Billy Jealousy Men’s Care Line Review

So just who is Billy Jealousy and why should you care? I can’t answer the first part of the question, but I can tell you the reason you should care. Because Billy Jealousy definitely knows how to take care of your appearance. When we let our readers know that we were going to be doing […]Read More

Lucky Tiger Men’s Care Line Part One

This review is being broken up into two pieces because this particular brand has two different lines, and we are lucky enough to be able to review/profile both of them. The 2nd review will be coming at the end of men’s care week. It involves their barbershop classics products. Lucky Tiger is a premium line […]Read More

Men’s Care Week Starts

Lately our readers have had tons of ideas on what they would like reviewed. One of those ideas was Men’s Care products. From shaving creams to sunscreens we will review them all. We contacted a series of product manufacturers and asked them if they would like us to review some items of theirs that the […]Read More

What is Coming…And Your Suggestions

I have received a slew of emails about what some of our readers want to see reviewed. With so many people reading the site, it was no surprise with the vast array of ideas and suggestions coming in. One that sounded so intriguing to me was “Men’s Care” products. So the THP crew contacted many […]Read More

Groove Sharpeners, Do They Work?

Watch any PGA tournament and you will see PGA pro after PGA pro “back it up” with their wedges. Getting spin on the ball is done so much so now, that the USGA made a rule change recently, that says that club manufacturers have a new set of specs in which to follow for grooves […]Read More

Loudmouth Golf Review

Like a previous post of mine spoke about, golf clothes are beginning to get crazy. With players like Poulter (who has his own line) and Villegas putting an emphasis on style, more companies are putting out “stylish lines”. In steps Loudmouth Golf. Owner Scott “Woody” Woodworth made a LOUD debut at the International Network of […]Read More

Performance Testing

Over the last 5 years drivers have been made bigger and bigger. The USGA put a limit on head size at 460cc. The reason for larger heads seems obvious. More sweet spot and more forgiveness. Amateur players have almost unanimously jumped ship to these giant club heads that sometimes look more like metal detectors coming […]Read More


Over the last couple of years new equipment has been coming out at a faster pace than ever before. Everytime you turn around a new “state of the art” driver is on the market. Claiming to be the longest and straightest driver we have ever seen. The same claims have been made for the last […]Read More

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