Bridgestone B330-RXS Golf Ball Review

Last year The Hackers Paradise had the opportunity to try out the Bridgestone B330-RX golf ball and we came away extremely impressed. For the first time it seemed as though a company was telling us that we should not be using what the pros use, but rather find a ball that is right for us amateur golfers. I played the Bridgestone B330-RX for most of 2009, outside of testing others, and felt it was a great ball for my golf game and helped quite a bit off the tee. If I had to nitpick and find something wrong with the ball, it was that it did not have quite as much spin around the green as I was used to previously. The B330-RX was not a rock by any mean, it has a urethane cover and spun fine, but I was used to seeing a larger amount of check up on the ball and the RX just did not have that.

Bridgestone Golf is a company that evidently listens to its customers and is releasing a new ball for 2010 called the Bridgestone B330-RXS. Last week on In the Rough W/ JB & Golfer Gal we got a chance to catch up with Bridgestone Golf and talk about the new ball and why it was created.

Rounding out the TOUR performance SERIES designed for amateur swing speeds is the new 3-piece, urethane Tour B330-RXS – giving Bridgestone the softest multi-layer urethane series on the market. The new B330-RXS fits moderate-swing speed players – less than 105 mph – who demand a slightly softer feel and more spin control. The B330-RXS features a SOFT urethane cover for higher spin control and enhanced feel on and around the greens. In addition, the slightly softer core and mantle formulation help to generate reduced spin off the tee for great distance performance.

“Just like our PGA Tour pros, amateur players with swing speeds less than 105 mph have different preferences when it comes to golf ball choice,” said Brandon Sowell Marketing Manager at Bridgestone Golf. “Some prefer a ball with a slightly firmer feel, while others demand a softer feel and more spin. With the addition of the B330-RXS to our line, we now have the most complete series of ball choices for amateur golfers looking for tour performance.”

The new B330-RXS is available at golf specialty stores and green grass retailers now and will feature a street price of $42.99 per dozen

Tee & Irons
We put the new RXS to the test for multiple rounds of golf and countless practice sessions. What we learned are a couple of things that we will break down into categories. We are going to start with Off The Tee…Off the tee, these may be in fact the best ball I have played to date. I was not getting the most distance or the straightest ball flight out of every swing, but what I was getting was the sum of all parts. Excellent distance, very straight, good feel and a great look. Not too “shiny and plasticy” and not too dull. Just a nice clean look that gave confidence at the tee box. Iron Play… The irons on approach shots had something unique about them that I could not put my finger on. It was not extra distance or checking power, and it hit me, it is the feel that they give off at impact with a full iron shot. The RXS has a very different feel in my opinion, softer, “pillow like” and something that I have really grown to love.

The feel is incredibly different and bare with me, because it is not easy to explain. It is soft and almost muted when you hit a ball well, but not artificially muted. The soft impact on a full swing reminded myself and a few others of when you hit the ball really well on the putter face. Just smooth impact and could translate into a great feeling club.

Around the Greens
We will start with the green and work backwards for this review. On the putting green and through our rounds, each person playing remarked at how great these felt. Soft at impact, with a great natural feeling. No “clickiness” at all and the ball has a nice roll on it. One tester remarked “every ball should feel this way on the green”. To have this kind of feel, without feeling “dead” was something pretty special. When we moved back to the pitching and chipping area around the green, our opinions changed a little bit. While the Bridgestone B330-RXS still performed extremely well, the bar was set so high previously on the green that we were a little let down.

We mentioned earlier that the only issue that the RX line from last year had was just not having enough spin around the greens. Outside of that, they had created the perfect golf ball for my game. I expected the RXS to fix that problem and it still did not really have the spin we were hoping for. It was most noticeable in the area of chipping where getting the RXS to check up was causing the same problems we had with the RX ball. Not at that level mind you, but similar issues. A little bit more in the spin department on that single shot, and this would get us nearly weeping with joy. But outside of chipping, the ball was performing quite well. Full flop shots, in the bunker, pitching, etc… everything we through at the RXS came back with that same thought, “this ball feels amazing”.

Breaking Down The Shots
Tee Box – Simply awe inspiring.
Full Iron Shots – Best feeling we have come across.
Half wedges & Chips – Great feel, but lacks the spin we would like to see.
Pitching & Bunkers – Tremendously soft at impact and does what it is supposed to.
Putting – Could make you think a brick had a soft insert. Great soft feel off the putter.

While we would have liked to see a some more spin around the greens, the Bridgestone Golf Tour B330-RXS won us over in every other department. Their entire B330 lineup will have a ball that will fit anybody looking for tour level performance. But the kicker is Bridgestone does not want to tell you what ball to play, they want every golfer to get fit for the right ball to match their game. For more information on the B330-RXS or any other ball in the Bridgestone lineup, check out their website at You will also want to be sure to check out where they have their free ball fittings coming to an area near you.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Great review, JB. It sounds like just the ball I am looking for.

  • Another solid write up JB. This ball really intrigues me. I’ve been playing the E6 and the ZStar for a couple of seasons and it seems like this ball might just replace both of them. I’ve never been able to generate a ton of spin so the fact that these are “awe inspiring” off the tee and have the best feel of any golf ball on the market pretty much puts these balls in my bag. Thanks for the review.

  • Nice job on the review JB!

  • This is why I only read the reviews here.

  • This review is great and I look forward to trying them. Finally a place that does something thorough around here.

  • Good stuff JB, I found the same thing around the green with these. It is a great ball though.

  • Really like what I am hearing here. Feel is far more important than spin in my opinion. Most balls will spin with the proper technique, but finding one that feels good is a different story. Solid info.

  • Great Review. I really liked the original B330-RX and had the same opinion on the spin on chips. Sounds like it is better but not perfect yet. I can’t wait to buy a dozen B330-RXS and go play.

  • You guys are always first. I love that. Good review and love to hear that it feels good on the putter. That is key for me.

  • I’ll have to pick up a sleeve and give these a try. I’m already hooked on the Bridgestone e7, and the new RXS sounds like it might be everything I had hoped last year’s RX would be for my game.

  • Great review. Played the ball for the 1st time today and it lived up to the billing. Great feel and spin with my approach shots and superior feel while putting. I’m not sure if it is a long as the Pro V1x, but it has better feel for sure. The new TM Penta is comparable, but feels a little mushy of the tee.

  • Very good site! I like it! Thanks!

  • Great review as always! Every time I need to find a review on a new product I always enter “hackers paradise” in the search parameter. The folks here gives the most thorough and unbiased review! Upon reading Josh’s assessment of the ball, I went to purchase a sleeve just so I could try it and put it thru the ringer myself. I’ll probably come back and share my thoughts as well.

  • Played it first time 4/10. One club longer with super feel. Previously played E7 and ProV1.

  • the brick insert thing was hilarious

  • Good review. I have been playing the Bridgestone 330RX for two years, didn’t find much difference with the RXS. I agree with JB, better spin around the green would be nice…then everyone would play the ball.

  • You guys have nailed it on the review. I have played the Pro V 1 for many years and always try out the newest ball when they a company comes out with one. As always, I go back to the Pro V 1. I tried the RXS ball a few months ago and I am still with it! Great feel like the Pro V 1 and a more distance for me. Like you said, around the greens are a little different. I could stop the Pro V on a dime and just need to play the shot a little different. I will continue to play the Bridgestone, but once they get the chipping dialed in, they will blow it out!

  • I am 60 years old and changed from the Pro V 1 to the 330 RX last year. I am an 8 handicap and this ball fits my game perfectly. This ball is one club longer for me and I love the feel on the green. The only thing I would like is more spin, especially on hard greens. It sounds like the the new RXS is a slight improvement, but may not be perfect yet. I just ordered the RXS and look forward to seeing how it performs.

  • The Precept EV when made by Bridgestone was the best ball I ever played. It was long off the tee and would spin like a top on the green. I don’t know why they stopped making them???

  • I’m a bit late on this review, but after reading it I’m going to pick up a sleeve of these and give them a shot.

  • Nice review,. I was playing the PROV1. I started playing the B330RXS last year and the PROV1 feels like a rock compared to the B330. The main thing that concerns me with the B330 is putting, I’m a die it at the hole putter and I seem to leave more putts short than I did with the PROV1. I know what your thinking, hit it harder, easier said than done…lol Overall, a great ball!!!!

  • Review of this ball is spot on. The ball IS longer off the tee and from the fairway as expected, than the Penta I currently play, however, the spin is exactly like the Taylor Burner…non-existent. Attempts to use my 64-degree flop wedge resulted in balls screaming across the green as if a 7-iron was used instead. The B330-RXS does NOT spin nearly enough to expect tour-level performance. Shots with short irons over bunkers and/or water resulted in balls running through the green. I used to play the Callaway HX Tour 56 ball and was extremely disappointed when they discontinued that line. Their subsequent balls have not performed, for me, nearly as well. I have been searching ever since, and have pretty much decided that the Taylor-Made Penta ball is the closest to ideal for my game. I was given 3-dozen Pro-V1s, recently, and will play them until I run out of them because it’s economically sound. They are almost as soft as the Penta, but not as long.

  • I’ve been playing pro v’s since they first came out. I went to a ball fitting at Rustic Canyon and got fitted for the RXS. I didnt have enough swing speed for the pro v x and wasn’t getting the desired results. Right after the fitting I played a round with the RXS and noticed a longer and straighter ball flight with my driver (RBZ) about 15-20 yards. The wedges held the green and had check on them. Im sold on these balls and will be purchasing a dozen soon!

  • I’ve been plying the RXS for a couple months and love the ball……… driver speed is 107 @ 45.5 inches using the GD Tour AD 6I/Ping Anser combo…..straight and long. Noticeably longer than the Pro Vs……..irons are a club longer using Callaway X forged irons. The ball spins well on long, medium, and chip shots as well…….this past weekend I spun a 54 back five feet . Putting feels awesome and have great distance control……….well done BStone………

  • The excellent description you shared, I really impressed here. thanks

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