Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

By now, everyone knows the story of how Callaway’s PM Grind wedge came into existence, from the literal Frankenstein like beginning to becoming one of the most successful yet polarizing specialty wedges in golf. As time went on, interests have seemingly leveled off, and at the same time Callaway has found themselves with many competitors in the very high-toe full-face segment that they created. 

So, what is a company to do? Well, if you are Callaway, you go all-in on building a better wedge, one that they themselves are touting as their most advanced wedge ever.  The Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges.

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

It is time to say hello to the new Callaway JAWS Full Toe wedges, and believe me, there is much more than meets the eye. 

“Every Shot in Full Control”

The above is the official tagline for the new JAWS Full Toe wedges from Callaway, and there is a whole lot of truth there regarding just how they approached designing this one. The PM Grind created the segment and has continued to be a bit of cult classic.  It has also been a club that since day one you either loved or loathed the look. 

The stagnation of the design as well as the indifference of some golfers and even Tour Staff towards the PM Grind brought forth the desire to not just create an evolution, but a revolution by throwing all the tricks and tech that Callaway has at it. So, to be crystal clear, this is not a rehash of the PM Grind, not at all. 

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges

As mentioned, Callaway is considering this wedge design to be their most advanced ever. They are also adamant that they are bringing better performance and unparalleled looks to the high-toe category. This release is aimed at a much wider group of golfers from the PGA Tour to the casual weekenders. It is interesting to hear the company admit that they believe the PM Grind became too specialized and kept something that could be beneficial to all golfers from being playable for them. 

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges face design

Now, before we dive in to the nitty gritty of the design here, I want to be clear that the JAWS Full Toe wedges are not replacing the MD5 JAWS. This is a wider lineup that Callaway considers to be complimentary of the MD5’s and that can plug into those setups seamlessly in a variety of configurations. 

Callaway JAWS Full Toe Wedges lofts available

Obviously, there is PM Grind DNA present in the JAWS design, the high-toe is alive and well, albeit more refined than ever. You see that “toe peak” as Callaway refers to it is key for versatility and confidence, but this time it is blended with the very traditional MD5 shaping. What that means is much less offset than the PM Grind as well as a straighter leading edge to increase the full swing playability which really limited its predecessor. Add in the return and tweaking of the specialized C-Grind to keep the impressive versatility for bunker and flop shots, then you have the makings of a much more balanced design. 

Dark and light finish

Beyond the shape there has also been a lot done where weighting is concerned. The decision was made to utilize the rear weight ports in a variable system to shift the CG more towards the toe and align the balance more with the impact location most golfers see in a club where the face angle is manipulated. Additionally, one will notice the muscle cut out look on the flange of the wedges which has the technical name “JAWS Toe Pad” which aims to move the CG more up and help control the trajectory while increasing spin potential. 

black finish on the Jaws wedges

Speaking of spin, Callaway is referring to the JAWS Full Toe as a “spin machine”, even going so far as to state that they will spin more than the MD5’s, so let that sink in. Obviously, the full-face grooves are in effect here combined with JAWS grooves which Callaway believes are the most aggressive in all of golf. But the big trick is in the implementation of “offset groove in groove” technology which are micro grooves that are angled to provide additional spin on partial shots where the face is commonly being opened. No, these won’t add spin to full swings, but the closer you get to the green, they do add zip. 

Full face grooves

Rounding it all out is the decision to offer a Raw Black finish along with a new “Raw Face Chrome” in which Callaway has gone through extensive steps to keep the face raw while still having one of the best satin chrome finishes in the entire industry on the rest of the clubhead. This adds glare reduction as well as initial roughness according to the company and is something highly sought after from their Tour Staff. 

These recently made their Tour debut and immediately went into play for about 12% of their total wedge count, impressive considering none of the staff had seen them prior to that. These are going to hit pre-sale on 8/26/2021 and retail on 9/9/2021. All lofts and options will be listed below, but the Callaway Customs will also be an option on these with a variety of new stamping choices for golfers. 

What do you think about the newest wedge release from Callaway? Be sure to jump into the conversation and let us know either below or on the THP Community!

The Details

Available: 8/26/2021 Pre-Sale, 9/9/2021 Retail

Price: $169.99

Finishes: Raw Black, Raw Face Chrome

Shaft: True Temper DG Spinner Black/Silver or ProjectX Catalyst Wedge

Grip: Lamkin UTx

Loft and Bounce: 54.12, 56.12, 58.10, 60.10, 64.10

Dexterity: RH and LH in all

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