Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder w/Slope Review

When it comes to golf and technology it seems that over the last couple of years the devices that are on everybody’s wish list are rangefinders or gps units. So many courses nowadays have distances that are way off, so they can be an essential tool to making you a better player. Most golfers have a preference to one or the other but for this review we will be focusing on rangefinders and in particular the Bushnell Tour V2 Slope Edition. Bushnell introduced the Tour V2 with “Pinseeker technology” in 2008.
The next generation of Bushnell’s premium digital golf laser rangefinder with selective targeting modes and superb optical quality. The world’s smallest, most advanced laser rangefinder-measuring a mere 1.6×2.8 X 4.3 in., weighing only 6.6 oz, and accurate from 5 to 1000 yards.

Based on the many reader requests to review this particular rangefinder we contacted Bushnell and they were happy to fulfill our request. After only about two days the gadget showed up and we were delighted. Inside a simple orange box contained a tiny little device that I was told would be my savior to all things golf.

One thing that stood out to me at the unboxing of this device is how well put together it is. The instruction booklet is complete and very easy to read and is not 9000 pages of stuff you will never use. It also comes with a cleaning cloth and a small carry bag for the unit. The carry bag has both a zipper and a magnet and I would have rather them gone with one or the other. But for this kind of money, safety can be an issue and I would rather have to unclip and unzip than see my new unit fall out on the cart path. This is also the first rangefinder I have ever picked up that would seem to be easy to operate with only one hand. That was an issue I have had in the past with a few other models.

When our testing started because of the cold weather we decided to just go to a popular driving range here in town that has lots of different targets. The device seems simple enough to operate. Aim it at the target and press down on the button located on the top of the unit. The distance will then appear in the sight. In our tests we had zero problems getting proper reading on everything we tried the device on. Using the device this way is considered “standard mode” and it works quite well at this facility. However where I play normally the greens are surrounded by trees and sand traps and I wanted to find out if that would cause a problem for the Tour V2.

The next day the weather warmed up and we were able to take it out on the course. Our home course has GPS units built into the carts so it would be a nice test to compare distances to. When I was ready for my approach shot I pulled out the device and found myself struggling to pick up the flag. It kept giving me a reading for the tree behind the green. Bushnell has obviously thought of that and the V2 Tour comes with a mode called “Pinseeker” for these instances. To switch on pinseeker mode, all you have to do is hit the button on the side and that is it. Then when you look through the optic, a flag icon will appear. By using this mode, the device will give you the closest of the two objects and will eliminate the background. It worked great on pins, but it also worked very well on picking up exact yardages to other areas around the course.

The model we received is the “slope edition”. This makes it illegal for tournament play however the regular version of the Bushnell V2 is completely legal. What separates the two is that slope mode determines the degree of elevation change, then adjusts the distance to provide you with compensated range. We were shocked with just how “dialed in” the slope feature worked. On three different occasions we used it and all three times it calculated what we felt was the proper distance.

We really liked the rangefinder. One issue that a few of the golfers had was with steady hands. But once you lock in the pinseeker mode, this is really not an issue anymore. Personally, I have always been a GPS user based on the ease of just looking down rather than having to aim and get a distance. Would I switch to the Bushnell Tour V2? Maybe. It works flawlessly and there are no other fees ever involved with downloading courses or yearly memberships. You also never have to hook it up to a computer to do anything and it will work in practice sessions on the range. In my opinion it is a personal preference, but if you are looking at rangefinders, this one should be at the top of the list. The Tour V2 with Slope is available at Bushnell retailers nationwide with a retail price of $399. For more information on the Bushnell family of laser rangefinders, visit the company’s website at Bushnell Golf.

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Josh B.

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  • Very interesting review. I have always been a GPS fan because when I first started out, the rangefinders were too hard to focus on the pin with shaky hands. But with the mode called pinseeker that you spoke of in the review, I am going to have to give this one a try. With no fees or downloads, it is just easier to work with

  • Very thorough. I have the 1500 and love it.

  • Great review. I think that this is the one I am going to go with. I was looking at a Leupold but after reading this, it just seems worth it. Thanks as usual THP. My one source for all things golf.

  • Amanda,
    Thank you for the kind words. I have not tried the Leupold, but can tell you that this one works as advertised. Glad you enjoy the site.

  • extremely thorough. I have been on the gps/rangefinder fence and i think you sold me on it. thanks.

  • After reading this as usual this site is going to cost me more money…HAHA. I was on the fence before, but this one seems to make the most sense.

  • I have a Bushnell, not this model, and have been very pleased with it. My only criticism is the hand shake on long-range targets, but I find that if you use the pinseeker technology and steady the unit on your club if needed, it works fine.

  • Great and thorough review. I really want to get one of these before the season starts.

  • That was great JB. I’m more of a GPS man too but those are getting awfully good!

  • One of the best reviews I have read on these type of gadgets.

  • Just went out and bought one today. This review put it over the top for me. Good article.

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  • I’ve been using the Tour V2 for more than a year now and I agree with everything in the review. I also have a GPS, but I use the laser when I really want to know the right distance. Mine is the one without slope… I can’t figure why anyone would buy a unit that can’t be used in competition.

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  • Great review! Bushnell has got competition with the Leupolds and Nikon rangefinders, but it is still right on top with its accuracy and quality. You can’t go wrong with this product!

  • I just bought the Tour V2 model and it says in the specification of the product that it comes with Slope. One thing i notice is that if its off and you press the Power button and hold it as long as you can it will appear on the screen the graphics that it can ready the slope. Please if anyone knows how to change to Slope mode on the Bushnell Tour V2. let me know. thanks

  • I bought 1 it works great but if i would have known that it was illegal to use the slope edition in comp play i wouldnt have bought it. now i have a very expensive pratice tool. so why make it??

  • I just purchased the Tour V2 non-slope edition and love it!! However, I noticed the same thing that wolmer (2 posts above) did. If you hold down the power button the slope function appears (but doesn’t calculate) on the bottom of the screen as it does for the slope edition unit.However, when you let go to get the distance the slope line disappears… Does this mean that the V2 unit has that capability, and if so how can it be accessed?

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