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A new apparel choice in the golf market, Arch by Christopher LaPolice is a crafted in the U.S.A. line of golf shirts focused on bringing a balanced look that will look good and perform both on the course and off of it. THP was fortunate enough to get a shirt from both Arch’s “Native Collection” as well as his “Waltz Collection” for a closer look at the design and materials.

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About Arch Apparel:

Arch was born with a new idea for golf apparel and a yearning for a shirt elegant enough to be worn once we stepped off the eighteenth green. It has been our goal to create something unique in an industry beholden to the behemoths. We have found that in combining innovative design with the finest components, the result is a refined and superior line.

When the journey began, we knew precisely the direction the first line was going to take. It was important that an aesthetic design be paired with a performance fabric capable of providing comfort through a round. The shirt had to perform as well as it looked. Along the way, we discovered exactly what a golf shirt should be, and everything it should not. The work and design we have put into the product has been fulfilling, and we could not be happier with the result.

 Balance is essential in golf, in design, and in life.  The Arch Lifestyle is an ethos based upon the value of sound structure and the tenets of balance. The line encompasses this by bridging the gap between performance and elegance. Designed for the player tired of current trends, the Native Collection and Waltz Collection achieve a superior function and style. Our shirts make a statement. We are proud to present, Arch by Christopher LaPolice.

Our shirts are designed and manufactured in the United States of America. By making things domestically, we can remain involved throughout the production process ensuring each stitch receives the attention it deserves. Every garment that bears the Arch by Christopher LaPolice brand, is a testament to the consistency and balance we value as a company.

The Native Collection

“Our flagship shirt, the Native is Arch’s first creation. It combines our traditional collar with a full novelty pocket and is available in four different styles. Designed with a classic style in mind and refined with modern influences, the Native provides the player with a unique blend of performance and elegance. No detail is overlooked in the construction of this garment. From our signature modern tailoring to the moisture-wicking fabric, this shirt was crafted in the Arch tradition.”

  • Features: Traditional Collar, Novelty Pocket, Moisture-Wicking Fabric, Italian Buttons, Headphone Slot, Crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL
  • Price: $96.00

The “1776”:

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The Waltz Collection

“The Waltz combines the classical elements of the Native with a Windsor Collar, a narrower placket, and a pocket accent. Our Windsor Collar and subtle attention to detail will prove a winning combination when paired with a sports coat, helping players conquer far more than the golf course.  Following the Arch tradition, the Waltz is crafted using the finest fabrics and our signature modern tailoring.”

  • Features: Windsor Collar, Accented Pocket, TourCell Performance Fabric, Italian Buttons, Headphone Slot, Crafted in the U.S.A.
  • Sizes:S, M, L, XL
  • Price: $96.00

“The Dutchmen”:

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THP was sent the “1776” from the Native Collection, which features a navy blue shirt with red and white striped material making up the pocket and collar. In addition, we received  “The Dutchmen” from the Waltz Collection, which is a much more subdued white shirt with a white/grey paisley style pattern as the accent to the collar and the top strip of the pocket.

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Overall, the stitching and materials are in both shirts are quite frankly some of the best this reviewer has had/seen in hand in some time. Through wearing and washes both shirts kept their colors and held up extremely well with the collars staying in great shape. Where the collars are concerned, one of the best things here is unlike some of the similarly styled high end shirts out there. The material is not overly rigid and this is a key factor in it sitting comfortably and wearing well over time. It should be kept in mind though when it comes to wear on any shirt, proper care/practices is key to elongating the life of the garment.

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 In all honesty, of the two shirts THP received, the 1776 was the star. It’s a great looking shirt all around and really is a well thought out design. The fabric is a moisture wicking material which has a nice touch of thickness/weight to it that is just enough to let you know it is high quality while at the same time still being incredibly effective at its wicking purpose. The 1776 also features a classy three-button placket and a more traditional collar (not as wide at the top button), which work best aesthetically with pocketed shirts in the opinion of this reviewer. Speaking of the pocket, while it is definitely a trend that is making a comeback (to the delight of this reviewer), the size and placement is always the key. The 1776 is much better done in dimensions and placement than the Dutchmen which will be covered below, as it is wider and sits a little higher as well as more to the center of the chest closer to the placket for a very balanced look.

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The Dutchmen features the same quality as the 1776 and wore great out on the course in the extremely hot summer conditions, wicking moisture just as one would expect. For this reviewer, the material of The Dutchmen did feel a touch more lightweight than the 1776, but this really could be mental more than anything. The Dutchmen and the rest of the Waltz collection also feature a shorter two-button placket and wider spaced Windsor style collar which do seem to pose some slight design issues with the pocket utilized on the shirt. The pocket here is actually not as wide as the one used on the 1776 and because of that it visually tends to settle a little more to the outside of the wearers chest. Additionally, the shorter placket makes it more noticeable than with the three-button one on the other shirt. It’s something that might be noticed more as the size of the shirt goes up, but in the opinion of this reviewer it’s a little thing that could take the shirt design to the next level.

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Additionally, both of the shirts from Arch refer to their cut as being “Modern Tailoring”, which while not the most specific breakdown is accurate. Each shirt sits formed to the shoulders with sleeves that are cut to sit above the elbow, but not as high as the euro cuts we see. Additionally, the design has a moderate taper which leaves room under the arms for movement on and off the course while still contouring the wearer without the crazy euro taper we see in some lines. Another thing to mention about the Arch shirts is their length. They have a significant amount to them and it allows them to stay securely tucked in while the wearer is in motion, but this could possibly make it a bit tougher to wear untucked if that is your style. Of course, that will vary to some extent with the body makeup of each wearer.

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One final feature that is definitely worth touching on is that all of the Arch shirts feature “headphone slots” on the side just above waistline length and just below the collar of the neck. These are finished out incredibly well with really nice stitching to make them blend seamlessly with the rest of the shirt. They are simple and effective – just run your headphone cord in the side and out below the collar and it keeps it more contoured to the body and out of the way during practice time. It is something that has been done before, yes, but it’s still very cool to see.

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Parting Thoughts:

With a price point of $96.00 per shirt, they will definitely cause some trepidation by many golfers out there, but it is certainly in line with other boutique/high-end design options that we see in the golf apparel market. The shirts wore extremely well, have some really nice design traits, great material, and also the quality one would expect for the price. The looks here are a good blend of classic and modern and the contrast they offer is something we are starting to see more and more of out there. With time, it will be interesting to see if the brand can dig out a niche for themselves or not, as they are most certainly worth keeping an eye on.

To see the rest of the designs from Arch, check out their website at

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