Bandon Dunes + WITW Wrap Up = Incredible Experience

When one hears the terms “job interview”, you tend to shudder and think of closed door meetings where you are answering questions to validate your skill sets and character traits and convince the hiring authority that you are worthy of their offering. It is a process that is universally disliked by all of its participants, yet is a very important part of life and one’s career path as they move forward in the field of their choice. adidas Golf decided that they wanted to change that, and rather than bring worthy candidates in to start the interview process, they were going to hold the “Worlds Ultimate Job Interview” with an adventure unlike any other.

The company had the grueling task of pouring through entries and resumes and named two worthy finalists to go on this “ultimate” interview and prove their worth as the next employee of adidas Golf. Steven Olsen and Chris Dukeminier were named as the two finalists and along with one employee and a small documentary crew, the two of them set out on the adventure of a lifetime. The candidates were asked to highlight the trip for jealous golfers around the world and compete in a series of challenges ranging from the golf course to leadership and budget management. Locations included:

• June 27 – Germany
• July 5 – Norway
• July 10 – Scotland
• July 16 – Dubai, UAE
• July 21 Chiang Mai, Thailand
• July 26 – South Korea
• July 31 – Japan
• August 5 – Canada
• August 10 – Bandon Dunes, OR

Chris & Steve on the Range at Bandon Dunes

Right before their journey of epic proportions started, THP had a chance to sit down with Chris and Steve and gauge their level of excitement, what their thoughts were going in, and how in the world they could be so lucky. Here is a fun interview with the two finalists before they set out on their worldwide adventure.

Throughout this “interview”, readers were able to follow along through the grueling tests, the fun, and everything in between via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as watch video updates from the participants. These updates range from midnight golf on Steve’s birthday and playing golf with no grass in Dubai to walking inside the ropes at the birthplace of golf and having a female caddy pick mangos for you as you play. It was a treat to watch these two battle it out in fun challenges as they educated the world on adidas Golf as a brand. If you missed any of it, never fret, the Wear in the World page on adidas Golf has you covered. “Going to the different countries and having a language barrier between us, once I said adidas, the barrier was gone. It truly is a global and iconic brand”, said Steve Olsen.

Left to Right - Myself, Dave Cordero, Steve Olsen, Mark Elder, Chris Dukeminier, Shane Bacon

The Wear in the World “Ultimate Interview” was to conclude at Bandon Dunes in Oregon where adidas Golf was kind enough to bring out some members of the media including THP to sit down and talk with the two finalists, as well as play golf with them on what many consider to be some of the nicest courses in the world. Needless to say, EXCITEMENT was in the air.

The morning after arriving at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort we immediately set out for the course. Once there, we got to spend some time with Chris and Steve, as well as their adidas Golf host Aaron and the documentary crew. Stories were shared, thoughts were conveyed, but one thing stood out to me more than any other…adidas had a very tough decision because both guys were absolutely great in dealing with the pressure of the final moments and knowing that their lives could be impacted forever in just 48 hours. Spending time both on the golf course and off over the next 3 days proved to me just how hard of a decision adidas Golf had on their hands as Chris and Steve were true ambassadors for the brand, the adventure they were on, and the competition that they were completing.

Chris Playing Final Round of Wear in the World Golf

After the final interviews were complete, adidas Golf named Steve Olsen the “winner” and he was offered a marketing position in Carlsbad, CA at the company’s global headquarters. Olsen will re-locate from Green Bay, Wisconsin and begin his new role in the next few weeks as adidas Golf’s Social Media and e-marketing Coordinator. THP got a chance to sit down and speak with him after hearing the news and the smile gracing his face told even more than the words he spoke. “It has been a long journey and Chris and I were both worthy candidates. In the end, I am extremely happy to be able to move on from this journey and call adidas Golf my home in this new position”, said Olsen.

Shortly thereafter, THP had the opportunity to speak with Chris Dukeminier regarding the news. “I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed, but Steve will be great in this job and I have made a good friend and someone that I will share a lifelong bond with. I wish him the best of luck”, said Dukeminier.

The Gorgeous Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

Completing this incredible journey with them at the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort gave me a sense of just how much these two candidates thought of each other. They were right, there was a bond there. A bond between two people experiencing the world with eyes wide open and sharing their thoughts and feelings about the process with the world through social media outlets. A bond between two guys traveling around the world and playing the game they love. A bond between Chris and Steve that nobody else will be able to identify with, because despite it being an interview and ultimately a competition, both felt as though it was more than that. It was an “EXPERIENCE”.

THP wants to congratulate both Steve Olsen and Chris Dukeminier for completing this journey and doing it with a sense of pride and understanding that only the two of them could have done. We also want to congratulate Steve Olsen on becoming the newest employee in the adidas Golf family. We wish him the best of luck in his relocation and new position, and we know one thing for sure, nobody can ever tell him that you didn’t earn this job!

Pictures – Day 1

Pictures – Day 2

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Great read. Thank you JB for sharing. Steve and Chris congratulations on such a wonderful journey!!!!

  • stellar write up! i just don’t think that there could’ve been a loser in this process. thanks for sharing the story and letting us be a part of their experience. congrats to steve, and kudos to adidas for coming up with quite possibly the coolest job interview ever!

  • I’m with TC, how could there be a loser with all of the fun and exciting things and places that were visited? Truly the experience of a lifetime. Congrats to both partcipants!! A great write up JB!!

  • Great story on two of the luckiest guys alive. Too bad they didn’t hire them both.

  • That was a great article, thanks! I followed your pictures on twitter as you played and was extremely jealous. Great coverage and congrats to both Steve and Chris for getting to complete this journey!

  • Sounds like that would have been an awesome “interview.”

  • This is an awesome article! I think it shows just how classy Adidas is as a company, and would give people a chance like this and impact there life’s forever. Great write up, I really enjoyed it!!

  • What a great experience for these two. I loved seeing the video of night golf in Norway. Congrats Steve!

  • Terrific article JB. Congratulations to both Steve and Chris for being able to participate in such a unique interview process. adidas Golf should also be congratulated with dreaming up such a pertinent, out-of-the-box interview process that truly tested the applicants. This was a win-win for all involved. :thumbsup:

  • Great article. Those 2 are a couple of the luckiest people in the golfing world to get a journey like that. JB, thanks for the article and great photos. Major props to Adidas for thinking outside the box on a one-of-a-kind interview process.

  • Leave it to Adidas to step out of the norm, even while doing something as mundane as interviewing a potential new employee, lol. Great job to Adidas, Steve, Chris and THP for bringing us along on this adventure.

  • Great writeup for sure and both guys sound like the cream of the crop! The interview process was second to none and both participants received world class treatment. Great job JB ! Adidas has won my admiration and another customer.

  • I enjoyed following this adventure from beginning to end and those two are the envy of hackers all over the world.

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