Callaway Golf Returns For The 2013 Ultimate Amateur Golf Event – The Morgan Cup

The New Callaway will ensure that The Ultimate Amateur Golf Event will never be the same again. Amidst all of the excitement surrounding the Callaway National Sales Meeting, response came to THP that Callaway Golf will be returning for their 3rd Morgan Cup. For those unaware what the Morgan Cup is about, please click here.

The excitement around Callaway Golf right now is very high. The company has gone through some major changes over the last 12 months and that includes a new CEO, as well as Harry Arnett joining the team. To say the company is trending in the right direction would be an understatement and the overall feel at their headquarters is electrifying.

The enthusiasm surrounding the new products coming out next year brought out cheers from a crowd excited about the changes. After speaking with the Callaway team the last few weeks, it’s clear how they feel about the 2013 products and that feeling is contagious. They are going to be a different Callaway brand. One that moves the needle, has products that transcend marketing and one that knows golfers around the world want to hear all about it.

What better way to bring it to the world, than to come back to the something dubbed the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event. The 2013 Morgan Cup is coming and THP is honored to announce that Callaway Golf is back again.

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