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Brandt Snedeker Wins The 2012 Tour Championship

2012 has been a coming out party for Brandt Snedeker in many ways and he capped off a wonderful season with a big win yesterday. It was a wonderful story involving an extremely humble guy that will next week showcase his talents in the Ryder Cup for Team USA.

With this win, Sneds wins the huge payday in the FedEx Cup for 2012.

During the press conference after the event Snedeker said, “I’m not a flashy guy. Of all the people I know, I’m the last one that needs $11 million. We’ll be able to help a lot of people”. When asked about buying a new car, “I’ve driven the same car for four years. It only has 24,000 miles on it. Why do I need a new car?”, said Snedeker.

Brandt Snedeker WITB
Driver – Taylor Made Burner Superfast 8.5 (Motore VC 7.2 X)
FW – Tour Edge Exotics CB4 13 Degree (Motore Speeder 8.1 X);
Hybrid – Ping Anser 20 Degree (UST VTS 100 X)
Irons – Bridgestone Golf J40 Cavity Back Irons 4-P (SteelFiber i95 Constant Weight S-Flex)
Wedges – Bridgestone Golf J40 (blk) 52 Degree (TT DG X100); Bridgestone Golf J40 (blk) 56 Degree (TT DG Spinner 119); Titleist Vokey TVD K grind widesole prototype 60 Degree (TT DG S400)
Putter – Odyssey WH XG Rossie
Ball – Bridgestone Golf TOUR B330 (2012)

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  • A great win for Sneds! It put a smile on my face.

  • J40 irons and wedges leading the way to the tour championship and FedEx cup.

  • awesome win for Sneds today and what a classy guy.
    big win for Bridgestone!

  • Really was pulling for Sneds! It’s about time he snagged a big one. Congrats also to his sponser Bridgestone as they are world class too!

  • Interesting to see the shaft variance in the wedges.

  • Very cool to see. Curious that he uses a Vokey 60* and J40s for his other wedges. I wonder why that is?

  • Very cool. Thanks for the info! Very interesting on the shafts of the wedges.

  • I like Sneads a lot and thats a very interesting WITB.

  • Original Superfast driver – thought I saw that today. Some nice Bridgestone gear along with some stuff I had no idea was in there (TEE & Adams). Great info!

  • Love Sneds!

  • Congrats Sneds and Bridgestone! J40’s FTW!

  • Congrats to BS, the guys has got it moving in the right direction. Congrats to Bridgestone for that superior technology.

  • Thanks for this info! I always love seeing WITB. He seems like a very down to earth, humble guy.

  • Congrats Brandt Great finish to 2012. I’m liking the CB’s in the bag.

  • There were some fantastic closeups of the J40PC irons cutting through turf.

  • Awesome bag and congrats BStone! I really wanna try those Aerotech shafts!

  • I love the variety of shafts in his clubs. Great guy and great win!

  • Thanks for this. Sneds really is some guy, a winner no matter what!

    Interesting to see the variation in shafts here. Don’t think I’ve seen the SteelFiber shafts in a bag before either!

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