Callaway Golf Eyewear Review

When I think about Callaway golf I think about great golf equipment. I think about industry leaders in the driver, irons, and wedges categories. What doesn’t seem to cross my mind is eyewear but all that has changed since getting to try three very different pairs of Callaway golf specific sunglasses. Callaway sent over two pair of men’s glasses and one pair of ladies. The two men’s are their Chev XP in black and the Diablo Edge in Diablo Red, and then the ladies are called Couture and these were in Silver Ice.

Chev XP Sunglasses

The two men’s glasses share the same Next Generation Neox NX9 Len’s Technology, but that’s the only thing similar about them. This lens technology offers superior eye protection and clearer vision on the golf course. Here is some information from the company about the Neox NX9 Technology:

“Great golf eyewear starts by taking visual acuity seriously. Every model features groundbreaking Neox lens technology or the next-generation Neox NX9 lenses. Both provide maximum clarity of vision, comfort and protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Combined with the ergonomic Callaway Integrated Fit, this is eyewear that’s designed to provide every golfer a competitive edge by letting them see the course with a whole new perspective.

Neox lenses are engineered to adjust to the decreased depth of field caused by most sunglasses. They also counteract the optical displacement caused by wraparound lenses. The result is the sharpest and most accurate vision you can get for your game. So you’ll see the angles and lines with greater sharpness and accuracy than you will with any other non-prescription pair of sunglasses.

Neox lenses are made from advanced optical grade polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material available, to dramatically reduce the risk of breakage. Featuring a scratch-resistant hardcoat, they provide 100 percent protection from the harmful effects of UVA/UVB radiation.

Neox also actively supports the eye’s own natural sun blockers for long-term ocular health. By filtering out the wavelengths that place the greatest demand on the eye’s primary vision center, Neox enhances the eye’s defense against the development of degenerative eye conditions that can damage your vision on and off the course.”

Diablo Edge Sunglasses

Of the two styles the Chev XP had a slight edge over the Diablo Edge. It all came down to style and the more rounded design of the Chev XP is what put them on top. The best feature about these sunglasses was their wraparound frame. The golfers just loved how well their eyes were protected, not a bit of sun came through which was not only great for eye protection but it also prevented any distortion. This frame is called TR90 and it’s incredibly lightweight but also extremely durable which is always important. The golfers also really liked the rubber nose pads because they were so small it didn’t feel like the glasses even had nose pads but the rubber was tacky enough that it prevented the glasses from slipping off anyone’s face. No slippage when reading a green was a must for our golfers.

The Diablo Edge were also very well liked by our testers, especially when it came to comfort, but it was the design that threw a few people off. These are much more square than the Chev and they have a more angular design. These sunglasses are offered in two colors, graphite and red, and we received a red pair. Just about everyone loved the diablo red color that was used and it was the first thing everyone commented on. These were also very lightweight and most people forgot they were even wearing glasses after a while. The Diablo Edge also feature a wraparound frame, however, the testers felt they had slightly better protection from the Chev. They all agreed a little bit of light came through with these and nothing came through with the Chev. These glasses still offered great sun protection there just didn’t seem to be anything that could compare to protection provided by the Chev XP. The frame itself is magnesium alloy and as mentioned above it is extremely lightweight which made it so comfortable. The nose piece of the Diablo Edge were a little more noticeable then the Chev but still very comfortable and they are adjustable to fit anyone’s face. These were also rubber and made for a nice snug fit so there was no issue or concern of slipping. The design of the Diablo Edge sunglasses is, well, edgy. These are not your grandfathers sunglasses and that’s what a lot of our testers liked.

Ladies Couture Sunglasses

The final pair of sunglasses we received were for the ladies. These sunglasses look like something you would see on a Hollywood actress. The frames are pretty large and which may not be for every lady but it’s definitely the ‘it’ style of today. What’s nice about these is that the technology makes these perfect for the course but the design makes them suitable and stylish for off the course as well. These also have complete wraparound coverage which prevents any unwanted light from seeping in so your eyes are completely protected from the elements. The Couture does have the Neox lens technology but it does not feature the next-generation Neox NX9 technology like the two men’s pair. This, however, does not take away from the superior technology and protection these sunglasses offer. What’s fun about the Couture sunglasses is the bit of bling found on the frames on each side which adds an additional playful element to this superstar shades.

All three pairs of sunglasses were a hit with our testers. Between advanced technology, high quality construction, and extreme comfort these sunglasses have all the right components to be among the elite choices for golfers. To learn more about the eyewear discussed in this review and all the other great options by Callaway Golf you can visit their website here.

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