Blossoms Golf Bag Review

Have you ever heard the song “Pink” by Aerosmith? Well if you haven’t the first line is “Pink is my new obsession.” Now I wouldn’t say it’s my new obsession, but I would say it’s an obsession nonetheless, I just love the color! Needless to say when I heard about a company that sells all things golf in pink, and other colors, but pink is what got my attention, I had to know more. We contacted Bill Calzavara from Blossoms by Visionary Golf, Inc. to find out more about their product.

“Lady consumers are increasingly aware of who they are and how their identity relates to a given product. It is well documented the impact designer products have had on our society. We have seen the tremendous success of designer creations in such areas as clothing, eyewear, jewelry, perfumes, and even alcoholic beverages. The Blossoms Designer Series line was born to quench a woman’s passion for artistic elegance and her need for unparallel performance. Our objective in creating the Blossoms Designer Series is to provide the female golfer with a product line that identifies, performs, and extends the beauty the game of golf represents.”

The people at Blossoms were kind enough to send us a 6-way ladies cart bag in pink and grey. At first glance the bag looks like your standard cart bag with several compartments, an umbrella holder and rainhood. However, when you look closer the detail work and stitching is quite remarkable. The compartments are the perfect size to fit all your additional golf gear such as balls, gloves, tees, etc… What really sets this bag apart from the rest are all the feminine accessories. Along with the bag there is a 3 zipper purse with a detachable carry strap. This little bag speaks to all woman. Inside there is a slot labeled cell (too cute) and a complete beauty center. There are spots for your lipsticks or lip glosses and it even comes with a mirror, that’s right it comes with a mirror!

My overall impression of the bag was that the craftsmanship was phenomenal, the purse was genius and it was pink (yay!) but the overall look was a little young for my taste. I will note that they make a mother/daughter set which I think is just amazing, and if I had a little girl these would absolutely be in our house. I was told by Bill from Blossoms that they can get pretty creative with bags so keep your eyes out on their lines.

I mentioned at the beginning that they have all things golf and when I say things I should really say everything. For the umbrella holder they have the matching umbrella. What about accessories you ask? Well they have the visors and caps to match your glove to match your towel to match your golf balls which all match your bag, AMAZING! They didn’t stop there; they also make custom putters and custom putter covers as well as head covers for all your clubs and yes you guessed it they all match the bag. Every lady needs a duffle bag to keep her clothes in when she changes at the club and Blossoms has that covered too. The only thing I think they are missing are the tees and something tells me we will see those soon too.

I remember being a little girl playing dress up in my moms high wheels and yipstick (of course I meant high heels and lipstick) wishing I could look just like mommy. Blossoms has made that possible as they have all things golf for girls age 5 and up. They make a quality product for the everyday golfer, the child golfer, and everybody in between. All their items are personal, feminine, and fun.

Your Fashion Guru

Golfer Gal

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  • I think Christina Kim carries a Blossoms bag? In any event, I definitely have to try out the mother-daughter thing. Sounds like it was designed for my future LPGA star and me. Thanks, Golfer Gal!

  • I have not heard of these, but I am definately going to be ordering one for my daughter. She loved the pictures when I showed them to her.

  • My wife really enjoyed this read. The fact that she can have so many options but have them all match is what did her in. This is a Christmas present for sure.

  • I agree with the reviewer 100%. These are a little young looking for me, however my niece would flip over this. Great review.

  • Their designs are a little too simple for me. But some of their accessories are really cool. The color pallette is outstanding.

  • These are news to me. I went to their site and really liked what I saw. Will you be reviewing anything else from their line? I am a junior golfer and really would like to have a bag like this.

  • Judith –

    They only gave us the bag to review, but if the other products are anything like the bag you won’t be disappointed.

    Your Fashion Guru

    Golfer Gal

  • I am buying our daughter one of these this weekend. She will really like it.

  • I really like these. I am also very into pink and think that my kids and I could have matching bags. Thanks for the info, these are new to me. I just found this site and love it so far.

  • I have a Blossom bag and really like it. I get compliments on it each time I play.

  • I use a Nike bag and it too has a small purse that matches the bag. It is green and white and I love it. I would definately look for these for my daughter though.

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