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Following up on the highly regarded RAZR Fit, Callaway recently introduced the latest generation of the RAZR family of drivers – the RAZR Fit Xtreme. Callaway seems to have a renewed sense of optimism with their 2013 line and the Fit Xtreme was announced with much fanfare in an energetic campaign they called “Tweet to Unleash”.  THP had the opportunity to test this driver over the last month or so in a couple different configurations and I’ll be sharing our findings here today, along with some discussion on the new technology the Fit Xtreme is bringing to the table.

Aesthetics and Options


The Fit Xtreme has elements of both classic and modern design. For this review, I was given a 9.5° head with the Aldila Trinity shaft.  At 440cc, the head I tested is a little smaller than many drivers on the market and presents a somewhat compact look at address. The profile from the top is a classic pear shape with a glossy black finish that is void of alignment aids. The face features a black finish, a personal favorite of mine, and has the ever-present “X” right over the sweet spot. I’d characterize the face-depth as right in the middle between shallow and deep. Certainly deeper than something like the RAZR X Black, but not as much as some of the extremely tall faces we’ve seen on some other drivers in recent years.

Turning the driver over reveals more of the modern design elements that the Fit Xtreme offers. The simple color scheme from 2012’s RAZR Fit has been replaced with an in-your-face black and sparkle-green design that is hard to miss. In addition, the toe side of the sole has some white-filled cutaways that almost resemble shark fins. Looks are always subjective, but if I’m being picky, I’d like to see a different color than the green. I’m guilty of being a little boring though. Luckily, Callaway will be releasing this driver in other color options for folks like me, using the Udesign system that was offered with the original RAZR Fit. Better yet, users will be able to design their driver with custom laser engraving when this system is rolled out in January 2013.


The RAZR Fit Xtreme is available in different configurations, depending on the needs of each individual.

  • Lofts ranging from 8.5 to 13.5°
    • Lower lofts have a face angle that sits 1° open at the stock setting.
    • Higher lofts (11.5° and 13.5°) are 460cc heads and the face angle is square.
    • Two stock shaft offerings:
      • Aldila Trinity – This is likely the shaft that most people will gravitate towards. It features weights in the 60 gram range (depending on flex) and should offer a higher launch than the other stock option.
      • Matrix Black Tie 7M3 – This shaft will come in around the 70 gram weight range and should offer lower launch and spin for those that desire it.

Every Fit Xtreme is outfitted with Callaway’s Opti-Fit hosel, which has three settings that change both loft and face angle. According to Callaway R&D, “When moved into the “O” position, the face angle opens by about 2.5 degrees and loft decreases by 1 degree. When moved into the “C” position, the face angle closes by about 1.5 degrees and the loft increases by 1 degree.”  In addition, there are two weight ports that can further assist in altering ball flight. Purchased drivers come with both a 13 gram and 1 gram weight that can be moved around. I’ll talk more about that later on in the review.

The last thing I’d like to address from an aesthetic standpoint is the way the Fit Xtreme sounds at impact. A number of THP’s readers have had a chance to hit the driver and a common sentiment was that it sounds like a driver should sound. Neither too muted, nor ear piercing, it seems to offer enough of a pop that you know when you hit it well without being obnoxious.

Forged Composite


Callaway introduced their forged composite prior to the RAZR Hawk line of drivers. This material, produced in conjunction with Lamborghini, has some benefits other than just sounding cool. It’s lighter and stronger than titanium, which allowed Callaway to change the way that they build drivers. With the Fit Xtreme in particular, they were able to produce a crown that weighs in at only 12 grams. This enabled them to move more weight lower on the head, with the goal of producing less spin and higher ball speeds.

During testing performed by THP’s publisher Josh Babbitt, the Fit Xtreme delivered 290 rpms less back spin than the RAZR Fit, both with 10.5° heads in the stock set up. While I wasn’t able to compare the Xtreme to the RAZR Fit, I will say that I was extremely impressed with the spin numbers I was seeing. Keep in mind that spin numbers rely on many factors, from your swing to the driver’s shaft, so your results may vary. As always, a fitting will be the best way to dial yourself in.

Speed Frame Face Technology


Here’s what Callaway says about this new technology:

“Speed Frame Face Technology is a combination of VFT® and Hyperbolic Face™ Technology, resulting in stress distribution across the titanium face for a larger, more consistent sweet spot and increased ball speed. The Speed Frame Face also saves weight that is redistributed in the clubhead to improve the CG position and maximize MOI, which leads to optimized ball flight and forgiveness. Additionally, the Speed Frame Face on the RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver features a tighter bulge radius than the RAZR Fit Driver for a more preferred look at address, along with more consistent sidespin and dispersion.”

That’s certainly a mouthful of technical jargon, so I’ll summarize it a little simpler. Changes to the face were designed to increase ball speed and forgiveness.

During testing I noticed acceptable forgiveness in shots that were hit on the toe area of the Fit Xtreme, both in terms of distance and ball flight. This tends to be my most common miss and I did appreciate that the head stayed stable enough to avoid any twisting, which kept me in or close to the fairway. Very early on in testing I went through a short period when I hit a number of balls on the heel-side of the face. I’ll attribute that to the fact that the stock length was around 1.5 inches longer than I normally play my driver. Fortunately, this issue worked itself out in time, though I do believe I’d be happier with a shorter stock shaft option. Heel shots seemed just about as unpleasant as they are with any other driver for me.

When it came to ball speed, I can’t say that I saw any notable increases while using the Fit Xtreme.  My numbers were certainly comparable to what I’m used to, but there were no big jumps. Though I didn’t see ball speed increases, I did see a fairly high launch and lower spin than I’m accustomed to; both being qualities that many will appreciate in a driver.

Opti-Fit Adjustability


Callaway’s Opti-Fit system provides a pretty staggering number of options when you factor in the various lofts and face angles that are available.

Here’s what Callaway has to say about their system and its benefits:

“Two OptiFit® Technology elements make up the RAZR Fit Xtreme’s improved adjustability: the OptiFit Hosel and OptiFit Weights. The hosel adjusts the face angle to Open, Square or Closed positions to improve accuracy and trajectory while allowing golfers to dial in their preferred look at address. The 13- and 1-gram OptiFit Weights shift the clubhead’s center of gravity to promote noticeable Draw or Neutral ball flights.(Higher lofts have more draw bias than lower lofts.)

Callaway’s RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver comes in more lofts that incorporate a greater range of face angle options, CG bias options and CG height differences than the RAZR Fit Driver. Callaway has optimized the performance in each loft to suit the needs of the players that will use it. For example, the 8.5-, 9.5- and 10.5-degree clubheads are 440cc (versus 460cc for other lofts) and feature a more open face angle.”

Again, that’s quite the mouthful, but there is some pretty interesting stuff there if you look closely. Changing the face angle of the club will increase (closed face) or decrease (open face) the loft of the club. Digging deeper, we see that the lower loft heads (8.5° – 10.5°) feature a slightly open face in the neutral setting. Because of this, increasing the loft of the 9.5° driver will only leave the face .5° closed – something many players may find attractive. On the flip side, lowering the loft on an 11.5° would give you the same loft with an open face.  In essence, all of the various options should facilitate a very thorough fitting process in which loft, weighting, and preference in face angle are all optimized to great detail. The two stock shaft options should also help narrow down launch conditions for each individual, though the greedy golfer in me wishes there were a couple more to choose from.

After a little tinkering I found a set up that I liked quite a bit. By increasing the loft and putting more weight in the heel I was able to produce launch conditions that I haven’t seen in some time.

Additional Information on the Aldila Trinity Shaft

I’m adding a little more on this shaft primarily due to a lack of information available on the internet at this time. I was able to get some info from Callaway R&D, along with a description of its properties. From a looks standpoint, its green color scheme certainly matches the theme of the Fit Xtreme, but I was more curious about what it’s designed to offer in terms of performance.

The Trinity is in the 65 gram weight range – with stiffer flexes a few grams heavier and vise-versa. It “combines Aldila’s three patented design technologies (RIP, S-Core, Micro Laminate) into a single shaft design.” In the simplest terms, these three technologies are designed to create a more stable shaft without sacrificing feel or adding weight. According to Callaway R&D, they characterize it as mid-spin and mid-launch. In addition to that, I was told, “One of the biggest differences between this shaft and the one previously used in RAZR Fit is the stiff flex has a lower torque and higher stiffness. There is also the addition of an X-Stiff flex to the offering.”

Prior to knowing that information, I felt like I was dealing with a shaft that was true to flex. Please remember that I’m not a fast swinger (usually right below or at 100 mph), but my feeling was that this shaft wasn’t the stereotypical ‘noodle’ that many people are concerned about. It certainly seemed to play firmer than my gamer shaft, which is quite soft in the tip section. Of course, that’s all perception, but it is how I felt after a month of testing. The launch and spin numbers I saw were quite good as well. As always, your results may vary, but I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.

Final Thoughts

I’m not going to tell you to run out and replace that driver you love with the RAZR Fit Xtreme. However, I am going to tell you a few reasons that you should give it some swings if you are in the market. The myriad of options from a fitting standpoint make it a club that a good fitter should be able to dial in for some great results. While the adjustments are quite rudimentary in a relative sense, the variety of lofts and face angles, the Opti-Fit weights (which can be supplanted by an aftermarket kit), and two quality shaft options present a number of different configurations to choose from that should help many golfers maximize their distance off the tee. This truly is a driver that will lend itself to a proper fitting, so I suggest taking advantage of one if it’s available to you. Aside from that, Callaway has produced something that is both sleek looking and great sounding.  In summary, it’s a complete package that should appeal to a broad audience. The RAZR Fit Xtreme will be available for purchase on January 18, 2013, along with full customization through Udesign.






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  • Awesome. Not only attractive, but functional and tuneable enough to be a potential game changer.
    Good job, Ryan.

  • Very nice review Ryan! You really shed some light on several things that I was not aware of offhand especially regarding CC’s, lofts, and the shaft options.

    The green is so-so in my opinion but I appreciate the ability to get some other colors here very shortly on this model.

  • Ryan you have a gift for writing reviews! This driver is appealing to me with the shiny black head however the bottom color lime green would not be my choice. I think the 11.5 with the right fitting could be a game changer!

  • Nice review Ryan. The Aldila Trinity sounds like an interesting option, and I’m very glad to hear that it plays truer to flex. I think they really did themselves a disservice last year with the stock shaft option they provided.

  • amazing driver and an amazing review as well Ryan.
    this would be top of my list if i was looking for a new driver, no doubt about it.

  • Great review. I know it’s going to be a popular option in 2013

  • really great review Ryan…. i want this driver more and more every day! i can’t wait to try all the shaft options out and see what i am fit for. Callaway is really stepping it up in 2013

  • Knocked that review out of the park Hawk. Informative, detailed, and with no bias. Solid.

  • Excellent review and thoughts Hawk. Very nicely done.

  • Great review man! I’ll certainly take it for a few swings once it makes its’ way into stores around me!

  • I’m floored by the amount of information in this review. It sounds like fine tuning is a must with this club. Tinkering will be key to get the proper combination. I’m glad other color options will be made available and I hoping other shaft options as well.

    Great job with this review Hawk!

  • I have had the Razr Fit since last summer and I have never hit a driver better. One of these days I will need to hit this and see for myself what it can do for me.

  • Thanks Hawk, that was great! Super excited that I can open the club face more now with the Xtreme. This is the driver I’ve been waiting for with Callaway and it sounds like the potential of this being a great driver is there. Can not wait to hit this thing with the right shaft combo.

  • Thanks Hawk. Enjoyed the review of the RAZR Fit Xtreme. I like seeing that Callaway has a 440cc head. And the shaft is quite interesteng as well. You have a lot of other good information. Nice job.

  • Hopefully the Xtreme version is a lot better than the first RAZR fit.

    I found it difficult to get the right ball flight with the original model. It produced a lot of lower shots and didn’t produce the carry that I now getting with the Cobra AMP Cell.

  • really enjoyed this review. Lots of great information. Thanks for taking the time get be so thorough!

  • Excellent review! Callaway seems to have a good handle on the evolution of drivers. An excellent selection from the 8.5* to the 13.5* with the different face angles increase in size.

  • That was a first rate review. Kudos on getting the extra info about the Aldila shaft option. I also liked the rundown on the adjustment combinations. Well done!

  • Love the classic look….. Taylormade should take notice the R1 Graphics are awful.

  • Great review. Too bad another golf magazine known for yearly equipment issue doesn’t come close to the quality review you provide.

  • Cally is a Complete BOMBER!!!!

    Deadly Accurite!!!…YES Deadly Accurite!!!

    My Cally Launch monitor: 103 mph ss, ball speed 153 mph
    distance 295 yrds, swingweight D5 (bit heavy)
    10.5 deg , 45.5, , black tie stiff (go with black tie)
    13.5 deg launch, 3300 rpm

    My driver, Rocketballz 9.5, @ 46.25, D5, Miyazaki Indigo 61x flex, 108 mph , 300 yrds, Cryo freezed head
    12.5 deg launch, 2500 rpm

    Dispersion with Cally was TIGHT!!!!…I swear that was a push!, plus more control

    The Cally will smoke MORE yards if you get rid of that 13gm weight…say 3gm + 5 gm = D2 = Faster Longer!

    I am Amazed at the dispersion and distance out of this head…especially 3/4 shorter than my club ( i do get similar shaft action from my shaft)

    This feels better that the 913 Titleist …Very solid …feels like a Titleist….but Longer!

    My previous head on my shaft was the R11S, also cryo freezed and also face shaved.

    My shaft is spin alligned and twanged for flow

    This Cally is NO JOKE!

    Think before you buy that R1 Christmas Tree!

    Now its the Tour Edge Exotics CB6 3 wood 🙂

    My irons are Adams MB / DG s4000 tours, D1-2 Wow!

    P.S New Adams 3 wood LS hit 277…but it was too directional/twitchy, and lost distance off center toward the leading edge and heal…I am going for cup face sweet spot cally or tour edge exotics cb6

  • Just had a half hour custom fit with calaway extreme new driver.fitted with matrix black tie shaft 10.5 loft .
    From the word go it felt good solid hit high launch with a spin rate of 2560 on the track man which translates to a 270 carry.
    If your serious about making improvements in you game this year take one for a test drive soon.

  • Bruce, was your black tie shaft a regular or stiff shaft? I was at a Golf Smith and they could not find the black tie shaft in a regular for me to demo.

  • Great review and coming from someone living in the UK where reviews are hard to find. I actually purchased the driver 2 weeks ago and it has changed my game so much, my dire has increased by 20 yards and straight. I had it custom fitted and it works a dream, your review is spot on and is true to the word. Your review was honest and ticked the boxes for me, but as I said the driver is fantastic, give it a go. Kind regards from a frozen UK.

  • After 6 years of faithfull use, my favoured Callaway FT5 (neutral) with ProLaunch Red shaft disintegrated, so I had to buy a new driver. I tried the Callaway Razr Fit Xtreme and Taylormade R1, and decided to take the Callaway 9.5 on the range and out on the course. What a great decision! I didn’t believe I could add length to an already long driving FT5, but on my best drives the new Callaway was 20-25 yards longer. I had to change the settings a number of times times to get the best set up that suited me, and change my swing set up at address, but now feel that the Square position and 13gm weight at the heel is what I need to shape the flight. The Aldila shaft is also great, and after an initial high ball flight, have got this down to my regular shape. Ryan’s comments are absolutely spot on, and it’s going to be fun matching drives with the Taylormade gang at my golf club in 2013. Also glad that Callaway are back in the game, designing and building game changing drivers.

  • I was in the market for a new driver. I currently use the Titleist 905R w/ Graffaloy Epic T75x. Time for an update. So thought I would give a few of them a try. Tried the R1, RBZ stage 2. They didn’t really seem to impress. So I gave the Razr fit extreme 10.5 w/ Matrix 7M3 stock shaft a try. All I have to say is Wow!!! The ball was just launching of the face with nice high trajectory. Even on the odd miss hit it still seemed to really fly. I was hitting it 320+ yards. That’s 20-25 past my 905R. Unbelievable.. So I just had to order one.

  • Now had this driver for two months, have played 6 rounds with it. My current handicap is 11, i am a fairly big hitter, but a poor putter which results in a higher handciap then i shoudl probably have. However, this driver is a serious power packed smoker off the tee. Early on i struggled a bit for consistency, but the big drives were huge, and i mean huge. The consistency is slowly coming together, last weekend i hit three drives measuring over 330 yards, with one measuring a staggering 347 yards. Hit one bum drive, but it was still relativey straight.

    My advice would not to tweak it too much when finding your best setting. Let your fitter set you up and then stick with it for a while and let your swing get used to the club.

    My last 6 rounds have seen me shoot 7+,7+,8+,6+,6+, and 7+, and although my putting has improved and that has made the most difference, the extra distance off the tee has helped. Especially with an eagle last week, my first of the year!!!

  • […] Hawk of The Hacker’s Paradise wrote an extensive Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Review in January 2013. Ryan is editor and writer at The Hackers Paradise and has written numerous […]

  • […] The stock RAZR Fit Xtreme has been engineered by Callaway have a big driver feel but with a not-so-big driver look at address. The driver comes stock in black and green color scheme. This was one of the first things where I read a bit of a negative for the driver, albeit a small one. Ryan Hawk at The Hackers Paradise commented on this: Looks are always subjective, but if I’m being picky, I’d like to see a different color than the green. I’m guilty of being a little boring though. 10 […]

  • Never thought I could drive so straight. Regardless of how hard I swing it still stays straight. Amazing driver. Averaging 250+ yards. Recommend this driver to anyone looking to straighten and lengthen their drives.

  • Today I received my new 11.5 (460cc) Razr Extreme, with the A shaft. I currently have the 10.5 (440cc) with the R shaft and love it. Just wanted to tinker with the larger head, figuring I’d put away the A shaft till I’m 65-66. I tinkered every which way, but even though the 11.5 screwed on the R shaft Standard was very nice, the 11.5 back on the A shaft set Open was my best option. I could not believe it, 10 yds more, plus no ballooning, and it ran after ground contact. My normal swing speed is 96-98mph, and I can’t believe I can control the A, actually by swinging easier, my smash factor was better. It’s in the bag replacing the R and 10.5 set standard. Tomorrow I receive a Graphite Design AD Tour R flex Throttle, and will give it a whirl in both heads and multi settings. Would guess it will be a lower ball flight, and think the 11.5 standard might be awesome.

  • Screwed in the GD AD Tour R flex Throttle, and hit about 20 drives. Very solid shaft, and not even close to not launching high enough. Seemed to play about the same as the Trinity R. Put the A flex Trinity back in, hit 20 more, and it went about 10 yds further than the GD, with great roll after landing. I believe I have found the perfect shaft for this head and for me.

  • I have been reading up on these drivers as I’m not getting on with my Taylor Made RBZ. I received my new Razr Extreme 10.5 Stiff, in the deal came a Razr Extreme 3 wood (bonus). I have just returned from the driving range, these woods are amazing. I play off 6 and have Mizuno MP59 irons with stiff shafts which I hit with a draw. I have been hitting my Taylor Made RBZ’s with a horrible high fade, found them very uninspiring! The Callaway Razr Extreme couldn’t be more opposite, first 20 shots with the 3 went as straight as an arrow and long. The driver exactly the same. I changed the head to the closed setting and back came the slight draw I’m used to having with all th clubs in my bag! Any one commenting on the green colour, get over it, the club looks amazing at address (thats all that counts), the bottom could be pink with yellow poker dots for all I care! To sum up, great looking, great stock shaft and its a dream to hit, well done Callaway!! Go buy one!

  • Correction: I have the 460cc set open, which lowers the loft to 10.5. The A shaft is performing well for me. My cousin just visited, we played golf, he used the 440 with the graphite design firm R shaft and hit the !@#$ out of it. Said how much? I sold it to him for my cost $160, and I still have the Trinity R to play with if needed. Great driver!

  • Just bought one can anyone tell me the best settings for the 1 &13 grams weight

  • Hi, I have just purchased the RAZR Xtreme, went to the range tonight to try it out, I have the Big Bertha 460cc which I have been hitting well but after reading about the Xtreme I thought I would give it a try.
    I tend to slightly slice the ball from my drives, but I seemed to be getting the ball away more like a draw, I went online to see the different set ups available, the one I have has been set up with the 13gram on the heel & the 1gram at the toe. I am looking forward to playing on the course saturday to see if it has been a good buy. I will let you know.
    Thanks for the info

  • to promote a draw you want the heavier weight in the heel. You can buy other weights that will fit in a kit from Callaway. I have a new R Trinity shaft that I would sell cheap to anyone who would want an alternative shaft. I am only using the A flex and love it.

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