BatCaddy: Electric Golf Caddy Review

The electric caddy is one of the fastest growing segments in North America with brands such as MotoCaddy and MGI featuring tremendous features and innovation that can make walking the course much less labor intensive. Less talked about here, but much storied is the BatCaddy and what they are bringing and have brought since nearly 20 years ago.

The company was established in the early 2000s in Long Island, NY and is the leader in North America currently in electric motorized golf push carts. Family owned and built on a tradition of excellent customer service, BatCaddy has a large network of service through retailers and courses. Continuing our introduction to the different offerings in this space, we wanted to introduce the BatCaddy X8R, their top of the line cart.

BatCaddy X8R

Before diving into the details and our on course usage, it is important to note that BatCaddy has electric carts priced as low as $400 with their X3 Classic and as high as $999++ for the X8R that we will be reviewing. This makes them the most affordable option in the category by a pretty large margin.

The BatCaddy X8R is a remote controlled heavy duty package that holds just about anything you throw at it.

  • Fully Directional Remote-Control
  • Dual 200W quiet motors
  • 9 Forward and Reverse Speeds
  • Downhill Speed Control
  • Optional Manual Control
  • Cruise Control with Speed Recall
  • Battery level indicator
  • True Freewheel mode
  • Auto-timed distance control
  • USB port
  • “Mountain Slayer” Oversized Dual Anti-tip Wheel
  • Compatible with Caddy Seat
  • Basic Accessory Package (Umbrella/Scorecard/Drink Holders)
BatCaddy X8R

As you can see in the GIF above as the BatCaddy X8R glides over the dormant fairways of Nashville this winter, the cart moves quickly. Speed settings are controlled by the remote control along with every other aspect. Click forward on the remote and it is off and running, click that same button a few more times and speed picks up. Turning and reverse are all handed the same way and the remote itself is extremely responsive.

The build quality is extremely impressive, in a more minimalistic design compared to what we have tested in the past. The battery, while not exposed kind of sits in a case on the frame, rather than hidden in a compartment. The connecting cables that hold your bag in place are simple, but extremely effective and the opening and closing mechanisms that make the cart easier to transport are a bit rudimentary, but get the job done efficiently.

On the course it performs incredibly well. It is one of the quietest carts we have tested to date with no rattles from accessories at all. The MGI Navigator we tested previously was a bit louder from accessory rattling, although the MotoCaddy offered similar silence. The BatCaddy XR8 was on par there and combined with the power made for a near effortless day. Side by side with the MotoCaddy they both cruised down the fairway with ease and outside of the cool factor of using an electric caddy, you wouldn’t even know it was there.

BatCaddy X8R folded up

The unit we tested had the upgraded Advanced Lithium battery option. This is an important distinction, because the units come standard with a sealed lead acid battery, similar to those found in golf carts for decades. BatCaddy offers two upgrade options, the standard lithium and advanced lithium at $150 or $300 respectfully. This upgrade is available on all of their carts for those that would like it. Using the unit testing around the neighborhood before the round, as well as a full 18 holes, the battery life was showing right around 50%. Respectable and should never run out of juice during a round. Most likely offering 36 holes for those that are troopers out there.

BatCaddy calls their Anti-Tip wheel the Mountain Slayer and it handled everything we threw at it. Going as far as taking it over tree roots, holes and straight up the hill on a few different holes, the Mountain Slayer never skipped a beat and the cart worked flawlessly. In fact it is probably the number one feature we found in this cart and was better than anything we have tried in the past.

Overall, the BatCaddy X8R is a no frills looking electric caddy that is packed with features and accessories and a joy to use. While the aesthetics might not align with a few of the other offerings on the market, the use more than makes up for it and the price range is hard to beat. If picking one up, we strongly recommend going with a Lithium option, for sheer ease of use and care, so price accordingly based on those upgrade options.

For more information on the BatCaddy X8R, check out their website here.

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