Bridgestone Ball Fitting a High Speed Player

Last week our staff writer Dan Edwards was in Covington, GA for a visit to Bridgestone Golf. For those that missed the behind the scenes video of that visit, you can find that here. Dan is better golfer on the plus side of the handicap index and his driver swing speed is north of 115 mph.

With so much talk recently around the internet about golf balls and what is the best for golfers, we wanted to to find out if firm equals fast, would it then equal distance. Left out of the story many times is while that is true, firm does equal fast, impact location, spin and a number of other things will play just as much a role in your distance as just pure speed. Below Dan and Adam Rehberg from Bridgestone Golf breakdown not only the fitting, but how golfers can get the most out of golf ball selection and what to expect when impact location and swing flaws are in place.

As you can see from the video, Dan, a strong swinger well north of the 105mph that Bridgestone normally uses as a cut off between two styles of golf balls, got more distance out of a softer compression ball. Not just with the driver, but also the irons as well.

Join us in the THP Forum as we continue to discuss this topic in detail with Dan available to answer questions. Jump on over to the new thread here.

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