Bridgestone Ball Testing on THP – We Want You

Bridgestone wants to hear from YOU! The company that looks to consumers for feedback more than any other in creating golf balls, wants THP Members to try out the new line and report back with your thoughts on the ball.

Bridgestone is going to provide THP with a few dozen golf balls from their new lineup coming this fall. The new lineup consists of new Tour B330 & B330S as well as the new E series of golf balls including the e6 which will be out in both orange and yellow.

General Info
Starting next week, THP will send out sleeves of the new Tour B330 & B330S to 10 or so golfers and their job will be to report back their findings on what they like and dislike (if anything) about the golf ball. Then about 2 weeks later, THP will send out sleeves of the new Yellow & Orange e6 golf balls for more golfers to try out and report what they like and dislike (if anything) about those as well.

King of Fitting
Being that this is being done by the KING of Ball Fitting, we want to make sure that we find the right ball for the people doing the testing. So we have multiple golf balls that could fit your golf game perfectly.

If your swing speed is over 105, you could take a look at the new Tour B330 or B330S line.

If you struggle off the tee a little bit and want to try to keep it straighter, then you could take a look at the new e6 line.

The best way to check is to click on the yellow banner in the forum section of THP where you and chat with a B-Fit specialist and have them talk you through which might be the best golf ball for you.

Then come back to this thread on the THP Forum and enter to be a THP tester before these hit the stores.

There are, however, certain criteria that must be followed to be eligible to receive a sleeve of balls. So if you are not able to do so, next testing might workout better.

1. You must be able to give these a test drive on the course within 5 days of receiving the golf balls.

2. You must put together a write up with your thoughts on the Bridgestone balls you receive within a day of testing them.

3. Please provide honest feedback as quickly as possible.

We will choose about 10 testers or so for each line.

Your Entry
To request a sleeve of the Bridgestone golf balls please respond in this thread on the THP Forum with the information requested below. Failure to include ALL info will result in entry not being counted.

1. What Bridgestone Ball would you like to test?
2. Have you gone through a Bridgestone Fitting?
3. Live fitting or Online via B-Fit?
3. What golf ball were you fit for during the fitting (if you answered yes)
4. What is your current golf ball?

Please keep in mind we will be looking for people on different types of grass, different handicaps, etc…

We will notify people in this thread if they have been chosen to be a tester for THP & Bridgestone Golf and the new lines coming out very soon.

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