Bag Boy Quad Push Cart Review

Viewed by some a walking golfer’s crutch, the push cart is becoming a staple of the walking golfer’s repertoire. No longer are pull or push carts a squeaky piece of steel that you delicately balance your precious clubs on. They’re becoming as technologically advanced as your clubs and have as many features as the bag carrying said clubs. When I received the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart for review I was excited to see what the latest in push cart technology had to offer. I’ve never owned a push or pull cart and in the past when I walked to play a round of golf I’ve just carried the bag like many others. Did this push cart make me want to give up the motorized cart and become a newly reborn walking golfer? Check it out.

Key Features

• Simple 2 step folding process
• Oversize wheels
• Upper bag bracket is stand bag compatible
• Lightweight aluminum frame
• Handle mounted parking brake
• Adjustable handle
• Oversized zipper storage bag
• Beverage holder
• Extendable wheelbase to accommodate nearly any size bag
• Lightweight, solid foam maintenance free tires
• Hidden umbrella sleeve
• Scorecard holder
• Umbrella holder

Initial Thoughts

I have to be honest, opening the box and taking the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart out of the box was harder than setting up the cart itself. It comes just as it’s pictured below and with a pull of the handle it expands and is ready to go. Talk about out of the box functionality! After you’re done admiring your handy work, you remember how light it was. Yes there’s a lot of cart here but the lightweight aluminum frame is just that, lightweight. Don’t worry, it’s sturdy and you can tell that this cart is made extremely well. Returning the cart back to its storage position is just as easy. Just pull up on the gray handle that says ‘pull’ and the cart will collapse upon itself into a nice little package for easy storage in your trunk or in your closet. The tires are actually ‘real’ tires and not plastic ones that can dry out and crack and you know what? They look cool too. I can’t believe I’m saying this about a golf cart but I am! Somehow the golf cart became stylish in addition to being functional, when did that happen?

The Quad Push Cart has a lot more going for it than just looks. It’s a Bag Boy product so you know it’s going to be a feature-rich item right? Well this unit certainly doesn’t disappoint. It has all sorts of features within your finger tips. Everything from a scorecard holder to a beverage holder to an umbrella holder to finally an oversize zippered pocket that would make a kangaroo jealous.

I don’t use a traditional scorecard much anymore now that my smart phone has a score keeping feature on it but it fit perfectly into the scorecard holder so the holder still serves its intended purpose! The scorecard holder can also hold a GPS unit too so it goes above and beyond its traditional intended use. The beverage holder holds only a small bottle of the beverage of your choice but in a way it acts as a reminder to keep yourself hydrated just based on the placement of the its placement (just off to the right of the handle.) I’ll touch on the big storage pocket soon but it can easily hold 2-3 other bottles of the same size so it’ll be easy to keep the beverage holder busy during a hot round of golf.

The oversize zipper storage bag can hold a lot more than just your keys and wallet. It can hold water bottles, sun tan lotion, golf balls, tees, sunglasses, windbreaker, or whatever else you can or want to fit into it. It’s almost like having a mini golf bag on your cart. It’s super convenient and super functional. Speaking of convenient, the umbrella holder that you can remove or put on the cart at will is handy. Either leave it on the cart or if that’s not your style then just remove it and store it in the cavernous zippered pouch. Don’t worry you still have room for other stuff.

One of the most unique features of the Quad Push Cart is the handle mounted parking brake. Yes, a parking brake. No more worries about coming to a downhill or uphill lie where your cart may go for a ride by itself. Park the cart sideways to avoid roll? Nonsense! Just push the handle down and than your back wheels will be ‘locked’ thereby securing your cart and the cargo it’s carrying. I’m not sure if other carts have this option but seeing this really made me think even more highly of this cart. Quality!


Testing a golf cart is pretty straightforward. Does it have useful features? Does it handle various types of bags? Like a car, does it handle well? The Quad Push Cart answers a resounding ‘yes’ when asked those questions.

I think I’ve covered the features well enough so let’s focus on the performance aspect of the cart. The cart easily folds up for immediate use or folds down for easy storage. It folds down into such a neat package that it easily fits into the trunk of your car with room to spare. That is huge for someone who has a smaller car with minimal trunk space. So it’s not something that will force you to put your clubs in the back seat while the cart rides in the trunk. Your clubs can and will easily ride along with the cart that they will soon be riding on at the course.

The cart handles like a dream. The foam wheels absorb a lot of shock in addition to the strong but lightweight aluminum frame which eliminates a lot of vibration as well. For those of you who spend a lot of time in the rough like yours truly, the wheels easily ride over and through the thick stuff so feel free to take it with you while you’re looking for you ball, again. The four wheel platform creates a stable and secure base so you never have to worry about tipping unless you put it in an awkward sideways stance. The Quad Push Cart is sturdier than you think! It easily dealt with my cart bag, carried a fellow golfer’s stand bag with ease, and with a slight adjustment to the extendable frame can take on a full size staff bag. The upper bag bracket is an equal opportunity handler and doesn’t discriminate against whatever style of golf bag you may have so feel free to load it up. It’s ready for the challenge.

The Quad Push Cart retails for $209.95 which is quite an investment for a push cart but how often do you really buy a cart? If you buy a cart don’t you want it to last as long as possible? Besides if you’re a walker or are serious about becoming a walker then why not invest in something that will last or even inspire you to walk the course more? As long as you don’t take your frustration out on the cart after you duff yet another approach shot into the green, this cart should outlast your driver. Colors? In addition to the white I tested the cart also comes in black, silver, red, navy and yellow. Surely you can find a color to match your bag right?

Pull and push carts never used to invoke a ‘wow’ response or earn a double take from a passing golfer but I’m willing to bet a hot dog at the turn that someone will at least notice this cart under your golf bag and have a moment of push cart envy. Is that worth buying this cart by itself? Of course not but add another tally onto the ‘reason why’ column when making your decision on this cart. For more information on the Bag Boy Quad Push Cart, click on over to

T. Hanks

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