Wilson Staff Zip Review

In the world of golfers, nothing is harder to choose than the golf ball. It seems that every time we get comfortable with the selection we have made, a new ball pops up that promises more distance and greater feel. Recently I had the opportunity to be “fitted” for a golf ball by a local […]Read More

Callaway Sport Era Golf Shoes

When buying golf shoes the choices nowadays seem endless. Some companies are putting out as many as 20 different lines of shoes in many different colors. Prices range from $20 to $2500 and sometimes you get what you pay for. As most of the readers know I have a love for golf shoes and when […]Read More

Winning Edge Designs Head Cover Review

Winning Edge Designs has changed the way the golf bags look on tour. From Sergio’s bull to Ian Poulter’s face, the tour bags have never looked so different thanks to these designs. Whether you’re a scratch golfer, or just hitting the links for the first time, WINNING EDGE Designs has created an exciting selection of […]Read More

Wilson Staff Fybrid Review

Rather than do the traditional review of the clubs, I want to share with the readers, how these particular clubs got into MY BAG! Recently I was in the market for new hybrids. After researching for months I realized that I was more confused than ever before. It seems that every hybrid that you see […]Read More

Nike Victory Red Forged Split Cavity Review

The world of golf equipment nothing is ever perfect. We all know that when we hit a bad shot that it was and always will be the equipment’s fault. But when choosing an iron set, it seems that we have to make that first decision and it is a hard one. Do we want game […]Read More

SubSeventy Clothing Review

The saying patience is a virtue comes to mind when we are writing this review. When The Hackers Paradise announced it was going to be doing a review on this apparel line, the flood gates opened. Hundreds of emails from people saying “we cannot wait” and “Hurry” are what we received so to not let […]Read More

Blingo Ball Markers

Sometimes in life splurging on things is fun. Whether it be buying that new outfit or picking up that latest driver and taking it to the course, splurging can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a romantic dinner that costs a ton or that truffle from Godiva that makes you feel so […]Read More

Gel Putter Review

It seems that each and every year more and more putters come to market. Each one claiming to produce the “truer roll” than the rest. Groove Equipment Limited (GEL) debuted at the 2007 PGA Show in Orlando, FL to rave reviews. Former CEO of Yes! Golf Asia Alec Pettigrew launched the company and unveiled studies […]Read More

Nickent 4DX Evolver Driver Review

Sometimes in life things come to those who wait. Most of the THP regular readers know that I have the patience of a 2 year old. When something new comes out and it fits me, I just want to have it. This is most certainly true with drivers. You see, I have never found something […]Read More

Nickent Arc Wedge Review

Picking wedges seems like it is the most difficult choice in all of golf. It is a golf decision that seems monumental and since most players are carrying multiple wedges nowadays it is a decision that you want to make right the first time. How you make that decision can shape your golf game for […]Read More

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