop with a boardshop feel.
THP: What brands did you start with and why?

13th Green: We carry brands that reflect our vision. PAHR Golf brings a new style to golf with both their men’s and women’s apparel lines. They offer products with both performance golf features and progressive styles. With the brand being supported by action sports stars that also love to golf, Jeremy McGrath, Cary Hart, Ryan Sheckler, Travis Pastrana, and Jamie Little also have seen the need for cool golf clothes. Radioactive Golf Footwear, created by a former DC Shoes national sales manager, is the leading pioneer in putting skateboard shoe fashion into performance golf spikes. Finally no more saddle shoes! Oakley, who has been making great golf products for quite awhile, jumped on board early with their innovative golf styles. Beyond The Links has been with 13thGreen for some time as well and they definitely have a cool apparel line going and some great pro golfers on their team. More recently we have brought in TravisMathew who has hit the ground running with their clean lines and hot accessories like their Icon belt seen at every tournament on PGA Tour Pro John Mallinger. Also POW gloves, who have taken their snow and BMX glove styles and injected them into a golf glove, has joined the 13thGreen family.
691978823_dsc_4761Graphic Top from Beyond the Links

THP: How do you select the brands that 13th green features?

13th Green:
We are always looking at new products to bring in, but they must “get” what we are trying to do here…put some of our lifestyle into golf. Offer performance golf gear without sacrificing style. We do not want to be everything to everybody. We will carry mainstream brands but will always focus on the products in their line that fits our style. For instance we offer Ogio golf bags in styles like the Onslaught, Prizmata, Sherlock Plaid, and Hoth Camo, but we do not offer their basic black bag.
THP: How often do you reassess the brands in your store?

13th Green: Every day, it’s important for us to stay progressive with what we offer to our customers. It’s not always about bringing in a new line but making sure we offer the right products from our existing brands as well.
THP: What are your biggest sellers right now?

13th Green: Right now we do well with quite a few brands – PAHR Golf for sure is doing great as it always has. OGIO Golf Bags are moving fast, being light years ahead of many golf bag brands out there with both their features and style definitely helps. Beyond The Links, TravisMathew, Radioactive, POW Gloves, Oakley, Glove It, and Tattoo all do real well. Recently we added Reef sandals to offer both their Mick Spackler golf sandal, with actual golf spikes attached to the bottom, and many of their traditional sandals because most of us like to wear flip flops before and after our rounds of golf. They have been flying out the door.
THP: What is coming up in the future for 13th green that our readers should know about?

13th Green: I think the future is bright for 13thGreen. Our existing brands all have new products just down the pipeline and we are looking at some more brands to add to the mix. The entire golf industry is realizing that there are more and more young people golfing and they must keep up with that consumers demand. There are new brands emerging on the horizon as well as cool products being developed by brands that have been conservative in the past. So the best way for a young, style conscious golfer to stay on top of all the new product offerings is to keep checking in with 13thGreen.
692011480_pow 692011435_pow black

The passion and pride behind 13th Green is extremely evident. We were so grateful to have the opportunity to speak with them and we cannot wait to see what is in store for them in the future. The customer service and care for their clients is truly extraordinary. If you are looking for something a little different for the golf course I encourage you to check out their website here.

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  • I ordered from this store about 6 months ago and have since used them 2 other times. They have great service and fast delivery.

  • Never heard of this one before. But I am glad I found out. Looking at their site I really like a few of the things I see. Thanks.

  • It seems as though they have some great brands. Surprised that they do not have Sligo and Puma. If they did, it might be a one stop shop.

  • Love their site. Did not know of them before this, but really like almost every brand they carry except Tattoo Golf. While I like the Tattoo style, their shirts are poorly made and their service stinks. Glad to here 13th green has good service. I want that OGIO stand bag they have with all the colors.

  • I use this site all the time, they are always very helpful and make it extremely easy to return or exchange stuff when need be. I highly recommend 13th green.

  • I have not shopped there yet, but like what I see on their site. Not sure how equipment like Nickent fits in, but it matches their colors I guess. Some of the brands are pretty cool, but Tattoo is bad. Beyond the Links buckle shown in the pictures will be mine soon.

  • Just checking out the site it seems that they have some very cool brands. I like Pahr and Travis Mathew, but a couple of these do not seem to fit. Tattoo Golf is a novelty and lacks quality clothing.

    I found a different brand there that I have not seen you guys review. Will you be reviewing Split? The stuff looks nice.

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