Callaway Golf Introduces RAZR XF Irons & Hybrids

Callaway Golf today announced the October 14th retail availability of the Company’s latest game-improvement iron and hybrid set, RAZR XF. The ultra-premium RAZR XF Irons and Hybrids offer the discerning golfer an unprecedented integration of material and design technology to enhance performance and forgiveness.

Callaway’s most technologically advanced iron, the RAZR XF is constructed with a forged 1025 Carbon Steel body that provides soft, responsive feedback at impact. The face is made of a thin, high-strength 455 Carpenter Steel, which generates faster ball speeds for increased distance. This thin, lightweight face allowed Callaway engineers to place additional weight in the perimeter of the clubhead, giving the RAZR XF the highest moment of inertia (MOI) of any iron Callaway has ever created for unparalleled accuracy, even on mis-hits. A dark Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish is derived from a high-tech process that produces a distinctive stealth look for reduced glare and a jewelry-like appearance. With an aluminum and injection-molded thermoplastic medallion, the RAZR XF Iron offers fine-tuned sound and a premium feel.

The RAZR XF Hybrids feature a larger head design and added offset to deliver higher, longer, straighter shots. Built with a Zero Roll Design, the clubface produces a higher launch angle on shots hit low on the face, which bolsters distance and provides softer landings. The RAZR XF Hybrids also feature Callaway’s proprietary VFT® Technology, which precisely controls face thickness to create a larger sweet spot and higher ball speeds for even more distance. Like the irons, the hybrids have a distinctive black PVD finish and a multi-material medallion.

“The RAZR XF Irons are the most premium iron in our line and incorporate the best iron technologies Callaway has developed over the years,” said Luke Williams, Senior Director, Global Woods and Irons, Callaway Golf. “By combining our research and design expertise with the best materials available, we’ve produced a premium line of products for the player looking for the utmost in forgiveness and distance.”

The RAZR XF Irons and Hybrids will be available in a set of six irons and two hybrids at a new product introduction retail price of $1,299 with steel shafts and $1,399 with graphite shafts. The RAZR XF Irons and Hybrids will come standard with Winn? Grips.

For specific information regarding the RAZR XF Irons and Hybrids, including combo set specs and configurations, please visit

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  • Wow, what a premium set of clubs! Interesting how this dark-club trend has kicked up so quick. A response to the TM white or catching up with the Clevelands’?

  • I really like the looks! always like hybrid sets. i always buy atleast one so this is easier. the price is a little high for me. cant wait to see some in hand pix! again another great announcement from THP!!!

  • What a great looking premium set for the game improvement market. Not a fan of the reminder style grips, but looking forward to hearing more about this set and seeing how they compare the the Razr

  • They actually look really good! Packed with tech it looks like.

  • These do indeed look very sharp and I could see myself playing these one day! Need to read some more on their site about the shaft offerings. Price is a little steep so it will be interesting to see if the reviews justify the price tag. Great info!!

  • Wow, very premium price point. These look nice, would be interesting to see how they stack up in the performance department!

  • Those are Very sharp! Dam they truly look good!

  • Very interesting set they’ve got here. A bit pricey but seem pretty cool. I like the darker clubs.

  • Wow, these look good, but the price seems really high.

  • I sure wouldn’t mind seeing some in hand pics of these. They look pretty slick!

  • I have to say that these clubs look sexy!! Then you see the price point and that really kills the mood.

  • They look sharp and sound very interesting. Seems like they are packed with some technology. If they are as good as the Razr X irons and hybrids, Callaway is sure to have a winner on their hands.

  • Holy cr!p!~!! Those look amazing! I am a believer in the Razr X irons and cannot wait to see what this line brings.

  • These look really good, I love the all black look to them

  • Beautiful set that obviously has a lot of technology in them.

  • Wow, clicked on THP this morning, first thing that popped up was this and my eyes got real big with excitement!!!

  • I need to see some of those great THP in hand pics but from what I see so far they look really nice. I can’t wait to hear more about them!

  • These irons look really sexy. Can’t wait to see som more pics of these.

  • The clubs looks very nice. I can’t wait for the reviews.

  • Looks may only be skin deep, but these sound like they’re packed with tech to back it up.

  • These are some gorgeous clubs and I love the name! I don’t know why but the XF just sounds so nice. I think Callaway has done an amazing job with these irons!

  • Very good looking clubs, that’s for sure! Such a hefty price tag though. Can’t wait to see how they perform.

  • Wow those are some beautiful clubs! I can’t wait to see some more detailed pictures on the forum.

  • Love the look, love the thought process of the low on the face forgiveness, but the price point is… They say premium clubs though so I can understand. I really liked the RAZR X’s when I hit them trying some new irons earlier this summer… Can’t wait to see and hear more about these!

  • Great looking clubs! But the price? Not so much. I want to see these up close though.

  • wow, $1300? callaway just got serious. these clubs better do the work for you for that price…

  • So these are Max GI clubs? They look cool but at this price point they better fix my divots and rake bunkers too.

  • Wow, what great looking irons…. they remind me of the stealth bomber. 1200 bucks is a pretty big pricetag, but if these things perform as well as they look, then that might not matter very much.

  • Those are sharp! Look great! Price is a bit steep at $1300/$1400 though.

  • I like the look a lot and would probably shell out for a premium set of clubs.

  • Wow, they really do mean premium. Looks more like Ping pricing.

  • I like the look, but $1300 is ridiculous. If you need $1300 in game-improvement, spend it with a pro!!!

  • Loving the stealth look! Sounds like they will be awesome.

  • I like the look of these…lots of offset on the hybrids though, and that price is pretty steep!

  • What a great looking set, I think this could be perfect for allot of people

  • These are the baddest looking hybrid iron set I have ever seen, way to go Callaway!

  • look good hope they are better than diablo forged irons I have. not very good

  • Way out of my price range but these look great! Very nice clubs.

  • Great looking irons but the hybrid looks interesting from this angle and the price tag is a bit steep IMO. I think the Zero Roll Design is interesting as well, as I occasionally struggle with shots low on the face.

  • I like the looks as well. But the price range just isn’t for me, I may just have to look into the RAZR line.

  • Really nice looking sticks, but $1300.00? Wow.

  • Cost way too much! They will be over-looked by 4 out of 5 potential buyers. That’s missing out on $5200. Had Callaway made the price $900 (more attractive) 4 out of 5 would buy, that’s $3600 & if they are truly good performers extra word of mouth. I will let you all know how they perform for me after my 2 weeks trial. iondflag!

  • Great Set, Purchased them two months ago played 6 rounds of Golf with them in my bag and they are awesome, does not look too clunky , very sleek and extremely forgiving.

    compare to Mizuno pro, Taylor Made Rocket Balls, the Razr Xf’s stand alone, incredible feel (forged ) waesome distance and straight, these clubs are on auto pilot, if your looking for some relief and at the same time lower your score these are the ones.

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