Bag Boy Revolver Pro Review

As all of the loyal THP readers know I use a Bag Boy Revolver bag and have since the day they came out. Not because I was given one or anything of the sort. But because I firmly believed that it was the finest cart bag on the market when I purchased it. I have loved this thing and it has taken a beating with the amount of equipment changes we have done for reviews around here. It still has never let me down. We had so few complaints about the first Revolver that when they announced the “Pro” version coming out we were chomping at the bit to see what was changed.

When we heard the news, we immediately contacted Bag Boy to see about taking it for a test drive, even before it is released to the public. Here are some of the features through the words of the manufacturer:

The No. 1 name in golf bag and golf cart innovation, The Bag Boy Company has unveiled its new 2009 Revolver Pro cart bag. A deluxe version of the ever popular Revolver cart bag, the Revolver Pro features the original Revolver’s rotating top and Clip-Lok technology offering easy access to each club in the bag.

“The Revolver Pro is an enhancement to the original Revolver design first introduced in 2006, making it one of the most full-featured and golfer-friendly bags on the market,” says Craig Ramsbottom, President of The Bag Boy Company. “By improving on our best selling bag, we continue to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Like the original Revolver, the entire center tube component of the bag rotates 360 degrees for quick access to each club in the bag. Clubs will also stay protected and looking new longer with 14 individual club clips incorporated into the molded top to lock clubs in place and 14 full length box dividers to prevent the shafts from twisting together.

In addition to the 10″ 14-way top with full length dividers, the Revolver Pro sports new features such as a removable cooler pocket, two external putter wells and a quick access ball sleeve. The bag also comes with 8 functional pockets with ample storage, two fur-lined valuables pockets and clip for keys, a tee holder, molded trunk handle for easy lifting, and a cart sleeve to help prevent the bag from twisting when on a walking or riding cart.

The Revolver Pro is available in Black, Black/Red/Gray, Black/Royal/Gray, Black/Orange/Gray, White/Red/Gray and White/Green/Tan. The Revolver Pro has a suggested retail price of $199.95 and comes with a matching rain hood and umbrella sleeve.

After about a week, the sample pre-release bag arrived safely at THP’s offices and we unwrapped it like a child at Christmas. We immediately noticed some of the differences. Like I mentioned earlier, I had very few complaints about the first bag, but there were a few.

1. No spot on the front of the bag for golf balls.
2. The clips on the front of the bag did not work great over time.
3. Shape of the top needed some revamping.

All of these issues were minor in my eyes but it was as if they read my mind. Each one of those things was reworked and done so much better. The clips have been replaced by slots on the outside that will hold anything one uses frequently. It was a great idea.

They added a sleeve on the front that holds balls now. It is a little tricky to get them out, but once you get the hang of it, there are no issues. This was one idea that I am glad that they included in this version.

They even reworked the top. The revolving top is one of the many things that set this bag apart from all of the others that I have tried in the past. Sure its neat and fun, but it is very functional. Just knowing that I am a spin away from whatever club I need is what made me want it in the first place. The new version is very similar but makes it just a little easier to get to the clubs in the back if you decide not to spin.

The one feature that I never saw coming that absolutely made my day was the removable cooler pocket. The entire front pocket piece unclips and then you can pull it right off. It is pure genius. Instead of lugging cans back and forth, you just undo this part of the bag and bring it right to the fridge. What a fabulous innovation.

Of course it still has tons of pockets, and all the great features associated with Bag Boy and good quality cart bags. But I want to revisit briefly the reason I went with this bag to begin with and the reason I am going to continue to stay with them. I pay a lot of money for my golf clubs as we all do. They take enough of a beating on the course, why should they have to take any additional. I simply hate the sound of clubs clanging around and for the longest time I had never had a solution. Bag Boy changed that for me, with their bag’s ability to lock the club into place. The grip is held firmly into place at the base of the bag and again with a clip at the top. No clanging and better protection for my clubs.

I really did not see myself switching to something else, but with this new Pro Series, I am going to have to. The new color options and features really make it something to take a strong look at. For anybody looking at cart bags, they need to look no further than the Bag Boy Revolver Pro. Upon release (coming soon) you can see all of the colors and features and read more about it at Bag Boy.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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