Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Drivers and Fairway Woods

Four years ago, Jailbreak revolutionized drivers, and two short years later A.I. did the same. Now, Callaway’s A.I. technology is actually revolutionizing the Jailbreak system, in a big way. 

Today, Callaway is officially announcing their new Epic Speed metal woods lineup and looks to build on why is has been the #1 selling driver in golf as well as on worldwide Tour’s. There is much pressure that comes with the Epic name given the success of the past iterations, but as would be expected, Callaway believes they’ve taken yet another jump in performance and overall fitting potential. 

For this article we will dive first into the drivers, and then the fairways. Are you ready?

Callaway Epic Speed Drivers

Being real, the Epic driver and Jailbreak is what cemented Callaway as being right at the top of the game, it was, and frankly remains, a cutting-edge design. There are a few companies out there who might have just ridden that wave as long as they could adding some slight tweaks here and there but not messing with the overall formula. Well, Callaway doesn’t do that, they only know one way, and that is forward at all times. 

Callaway epic speed pieces

The inclusion of A.I., and we are talking true A.I. that is learning and evolving itself with each use, not just a simple computer program that companies have been using for years and now have slapped the A.I. name on for marketing, was another game changer with Epic Flash. The ability to use the face design in order to accomplish things that were only possible before with head shape and internals has unlocked another world of performance possibility.

new face design of epic speed
Epic Speed Driver Face A.I.

With Epic Speed, Callaway turned the A.I. not just toward the face design, but also the Jailbreak design, and the result is what they are calling Jailbreak A.I. Speed Frame technology. By designing the Jailbreak simultaneously with the clubfaces they’ve found a more efficient design which you might have been seeing on the company’s various social media outlets featuring their players. The original design uncoupled CT and COR from each other, and this design now works with Flash Face to create and even higher overall COR at a set CT, translation? More speed through the more effective geometry as well as the way the now four connection points stiffen the body vertically and horizontally. 

New Jailbreak system

Speaking of Flash Face SS21, each driver does indeed have a unique face design to maximize performance aspects in relation to where golfers for each model typically strike the face. The other big aspect to the Epic Speed driver designs is the Advanced Composite Design. As the name indicates, Callaway has sought to utilize their Triaxial Carbon more effectively and with the Speed drivers the crown to body connection has been moved more toward the face which means more composite being used, and a savings of over 18 grams that could be repositioned. Additionally, they are using a “Toe Patch” on the sole which has enabled a more effective internal weight shift for the designs. 

Now, to the options. 

The Epic Speed will be the fastest driver head of the trio within the lineup. This one utilizes the Cyclone Aero Shape which originated for Callaway with the standard Mavrik model. Compared to the Epic Flash, this shape is considerably lower drag which in their testing has shown up to a 1.5 MPH increase in overall clubhead speed. This head also has the same forward CG as the Mavrik, but with a higher MOI through the weight savings from the amount of Triaxial Carbon in the design, the head will also have a mid-spin profile and moderate natural draw bias. While there is no sliding weight on the Speed model, it does still utilize Callaway’s adjustable adapter. 

Epic Speed driver

Next, the Epic Max is what Callaway considers their most forgiving Epic driver ever. It will also be the highest launching head of the lineup, but the improved aerodynamics compared to the Mavrik Max set it apart with speed potential as well as a higher overall MOI. The Epic Max is the most draw biased of the options but also features an adjustable adapter and a 17g sliding weight in order to fine tune for each player. 

Epix Max driver

Finally, there is no Sub Zero this go around because the movement on Tour is currently away from a super low spinning driver with players actively seeking out a spin profile more in the mid 2,000 RPM range. So, the Epic Max LS has been born. This is the “better player” driver of the lineup, but it is a totally different configuration than Sub Zero possessing the aforementioned spin profile but also over 8,400 MOI, making it shockingly forgiving. The goal here is a super neutral driver which also has the most fade potential of the three heads. The Max LS also features an adjustable adapter and utilizes a 13g APW weight. 

Epic Max LS driver

All three drivers will be available in 9°, 10.5°, and 12° versions with the Project X Cypher (40g, W/L), and Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 (50g, R/S and 60g, S) as standard options for the Epic Speed and Epic Max, with the Mitsubishi MMT (60g, S/X and 70g, S/X) for the Epic Max LS. 

Callaway Epic Speed and Epic Max Fairways

It wouldn’t be a release without Callaway flexing their muscles with new fairway woods which aim to continue on the lineage they have established as some of the longest and most playable on the market. For the Epic Speed line there are two models, both focused on playability and firepower. 

Both options also feature Flash Face SS21 utilizing a forged C300 maraging face and high strength Face Cup which is a big part of what makes their fairways so effective. As is expected, A.I. is here and each model and every single loft of each have a uniquely designed face which is optimal for how that club is typically utilized. 

However, it is important to mention that the fairways don’t use the same Jailbreak which the drivers do. Because of the differences in size, profile, and design features like the Face Cup, a new design was necessary for the fairways. So, the Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades were born. This also increases the horizontal and vertical stiffness of the head for better energy retention and transfer, but it fits the needs of the fairway woods and even increases the torsional stiffness. A huge aspect to this design falls in Callaway aiming for these fairways to have the same CT as drivers, and the new Velocity Blades ensure the Face Cup can flex and help create that energy. The Mavrik fairways approached driver CT, but Callaway is claiming these reach it, and if that is the case, then hold on tight. 

fairway wood jailbreak

The Epic Speed Fairway has the more forward CG of the two options and according to Callaway is lower spinning when compared to the Mavrik. With that, there is a new leading edge which has helped optimize tee and turf performance as well as the previously discussed design elements placing this one into an area falling between what the Mavrik and Mavrik SZ fairways were, distance with launch and forgiveness. The shaft options for the Speed will be the new Project X Cypher (40g, W/L), Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 (60g, R/S and 70g, S), as well as the Mitsubishi MMT (70g, X – with 80g custom order) and will be available in 3+, 3W, 4W, 5W, 7W (13.5°, 15°, 16.5°, 18°, 21°).

epic speed hybrid

On the other side, there is the Epic Max Fairway. This is the shallower faced of the two, but it also has the larger, somewhat oversized profile. After talking with their fitters about the Mavrik Max designs, Callaway realized that the sole weight to the draw side didn’t really influence things all that much, so it has now been replaced with a front and back weighting design which is reminiscent of the old 816 in terms of placement. 

epic max fairway wood

This is a 14g and 2g adjustable system which can be used to influence the spin and MOI possibilities. Additionally, the company believes that the better player who fits into the Epic Max LS driver can play either of these because of the ability to put that heavy weight forward and bring down the spin. The shaft options for the Epic Max will be the new Project X Cypher (40g, W/L) and Project X HZRDUS Smoke IM10 (60g, R/S and 70g, S). It will be available in 3+, 3W, 5W, HW, 7W, 9W, and 11W (13.5°, 15°, 18°, 20°, 21°. 23°, 25°).

The Details

Callaway’s new Epic lineup will begin hitting fitters everywhere on 2/4/21 and be on the shelf come 2/18/21. Prices for the Epic Speed, Epic Max, and Epic Max LS drivers will come in at $529.99 alongside the Epic Max and Epic Speed fairways at $299.99. Additionally, at the time of release, Callaway will be offering the new clubs through their Callaway Customs program which will undoubtedly make many golfers happy. 

Are you excited or curious about the new Epic lineup from Callaway? Be sure to let us know what you think both below as well as on the THP community. Rest assured, we will have these in hand very soon with much more to come!

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