Callaway Apex Muscleback Irons and X-Forged Irons

Golfers have seen the teases throughout social media on new irons coming from Callaway Golf and today they become official. Two sets being released that were designed with extensive feedback from their tour staff and are geared towards the better player. We will dive into each set below and give you all of the details.

Callaway X-Forged
This single piece, cavity back iron features tour configurations for the soles, center of gravity progression for shot making and control with a classic look. Golfers have been requesting a refresh of this lineup for a number of years and the details should bring some excitement.

Triple net forging with materials that should offer a feel that is so often wanted and many times missed. The sole of the irons were configured to be all about turf interaction. Sitting low and not too rounded brings less resistance for the ball striker that is looking for clean contact.

The progressive nature of the CG combined with the groove structure in place is all done to offer complete control from not only any lie, but any condition. Testing confirmed this on the Foresight GC Quad in both the short grass and long providing distances on par with each other and very little drop off in spin.

In Stores: 11/3/17
Cost: $1299.99

Callaway Apex MB
Already a popular choice by the tour staff, including Phil Mickelson who put them in play recently, the Apex MB has long been rumored and is now official. This premium forged design is done in chrome with a super thin top line and the smallest blade length of any iron Callaway offers.

The input of soft feel hit a mark and the Apex MB irons are a true muscle back iron forged from 1025 carbon steel. They are made for shot making with precision control and the ability to flight the ball on command.

In Stores: 11/3/17
Cost $1299.99

Do either of these sets fit what you are looking for? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Both these sets look amazing but it will be extremely difficult to beat my Callaway Prototype irons out my bag. Callaway did such a great job when they produced the Prototype players clubs. But I look forward to a demo day for these new products. I may take a chance and purchase a 6 Iron Apex MB and take it on a few rounds.

  • Those X Forged look really, really nice. Makes sense that they’d release a club based on that line, given how many pros are still going with the previous X Forged in the bag.

    The Apex MB looked great in AJ’s bag as well, but I have zero business putting those into play.

  • 2 beautiful releases. The X Forged really speak to me and look as though they would offer more forgiveness that I could defintely use.

  • Both sets look fantastic. I want to see in person but based on the photo’s I need to hit the MB’s.

  • So much yes!!! These two sets are gorgeous. Clean lines and so shiny! The last version of these irons were tops on my list.

  • Beautiful irons but way beyond my skill level.

  • I will own those X-Forged irons. still play the ones from a few years back and keep trying to switch and always come back. dabbled in the titleist 718 cb this year, but the X-Forged line just felt better.

  • Oh my gorgeous. I will own at least 1 of those sets of irons. Stunning

  • Both great looking sets. The X would be fun to put some swings on.

  • Love the look and if the X forged is anything like the 2013 release then we are in for a treat. Can’t wait to hit a few balls with ’em soon!

  • They have a lot of irons in their line but it’s nice to see the XForged back. Last set was 5 years ago and I am still playing them. Gonna have to give these a swing or 2

  • Man the MB’s are beautiful, but probably out of my ability zone. The X Forged… I’m excited to see these make a redesigned comeback. I was a fan of the previous X Forged irons, and I can’t wait to try the new version.

  • The X Forged I had in 2013 are still the standard to which I measure all of my iron sets to. Great to see them back, better looking and packed with even more tech! The MB’s just scream sexy irons!!! Nice work Callaway!

  • They both look great and I would not be upset if the X Forged were in my bag.

  • Wish I was good enough to play these. I love the looks of both of these.

  • By far the most beautiful Callaway iron I’ve ever seen, Stunning!

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