Callaway 2012 Stand Bag Review

Golf equipment can say a lot about a golfer and no other piece of equipment says a lot about a golfer than their golf bag. Be it a cart bag, stand bag, or even a staff bag, the golf bag is what golfers notice about other golfers first and foremost. The latest golf bag offerings from Callaway certainly deserve to be noticed and THP was given the task of reviewing two of their newest entries, the Hyper-Lite stand bag and the RAZR stand bag. Both offer something different while performing the same task, carrying your golf bags with style. What makes these bags special? Check it out.

Key Features of the Hyper-Lite 4.5 Stand Bag

• 9”6-way top with integrated lightweight rubber handle
• 5 full length individual dividers
• Newly designed XTT Base and stand technology
• Extra padded 4-point double strap that can convert to a single strap
• Foam hip pad
• 11 pockets including a large apparel pocket, scorecard slot, hidden valuables pocket, and water bottle slot pocket
• Ball marker, glove holder, and pen holder
• Umbrella and towel ring
• Rain hood

Initial Thoughts
When I first pulled the Hyper-Lite 4.5 (4.5lbs that is) stand bag out of the box I immediately thought ‘man this is really a light bag.’ Without even taking it out to the range or course and I know this is going to be a great bag to walk with if that is what you are into. Next I can’t believe how well Callaway has maximized the useable space that this bag has to offer. This bag is meant to carry your clubs as well as a few other things in its 11 pockets. Maximum effort with minimal fuss.

While the integrated handle isn’t overly thick it does the job and allows you to maneuver the bag in and out of your trunk as well as off and on your golf cart. I don’t walk courses too much but when I used to with my older stand bag the strap was only of the single strap variety which could be difficult on whichever shoulder I happened to be using. The Hyper-Lite actually gives you the option to use the 4 point strap as a single or double (4 point) strap which gives better balance to the bag on your back which ultimately adds to the versatility of this simple bag.

I found it easier on my back to use the four point option which helped the bag stay put and kept it from slipping and sliding around. Having this bag on your back doesn’t even feel like you’re carrying a golf bag. I did notice a bit of club chatter when testing this bag which could be caused by the minimum amount of individual tops on the bag for your clubs. I found this bag to be very secure on the ground as well. Once you set the bag down on the ground and tilt it forward to deploy the legs the bag isn’t going anywhere. The XTT base digs in and provides a solid base where the bag does not tip to either side which was great to see. One real nice feature that this bag has is the foam padding on the one side of it which minimizes the abuse your back takes from carrying 14 clubs around. Simple yet effective solution that makes walking a little more enjoyable. Pockets? Oh yeah, there’s 11 of them which is quite astounding for a stand bag this light so you should have plenty of places to store whatever it is you need to make your on course experience more fun.

Now let’s check out another member of the 2012 Callaway golf bag family, the RAZR stand bag.

Key Features of the RAZR Stand Bag

• 10”14-way top with integrated dual mold handle
• 3 full length individual dividers
• Lightweight molded base with an integrated lift handle
• Callaway Comfort Technology 4-point strap that can convert to a single strap
• Foam hip pad
• 11 pockets including a large apparel pocket, scorecard slot, hidden valuables pocket, and insulated water bottle slot pocket
• Custom towel/glove holder
• Umbrella cord
• Rain hood

Initial Thoughts
Now when you first see this bag in person you can’t believe you’re looking at a stand bag Frankly it looks more like a cart or even a staff bag. Yes, it’s that good looking. I never thought that a predominantly white golf bag could be good looking let alone practical in terms of keeping clean, etc. This is one of the most sturdy stand bags I’ve seen/felt yet it’s still relatively light. Albeit not as light as the Hyper-Lite featured above but it’s still a bag that you can wear comfortably. The RZAR stand bag is a looker but it’s not just a pretty face, it’s got some brains too, or features in this case. The features listed above go far beyond what they say they do. I love seeing a stand bag that has a lot of individual divider slots and this bag certainly delivers the goods on that. While it only has 3 full length dividers the 14-way top is a winner and I think something that more stand bags should embrace. A subtle detail that I think is really unsung on this bag and on any bag for that matter is the handle. The dual molded handle on the RAZR stand bag is thicker, feels sturdy, and makes it especially easy to maneuver the bag in and out of the trunk of your car. Like the Hyper-Lite you have the option to use the 4 point strap as a single strap or as the 4 point strap which makes this bag that much better. I wonder if I can keep this bag clean? Let’s see.

After testing the Hyper-Lite stand bag I was anxious to see if the RAZR could surprise me as well and it didn’t disappoint. The bag feels great on your back and you have easy access to most of its 11 pockets which is super convenient. The extra padding on the 4 point strap comes in handy when carrying this bag. I did find it easier to use the four point option which helped the bag stay put on my back but I did notice some slipping and sliding back there and I think that comes from the mesh found on the bottom of the straps. It felt almost ‘slick’ and didn’t grip my shoulders as well as I would have thought. Club chatter wasn’t as noticeable and I suspect the 14-way top helped keep my clubs aligned not to mention organized. The 14-way top also helped me find clubs easier and faster as they were neatly divided from the others. The insulated water bottle pocket kept whatever beverage I could put into it nice and cold as well which is a key feature for me.

I was very impressed with both of these Callaway stand bags. Both are similar yet offer a little something different for every kind of golfer. The Hyper-Lite stand bag retails for $169 while the RAZR stand bag retails for $199. Check out to see what other color options are available on these two models if the two colors tested here don’t strike your fancy. You want your bag to say something about you so why not make sure you have the right bag for you and your game? Multiple options and choices are good and Callaway is certainly giving the golfer plenty to think about with these two particular stand bags. Choose wisely my golfing friends.

T. Hanks

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