Ben Hogan Edge EX Irons

Ben Hogan Golf enjoys a long history of producing irons that have attracted golfers for their feel and quality. They also have a past filled with irons that many think would be a bit too difficult to enjoy the Hogan experience properly. Last season’s release of the ICON irons certainly hit on that point. In the late ’80s, a different iron for the Hogan brand came to fruition, one that would provide more forgiveness without sacrificing the signature feel, those of course, being the original Edge. Today, Ben Hogan Golf Company offers their latest model of this line, the Edge EX. 

Ben Hogan Edge EX Irons

Edge EX comes as a refresh to the latest Edge irons, which hit the market in 2018. After looking at the early images, it’s nice to see how this iron fits in nicely with the other irons in the Hogan stable. We get the classic Ben Hogan signature across the back with the sunburst logo out near the toe, mimicking what we see on the PTx Pro, just in a larger size. Gone is the textured badging, and instead we get to enjoy an iron that employs that classic Hogan appearance. 

Ben Hogan EdgeEX 6 iron

On the technology front, we get what Hogan Golf refers to as a floating face. This technology ties in nicely with the appearances mentioned above. A majority of the mass has been removed from behind the hitting area and pushed to the outer edges. Thus creating a perception that the face is “floating” between the toe, heel, and sole. I imagine this perception comes into play if you are coming from ICON.  Because that bulk of mass has been repositioned to the outer rims, we get an open cavity with plenty of perimeter weighting. Along with that comes what you might have already expected, a larger effective hitting area, which means more forgiveness. 

While I am not a fan of the term, yes, these are game-improvement irons, which means the top line is thicker, the blade length will be longer, and the offest more prevalent. Edge EX will also have a larger head size than the PTx Pro irons. 

A look at the top line of the Ben Hogan Edge Ex

We talked about the shifting of weight around the perimeter, but there has also been a good amount of weight pushed low and deep to boost launch conditions. As one might have guessed, with that type of construction comes stronger lofts. Each club is 2° stronger than the previous version; however, Edge EX maintains consistent four degrees gapping throughout the set in true Hogan fashion. Lofts start at 20° for the 4-iron and end at 44° for the PW. 

The V-Sole that we have come accustomed to from previous releases is also still part of the package. V-Sole combines a high bounce leading edge with a lower bounce trailing edge, giving players extraordinary turf interaction throughout the set. 

Sole design of the Edge EX irons

Ben Hogan Edge EX irons are here to provide that forged feel synonymous with the brand while still providing plenty of forgiveness for the golfer who desires/requires it. For the golfer who has long wanted that classic Ben Hogan iron in their bag, but feared they did not have the proper game to do so, the Edge EX irons should be a welcome sight. 

More information on the Ben Hogan Edge EX irons can be found at

The Details

Available: Coming soon

Cost: $620-$800

Shafts: KBS Tour V, KBS Tour 90

True Temper Dynamic Gold 

UST Mamiya Recoil 760/780

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