Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedges

The Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedges are designed for forgiveness and to help you take the guess work out of your short game. Over the last handful of years, wedges have become more robust with grind options and sole designs.

Outside of the Cleveland CBX there have not been too many mainstream offerings that bring more forgiveness, while still allowing for the versatility wanted for the touch shots around the green. Callaway has decided to enter that space with the Mack Daddy CB.

If you are asking yourself about the market and if there is one for this style wedge, the answer is yes. According to the latest market share data, the rise of forgiving wedges continues. There are two points that are frequently discussed when it comes to wedges of this style. First, the obvious, that most golfers play cavity back irons, therefore the natural transition to a more forgiving wedge is seamless. The second, as lofts have strengthened and golfers are hitting wedges with full swings, having the forgiveness only helps.

The Mack Daddy CB wedges feature a slightly larger overall club head, which matches up well transitioning from game improvement irons. Combining that with a thicker top line and deep cavity back, the club is confidence inspiring.

There are two different sole grinds being offered by Callaway here. Both are engineered with consistency in mind. First is the full sole, which is available in the lower lofts, which makes sense considering how they are used. Moderate bounce and the perfect transition from irons. The second is a modified W grind for those that know Callaway wedges. The W enhances the bounce, which works well for bunkers and thicker rough. This grind also has a low leading edge to add versatility in opening up the face.

Last year Callaway brought back their proprietary JAWS groove with the launch of the MD5 lineup. This adds a level of precision in the groove edge sharpness to bring high levels of spin from all lies by channeling away grass and sand (and moisture). The Mack Daddy CB wedges are complimented with JAWS and on the higher lofts, the grooves extend across the entire face. Extremely helpful when manipulating the face open for that sand or splash type of shot out of the deeper grass.

The Mack Daddy CB wedge is complimented with premium components, both of which are brought in from KBS. The steel offering is the Hi-Rev 2.0 105 shaft, which is slightly lighter version of one of the most popular wedge shafts out there. The graphite option is a brand new shaft called KBS Hi-Rev G, which will be available in both 60 and 80 grams. We have tested both the steel and graphite (in 80g) and both compliment the club head rather well.

Unlike some offerings, the grip is not an afterthought here. Callaway and Golf Pride are teaming up to launch an all new short game grip called the SG-1. At 11.5″ it is longer than normal and will allow you to manipulate your hands a bit more when you want to choke down on the club for some distance control or touch shots.

A bit longer than traditional

The Details

In Stores: 9/24/20
Cost: $130
Dexterity: RH or LH
Lofts: 46, 48, 50, 52 – Full and 54, 56, 58, 60 – W Grind

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