Bridgestone True Balance Putter Preview

THP TV got a chance to catch up with Bridgestone Golf at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show to get the lowdown on one of the intriguing items that was debuting at the event.

The True Roll Putter from Bridgestone Golf is one polarizing piece of equipment. With some companies moving weight up through the shaft and grip to counterbalance the flat stick, Bridgestone has gone in the opposite direction and in doing so has a very unique putter available and one that many will enjoy.

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  • Boom! Exciting in hand and talked about. Looking forward to seeing how the line stacks up against a variety of other new putter styles on the market today.

  • The counter-counter balance. Very very interesting. This putters seems to be right up my alley

  • It’s exciting to see a whole new concept on putter theory come to the market.

  • The grip interests me a lot. Seems like a big risk

  • I can’t wait to try out the final models, if it’s anything like the prototypes I know it’s gonna blow my mind!

  • So, it’s the exact opposite of counterbalancing?

    I would try it, for sure.

  • Very interesting product. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to roll it.

  • Pretty cool that Aldila helped design the shaft in this thing. I would definitely like to try this putter.

  • I love that it is heavy enough to stand up. A big help to dudes like me taking extra wedges to chip up! And if they ever make that shaft in blue, it might be too tempting NOT to get.

  • Did they mention which of their staffers is rolling a True Balance putter this year?

  • Interesting. Nice looking product with a solid design purpose, I can’t wait to find and try this one.

  • I got a chance to try them both at a golf expo recently. I liked the firm but soft feel to it. I did not have to apply as much of hit to get the ball rolling. Really like the mallet with the large grip.

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