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Callaway Golf Company today introduced its new udesign™ by Callaway personalization and customization platform. udesign by Callaway, an online customization tool, gives golfers purchasing a RAZR Fit® Driver the unprecedented ability to design their own version of the Company’s hot new club that is already in the hands of Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els and Alvaro Quiros.

Featuring an innovative and easy-to-use online interface, golfers can visit to select their own color choices on RAZR Fit’s clubhead and grip, as well as a myriad of shaft model and other custom configurations. udesign by Callaway presents the opportunity to design one of more than 70,000 unique versions of the award-winning RAZR Fit Driver, giving golfers the ability to express their individualism on the course like never before.

“Golf is already the most personalized sport there is in terms of custom equipment options, and our new udesign by Callaway platform brings personalization to a new and exciting place,” said Jeff Colton, SVP Global Brand and Product, Callaway Golf. “The opportunity to design your very own driver in the colors of your favorite team, alma mater or whatever you happen to feel looks best has never been offered on a mass scale. Our research and instincts show that this level of personalization and customization is what golfers want, and we’re excited to be the first Brand in golf to offer it.”

Accessible to virtually customize RAZR Fit drivers for both Men and Ladies models, the udesign by Callaway process begins with the selection of a right-handed or left-handed clubhead and a range of loft and color choices. With each selection, the RAZR Fit image on screen modifies in real time to embody the latest design choice. After making a color selection, advanced customization options detailing the choice of stock or after-market shaft, its flex, length, grip model and wraps follow. When finished, each user can view multiple angles of their configuration and also send their unique RAZR Fit design to friends and contacts via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email through a dedicated share function.

Recently introduced to Callaway’s staff professionals and brand ambassadors, the udesign by Callaway platform has sent a charge of excitement through a team that was already thrilled with RAZR Fit’s performance and look. San Diego native Phil Mickelson chose powder blue and gold in honor of the Chargers. Callaway Staff Professional Alvaro Quiros, now famous for using a RAZR Fit to drive a ball 300+ yards over Las Vegas’ iconic Fountains of Bellagio, got his first look at udesign by Callaway’s options this past week in Augusta. “Give me one in every color and I will match my driver with my apparel,” said Quiros, who in addition to being the longest hitter, is also a particularly fashion-forward player on Callaway’s staff.

Introduced in December and already a winner on the PGA and European Tours, the RAZR Fit Driver was named Editor’s Choice by Golf Digest’s annual “Hot List” equipment review. By combining the performance benefits gained from several proprietary technologies with an easy-to-understand adjustability system, Callaway is empowering players around the world to dial in their game with RAZR Fit.

Callaway’s RAZR Fit Driver has a new production introduction retail price of $399 and the udesign by Callaway personalization and customization features an additional fee of $50. Certain after-market shaft and grip choices may entail additional costs. The ability to make designs and place orders is immediately available; the first RAZR Fit Drivers personalized with udesign by Callaway will begin shipping in early May 2012.

For more on Callaway Golf Company, please visit

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  1. Cookie says:

    VERY cool concept put into production by Callaway Golf! The color choices for the sole are well covered and it sure is nice once you know what you need in a shaft/grip, etc to get it delivered per your specs with nothing else needed.

    Loving the innovation by Callaway Golf on this!

  2. Sharkwrestler says:

    Looks to be very easy to what you want from Callaway Golf. Great idea for the every day Hacker

  3. biggsy says:

    Really cool offering from Callaway. I’m going to have to dig into their site a little more to see what I can come up with.

  4. INgolfer says:

    I love this! I might have to order one of these even though I’ve got one coming for the MC.

  5. Ryan H. says:

    I love this.The website is really well done.

  6. royalwulff says:

    A fun and creative idea by Callaway!

  7. White Rhino says:

    A great new idea that allows individual expression. Nice touch Callaway!!!

  8. Golf Ghost says:

    This is pretty awesome. Though Phil looks a little strange in the picture, sort of creepy even.

  9. jjmorris9 says:

    I love the idea Callaway!!! However, I’m not so sure about Phil’s look in that picture..

  10. Griff says:

    Pretty slick idea!

  11. K. Schweitzer says:

    Really unique idea and something that I hope takes off for Callaway.

  12. TripleBogieTim says:

    Nice touch….looks good

  13. 9-Iron Man says:

    This is all sorts of awesome. Tip of the hat to Callaway, this sure is a nice touch. Now to decide on some colors. Hmmmm……

  14. yorkem says:

    This is really cool. Instead of coming out with 1 or 2 color choices they give you a bunch so that almost everyone can get to a combination they like. Well done Callaway.

  15. Divebell says:

    Very cool. That is really nice for a major OEM to make this type of customization available to the general public. Too bad I just purchased my Razr Fit a few months ago 🙁

  16. GrantD says:

    This is awesome! I really want to get a blue version of the Fit.

  17. Nate says:

    I could see this being the wave of the future for all OEM’s.

  18. This is awesome!. Way to go Callaway…

  19. d_in_la says:

    I guess this is pretty cool. Still, nothing tops the Cleveland Wedge customization.

  20. d_in_la says:

    btw: that picture of Phil is uber creepy.

  21. Chevron Freak says:

    Callaway Staff player and a Charger fan!!! Bromance developing…. But yeah definitely a creepy no window van driver look he’s giving in the picture..:^)

  22. Chevron Freak says:

    Oh and the Razr Fit.. Love it, I gotta get me one.. Just like my buddy Creepy Phil’s powder blue and gold. Go Bolt’s and Callaway!

  23. COLT says:

    Phil looks WAY too happy…
    I would be too, though. Awesome thing Callaway is doing here. However, don’t like their claims that thy are the first to offer this level of customization. Last time I checked Cleveland/Never Compromise is already doing this.

  24. JonD says:

    That’s awesome. Already customized one up just to see. Good on Callaway.

  25. 10YardDraw says:

    Love the idea. I wonder how many other OEM’s will follow.

  26. cow38 says:

    Got a Razr Fit orange color, Love the look and the way it hits. Thanks Callaway.

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