Bridgestone e7 Golf Ball Review

It has been a small journey and this will be the final review in the new “e” series of golf balls by Bridgestone Golf. A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of testing out the Bridgestone e5 and then last week THP’s own Harry Longshanks had the opportunity to review the new Bridgestone e6. The last ball in the Bridgestone line of golf balls targeting the game improvement is the new e7 and we will take a look at it today.

Each ball in this line is geared towards helping certain golfers improve their game. A game improvement golf ball if you will. Hit the ball too low and want some added height, try the e5. Having trouble with keeping the ball straight pick up the e6. The third ball in their game improvement line is the e7 and it is built to get to lower the trajectory a little bit and add some distance to a player’s game.

From the Company:
For those players who need a slightly lower trajectory or perhaps already have an ideal trajectory but are seeking longer distance, the new e7 golf ball fits the bill. The new e7 also benefits from a new proprietary Bridgestone Inner Layer formulation that makes the ball 5% firmer. This new Velocity Increasing Inner Layer along with a new higher speed Gradational Compression Core combine to create a more piercing flight and better wind resistance – resulting in even deeper distance off the tee.

Initial Testing
We gathered up a few golfers and went out to a hole on the golf course that is long and straight. Each golfer had a dozen golf balls with them. 2 sleeves of the new e5 and 2 sleeves of the new e7. We wanted to compare ball flights as it relates to height and figured why not do it with balls from the same class and see if they are up to the challenge. There were 5 golfers in this test including myself and we were each armed with our driver of choice. We were going to measure distance between the two balls as well as height. While we obviously could not measure height in yards, we were merely going to measure the perceived height to see if it was lowering our trajectory at all.

By the time this testing was finished we learned something more than we had expected (more on that in a second). The e7 golf ball from Bridgestone Golf works as advertised in our testing. The ball lowered trajectory compared to the e5 by quite a bit. Its not just a low trajectory however, it is a more penetrating flight that many players desire for added distance. Comparing it to the e5, every single player could clearly see the ball come down in height. How much? It differed by the golfer, but some as much as comparing a wedge and a 6 iron trajectory. The more penetrating trajectory of the golf ball off the tee gave some added distance for a few of the testers as well. 3 out of the 5 saw an increase averaging 4.6 yards over the e5, however it must be noted that the fairways were damp and there was very little roll to be had out there.

We mentioned above about how the golfers learned something in this testing and that was about finding the right ball. It seems with most of our testing, there are two constants when it comes to golf balls. Players either by whatever is on sale, or they buy what wins on tour or is popular. Watching people test two balls and seeing their eyes widen as each shot is dramatically different is fun to see. The difference in ball flight between these two balls gave people the idea that there is a lot more going on under the “hood” and that finding the right ball could benefit them quite a bit.

Course Testing
After playing the ball for 7 rounds, I can safely say that the Bridgestone e7 for my game is the longest out of the 3 golf balls that make up the “e” series. Our normal playing group liked the distance so much that we all used it off the tee during a recent charity scramble. I hit a rather high ball in general, so seeing the flight come down for me was perfect for any round, especially in conditions of higher than normal winds. With the lower ball flight, there is a small price to pay and that is the approach shots and spin around the greens. While the ball was not hitting and backing up, or even hitting and stopping, it was not running out completely, so there was some checking ability. Slightly more than the e7+ had last year, but still not a whole lot. While there was not a whole lot of spin around the greens with irons and wedges, off the putter, the ball felt quite nice…Not clicky or harsh like some balls in this class sound. And yes, despite some minor changes, the alignment aid on the “e” series golf balls is still the best in all of golf.
Bridgestone Golf does it again with their “e” series of golf balls. Designed as a ball to help someone’s game, we strongly recommend finding the one to fit your needs and giving them a try. As for the e7, if you hit the ball too high, or want a more penetrating trajectory, give them a try. THP recommends going through a ball fitting if you can and Bridgestone Golf offers them free. You can read read all about them and see when they are coming to your town right here. We cannot recommend something more strongly than a ball fitting. You can also do their quick online ball fitting at their website by clicking here. The new “e” series golf balls by Bridgestone may truly help the way you play the game of golf. With a street price of $26.99, they are a great price too.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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