Callaway Golf 2015 X Nitro Shoe Review

The X Nitro returns to the Callaway shoe lineup for 2015, offering sleek lines, performance level spike structure, and intriguing color options to consumers.  Considered one of the most popular shoes on tour in 2014, it is reasonable to expect a solid presence from the X series in 2015.  Color options of white/grey/blue, white/brown/orange (pictured), white/black, and black are available.

From Callaway

  • One of our most popular shoes on Tour from 2014 is back in 2015.
  • A lightweight, super soft and ultra-comfortable upper with Tour level power traction.
  • Pro Flex PINS performance spikes.
  • Lightweight Tour proven TPU outsole gives you the most power-efficient grip possible, so you can go for those major bombs.
  • Soft, high performance Clarino microfiber for lighter weight and high-recovery performance.
  • Ortholite 3D comfort insole for maximum comfort right out of the box.
  • Secondary set of fashion laces in complementing color included.

– 2-Year Limited Water-Resistant Warranty – Callaway Golf warrants to the original purchaser for a period of two years from the date of purchase that the shoes will be free from any material or workmanship flaws that may result in water leaking into the shoes.

– 30-Day Comfort Guarantee – Warrants shoes for fit, comfort, or cushioning within 30 days of purchase.

Click on each picture for a larger image
Click on each picture for a larger image

Out of the Box

At first glance, the Callaway X Nitro shoes give the presence of a high end golf shoe.  Sharp lines draw the eyes from the toe box into the quarter, and then drive through to the heel which gives the appearance of added support.  From that design, the eyes are redirected to a vibrant outer sole and an attractive microfiber lining that would suggest breathability not at the cost of comfort.  The way the stitching flows through the shoe really promotes the expectations of stability.

Included in the package were white and orange laces, providing additional options between a more traditional look and something slightly more radical.  As this particular color combination has a vibrant orange baseplate, the orange laces truly accentuate that design.


Overall Fit

This section is appropriately structured before comfort because much of the ‘comfort’ mentality lends itself to the overall fit of a shoe.  The Callaway X Nitro shoe offers a snug fit through the heel section, which seems to be well represented in the outer design.  This stable feeling in the heel and through the arch allows for a slightly more loose fit into the toe box, which was welcomed during testing in cooler climates.  The ability to move toes was never an issue during the swing as it is more vertical looseness rather than side to side.

On the grand scale, this shoe fits very much like a typical ‘medium’ width shoe, with a slightly snug feeling generated in the heel section.  Testing was done with an average foot suitable for most medium width shoes and the fit was nearly perfect in that case.  Without a variety of feet to offer insight, it could be argued that the X Nitro shoes fit either true to size or a fraction smaller, depending on foot width.



Obviously a major contributor to the appeal of a golf shoe, the comfort of the X Series and testing did not let down.  With a price point of just over one hundred dollars, expectations of superior support and comfort should be the norm.  In the case of the X Nitro shoes, there was very little experience of a ‘break in’ period that often comes with golf shoes out of the box.  Because of the snug fit in the heel portion of the shoe, little to no grinding occurred between the back of the heel and the heel section of the shoe.  For the foot type of the testing, this is a common issue for many golf shoes.

Having a loose toe box vertically was a major benefit to comfort both from a temperature standpoint and from overall foot fatigue after a round of golf.  Where some shoes lock extremities into place and people end up eager to remove the shoe, the Callaway X Nitro only fatigued in the heel section where the shoe locks the base of the heel in place.  This is likely due to the inclusion of the Ortholite 3D comfort insole.



Through wet, firm, and other mediocre conditions, there was little experience of lost traction during the testing of the Callaway X Nitro shoes.  Three spikes in a triangular setup are present in the heel section, with five additional spikes between the mid and toe section.  Callaway’s selection of Pro flex PINS performance spikes grip well and compliment the lighter outsole well, and the unique triangular spike pattern grips into the ground in most conditions.


Ideal Conditions

While some shoes seem destined for cool and dry days, the Callaway X Nitro withstood the mediocre conditions of a fall/winter mix.  This includes wet conditions, mud, and cool temperatures.  While the white selection requires some tending to after a round, debris was cleaned from the shoes easily and returned to the original colorations without any special washing.  Having a two year limited water resistant warranty from Callaway gives confidence that the X Nitro shoe will perform admirably in most situations.


Parting Thoughts

At a price point of 109.99, the Callaway X Nitro shoes perform to expectations and provide golfers with a comfortable, snug feel without that dreadful break in period.  Color combinations are unique and provide a variety of options, all the while maintaining somewhat of a traditional look overall.  For more information on the Callaway X Nitro shoes, visit

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