Ashworth 09 Women’s Review

I am back for another week of reviews and this time we have a real treat. If you walk into any country or golf club and search through the apparel there is one name you will always see, Ashworth. When THP started our quest for the best in women’s fashion Ashworth was one of the first names that came to mind. We were thrilled when, after contacting them, they agreed to send some sample items for us to review.

When THP asked about the philosophy behind their product they had this to say:

“The design and merchandising philosophy of Ashworth s Spring/Summer 2009 collection is based on seven principles form follows function, commitment to quality, innovative fabrics, attention to details, comfortable fit, interesting and wearable color combos, and inspirational visual vocabulary.”

There are so many new and great things happening with Ashworth I don’t even know where to start. I know these reviews are for the ladies but I have to mention one of their new men’s lines, ASHW33, which is geared for a younger crowd. As explained by the company description, the ASHW33 line has performance fabrics that incorporate unique graphic elements and stitching details that create a subtle avant garde look with a mod fit, slimmer by one size than Ashworth s classic fit. The line reflects the company s deep respect for the innate style of the game.

You may have read in a previous review that I am a new found supporter of “going green,” and now so is Ashworth. Part of their new exciting Spring/Summer 09 collection is their new organic line, Ashworth Organics.

“Ashworth Organics is golf gear designed and crafted out of 100
percent organic cotton or sustainable, recyclable materials. For the game, for the planet, the Ashworth Organics is for everyone who is interested and onboard with the green initiative”.

The new ladies line is broken up into four groups; Core, Endless Bloom, Tahitian Shores and Spring Swing. Each offers an incredible array of colors, patterns, and styles that will not disappoint. I had the pleasure of trying a white polo with teal and blue accents as well as a jersey stripped polo in teal. The jersey fabric was incredible. I don’t know about you but I have some tee shirts that must be at least 20 years old and they are the softest and most comfortable shirt I own, this shirt felt exactly the same way. Most other athletic type shirts are a polyester blend, Ashwroth sets themselves apart by using cotton in their shirts. This is not for everyone, but it is certainly worth checking out, you may be very pleasantly surprised.

It seems right now that most of Ashworth’s clothing is geared towards men, but I see great things in the future of us girls. If you check out their website at Ashworth you can see all the great new items they have to offer. I have my eye on a great little dress that will really add to my ever expanding wardrobe. I always say golf is GREAT but it’s so much more fun when you look good doing it.

One last thing to note. Ashworth was recently acquired by Adidas-TaylorMade, so we really do not know what direction this line is headed in the future.

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