Best PGA Tour Players Without a Win?

Winning on the PGA Tour is certainly one of the hardest things to do in the world of sports. At any time, there are over 100 of the best golfers in the world vying to take home one prize. When you add in things like weather, difficult courses, and the fact that golf swings and putting strokes can be so fragile, it makes winning on Tour all the more difficult. The pressure of getting that first win is a weight that many players, rookies and veterans alike, would like to get off of their shoulders. Tour players not only have to learn to play good golf, they have to learn to win. The Tour Spot has been keeping a watchful eye on a couple players that have shown how close they are to winning on Tour at the same time as they show just how difficult it is to break through. So, who on the PGA Tour is closest to making it to the next level? Here are two players that have made an impression and may be close to securing that elusive first win.

In 2010, Jeff Overton was the one of the best examples of how important consistency can be on the PGA Tour. His excellent play, including six top-10, two top-3, and three 2nd place finishes, catapulted him to a spot on the Ryder Cup team and over three million dollars in winnings. I don’t think anybody will forget the hair-raising passion he showed with his famous, “Boom Baby!” after a holing out from the fairway on Sunday at Celtic Manor. Still, Overton has yet to take home a winner’s trophy. Nobody could deny that he is close and the Tour Spot will be watching to see if he can turn his consistent play into a first place finish in 2011.

WITB – Jeff Overton
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• Taylormade R9 15°
• Mizuno Hi Fli CLK Hybrid 20°
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• Cleveland CG Tour 4-PW
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The Tour Spot has also been watching Steve Marino closely this season. Marino, who has already matched the number of top 10’s he had in 2010, has finished in second place twice at this early point in the 2011 season.He started off the year playing very consistent golf, but just couldn’t seem to put it all together on Sunday. It’s obvious that he has the talent, but does he have the wherewithal to turn that talent into a win? Time will tell, but the Tour Spot wouldn’t be surprised to see him hoisting a trophy in the very near future.

WITB – Steve Marino
• Cleveland HiBore XLS Tour 9.5°
• Cleveland HiBore XLS 15°
• Cleveland Launcher Comp 19°
• Adams Idea Pro Hybrid 20.0°
• Cleveland CG Tour 4-9
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The PGA Tour has an incredible depth of talent as evidenced so far in the 2011 season. The number of different winners has been astounding and every week it seems we meet a new face that appears to be poised to become a force in the future. The two players mentioned above certainly appear to be on the verge of being able to call themselves PGA Tour winners. If you were to choose, which one would it be?

The THP forum is chatting about this article here. See who their picks are as well by clicking here.

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  • Great topic Ryan, and a couple of very good suggestions. Both these guys are overdue, and should surely win soon!
    This will no doubt turn into a great debate on the forum,

  • Two both very deserving candidates. Hard to leave Rickie Fowler out of the mix though.

  • There are so many good ones ready to break through with a win, of these two I am going to pick JO, but I would not be surprised with either of them winning soon.

  • Fowler & Webb Simpson were highly considered and would be on any expanded list I think.

  • Neat discussion topic – I agree about Overton and am pulling for him to get that win. Boom baby!!

  • Great Job. Of two I pick Jeff

  • I am going to pick Steve Marino to get the first win. Jeff Overton will not be far behind and both of these players along with Rickie Fowler will be making some waves on Tour soon. Good read!

  • Good topic. I would go with Marino. He’s been knocking on the door for a few years now. To me Overton was really good last year but has had barely anything going this year.

  • ddec, maybe Overton is turning it around starting this week. This is a very tough choice as both are great players. They’ve both had their great years so it’s very surprising to see either of them without a win.

  • Great article Ryan. I really think you have two good candidates here. Fowler definitely comes to mind as some have said as well. Overton will bring it home though first imo. Well I’d like him too haha.

  • I think Overton gets there first. I know he hasn’t shown much yet this year, but I think he will turn it around quikly.

  • I think Marino, Ryan. Overton’s been kinda roller coaster a bit this year. Hard to leave Fowler off this list though.

  • Have to agree with both of these, and Fowler. I’ll throw Freddie Jacobson into the ring as well.

  • I agree with TC….hard to leave Fowler out of the mix. But of the 2 presented here I’d go with S. Marino.

  • I enjoyed this article. Marino was the first person I thought of when I heard the topic. But this leads to a multitude of other questions. If there is another first-time winner before Marino, does it mean that in fact, THAT person was really the best without a win before his win?

    Another thing that goes through my mind, and kind of leads to how “good” these guys really are, since the consensus is that the fields are “so deep with talent that 70% of the field can win in any given week”, is if Marino, Overton or even Fowler are so good, then why are so many others getting their first win first? Are we constantly mistaken who is really the best without a win?

    I have said it before, that I think the money these guys play for makes it not such a big deal for them to actually win. They can finish 125th on the money list and still win a million bucks. I remember when winning a million was a big deal, and actually got you first place on the money list. But that is an argument for another time.

  • You know who I think will get the win first. But, I think he needs to work on his attitude a little bit. When he has a positive attitude he plays well, but as soon as Overton gets down on himself he starts folding.

  • Great topic and very well written article Ryan, we could debate this one for ages. I’d definitely put Overton and Marino VERY top on my list though. Thanks!

  • Very interesting article Hawk. I think Marino will get the big W first compared to Overton, but Fowler may get there before either of them.

  • Been away from a real computer for a few days, what a treat to come back to! Interesting thoughts on Marino Hawk, I’ve been watching him fairly close this year and I think the guy is on the verge of greatness. So humble yet fiery when needed. As smalls pointed out the money is a game changer now, personally I think that is Fowler’s stumbling block.

  • I would have to say Fowler. He is pretty consistent and is a great golfer. I just feel like he has been very close and just has one bad day. He will get that one more day to complete that amazing 4 day tournament win he is lacking.

  • I was actually shocked to read Overton has never won. I just assumed he has. He’s too good not to have a win.

  • This is a interesting forum topic because that list continues to grow every week. Jeff Overton has slowed down a little since that Ryder Cup year,as well as Rickie Fowler. I think Webb Simpson is next for a big year without winning. He has been a stud since his days at Wake Forest, and is as talented as anyone. Watch him to post top tens as Fowler and Jeff have during their runs.

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