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When it comes to performing at the highest level on the course golfers tend to overlook the importance of their golf ball and its playing characteristics. Ball composition and design can impact our spin rates, launch angles, trajectories, and ultimately our scores. Touring professionals go through extensive testing with every aspect of their equipment, including their balls. With a thorough fitting and testing process golfers have the ability to maximize the performance of their equipment. While many of us are aware of the playing characteristics of tour level balls, they may not always fit our game. Bridgestone is one of the leading manufactures in performance balls today and offer a wide and extensive line of balls to fit different players with varying trajectories.

Bridgestone has recently introduced the E7+ line to their stable of golf balls. The E7+ is designed for players that have a high to medium ball flight and need a more penetrating trajectory for increased distance all packed with the performance of a three-piece ball without the typical three piece price tag. With three piece golf balls costing upwards of $45 per dozen it is refreshing to see that it might be possible to get the distance and feel on the course without the price tag.

Normally I would not get too excited about golf ball reviews, but this one was a little different for me. So many people loved the rest of the E+ line, that I felt left out because I always thought that as good as those balls are, the ball flight was a little too high for me. As a golfer, my typical flight is very high, and when I found out that Bridgestone would be making a ball in that line that was right up my alley, I got ready for this review. After speaking with Bridgestone a couple of weeks later a packaged arrived with a few dozen of the E7+ to review.

I wanted to get more than just my opinion with this ball review so I asked a local teaching pro to assemble some golfers that all have high ball flights and we would play a round. The first day I went out on my own and played 18 holes with them. Here are some initial thoughts.

1. Very straight off tee. I noticed a lack of sidespin which I liked a lot.
2. Definitely notice a more penetrating ball flight rather than the high bombs I am use to. This was huge for me.
3. The best alignment aid in the business hands down!

The next day we had six golfers equipped with E7+ golf balls and we were all set to give these things a test. We asked each person to grade the ball in a few categories and then give an overall score. Distance, Durability, Feel, Spin, and Overall. After nine holes we had one golfer that lost his sleeve in the water so we “re-ammo’d” him up and waiting for everybody to finish. Once everybody was done they each turned in a card with their scores on it. All six golfers rated the ball “Excellent”. We sat down to get feedback from each person and here are some of the highlights.

1. Seeing the lower trajectory was something I just did not think a golf ball could do.
2. Love the alignment aid.
3. Good spin around the greens. Not at the level of a ProV1 or B330 but very adequate for what any amateur needs.
4. The perfect sound coming off the putter.
5. Did not cut these up like my ball and spun just fine.

The feelings that the golfers were displaying were more “surprised” than anything else. Most of them were playing a “tour” ball and they were not sure something like this would work. But none of them had any complaints after the round. After the round I went and worked around the chipping green with the balls for a few more minutes. Does the ball spin like a Pro V1? No, but Bridgestone makes a ball that is more geared to that in the B330 line. Does it do exactly what it advertises? Yes it does. I actually really loved these around the green more than I thought I would. The sound is great and the alignment aid is the best I have used. (same as other E+ balls) What this ball lacks in spin (which is not much) it makes up for in ball flight. I had zero trouble stopping the ball on the greens. Neither did any of the other golfers that tried them out.

Overall I think the Bridgeston E7+ golf ball is a great combination of all the elements that a golfer should look for. It provides adequate spin, good distance, great ball flight, solid durability, and is priced perfectly. You can read all about them at Bridgeston E7+. We found that at most stores for about $26.99 and think it is a solid price for this ball. The E+ golf ball line has something for just about everyone. THP definitely has it on its short list of the best ball for our readers. Give them a try when you get a chance and let us know what you think.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. scooter says:

    Nice review!

  2. Rick Brown says:

    I have been curious about these for about a month now. I really like the B330 series but wanted something a little less expensive and a ball that has a lower ball flight. These might do the trick.

  3. Krandel says:

    In all fairness, I have never tried a Bridgestone ball. This review looks promising though. I think that wth the sticker price and the review, I will have to order some and see what happens. Thanks.

  4. Brad says:

    Great read. Love hearing about new balls and how the general public feels about them. I think you guys are the only ones that have actual people test the balls rather than just one person. Thank you.

  5. timmah says:

    Very interesting reading. As someone that has been trying to find the right ball forever, these seem like they have the traits I am looking for.

  6. sand sucks says:

    Great read. I have used these balls for a few weeks now and love them.

  7. Tre J says:

    I hope you guys review the B330RX as well. Will you be covering their wedges? I have been thinking about getting some WC wedges but want an impartial review first.

  8. MO_Hacker says:

    Great read, I have a sleeve of these I can’t wait to try out for myself.

  9. WSE says:

    Great work. The Golf Galaxy store near me uses the e7+ in their practice bay, but it’s hard to get a feel beating them on a computer simulator. I use the e5+ now, but may give these a try out of curiousity since I often balloon it off the tee myself.

  10. G says:

    I started playing Bridgestones about three years ago and love them. All my snob golfer buddies who are stuck on Pro V1’s and Nike balls are starting to see the light and keep asking to try one of mine. I just stepped up to the new 330 RX and love them. These balls are rockets of the tee box and have a great feel off the irons. Do yourself a favor and shop around, you can usually find these around 36-38 a dozen. Well worth it.

  11. Robert says:

    Have used the E6+ previously but felt that due to its low compression and high ball flight was loosing a little distance especially with the driver. Went to the E7+ and it is definitely longer and has a lower ball flight resulting in more roll for me. You need at least 90 mph swing to compress this ball since it is harder than the E6+. Spin with short clubs is fine. Best ball I have used in years.

  12. greg hagen says:

    Tried these and there great! However, the e6’s are my cup of tee….

  13. Fred Walker says:

    Bridgestone have been making top quality golf balls for a while now. The E7+ continues the tradition.

  14. G says:

    I started playing the Bridgestone 330 a couple of years ago. Last year I went to the 330RX and loved them. Last week I picked up a box of the E7’s just to see. Overall, not a bad ball, obviously not as soft as the RX, but not hard as rocks. I played on a very hot dry Southern California day and the greens were slick but had no problem holding the greens. As far as distance, I had a handful of drives that were in the high 290’s, (Sky-caddie measurements) and iron shots seemed to be only to be a few yards longer. I did note that the red alignment arrow didn’t make it through the round and had been worn off by iron shots. I liked them, but am not head over heels in love with them yet. I’ll finish off the box before I decide whether to keep playing with them. I’d like to try a sleeve of the new Bridgestone Treosoft but no one has them yet except for on-line stores.

  15. G says:

    Found a great golf store in Kauai, (Pro AM Golf) that carried the Treosoft and picked up a box. Loved them over the E7. The E7 were a bit to hard for my taste and didn’t hold the greens as well. The Treosoft had a great soft feel off the irons and held the greens very well. Also liked them off the woods. Were a couple of bucks cheaper too.

  16. Jim DeRosa says:

    Thank you for a comprehensive review. I have a pretty solid iron game and carry a driver that at times has a mind of its own. Play on a links style course that always seems to have its own wind. In a nutshell no ball is going to correct bad mechanics but on those occasions I hit it on the screws ( Yeah I’m in my 50’s. We still use that term) the E7 was like a diamond off the face of the club. Definitely tracked lower and longer. I play this course A LOT and I was reading sprinkler heads I have not seen on a drive. Saving what’s left of my old balls for water holes.

  17. Bigger Lebowski says:

    (7 HDCP) I’ve played the e7+ for 2+ years, after being an NXT player. Trajectory is by far the most noticeable gain over NXTs. Lower, piercing flight takes variation out of distances and GIR increased approx. 15%.
    I attended a golf school at the World GOlf Hall of Fame in St. Augustine and the instructor said driver flight should last for 7 secs. (optimum). Even with the piercing flight I have met that yardstick consistently, averaging 280 yds./drive. Off the putter (Cameron Newport 1.5), the feel is still there. 5-7 footers are automatic. Yes, I practice quite a bit, but I don’t have to be concerned with the ball at all.

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