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Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls Preview

Though not the best kept secret in golf, today Callaway is formally introducing their 2014 line of Tour level, premium golf balls. Different than years past, there are three different balls (all four or five piece) and they are designed specifically for different swing speeds, ranging from below 90mph to 105mph and above. All three balls possess a urethane cover for maximum greenside spin.

Though many people will associate balls geared for different swings speeds with compression, the Speed Regime series also focuses on aerodynamics suited best for different players. Consider the SR1 for example; the ball designed for swing speeds under 90mph.  According to Dave Bartels, Senior Director of Golf Ball R&D, “because the golf ball doesn’t achieve very high speeds, we want to focus on lift at lower speeds, towards the end of the flight as the ball is descending. So we try to keep the ball in the air longer, and also make it fly farther.”

MSRP for all Speed Regime balls is $47.99 and they will be available in stores January 2014.

A number of THP readers were among the first consumers to sample the Speed Regime line and you can read their feedback on the THP Forum.



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Ryan Hawk


Editor and writer Ryan Hawk lives in northwestern Illinois with his fiance and son. He's been a writer for The Hackers Paradise for two years and has been involved with a number of THP events.

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  • I have been waiting for the official release of this ball. Great performer, very durable and controllable. A bit of a surprise in terms of the action you see during the round. From the beginning to the end of the round the ball (sr3) is extremely responsive.

  • I have to agree with Feddie–I put the SR3 into play, and was impressed with it from tee to green.

  • I’ve heard a lot of good things about the SR3, and would love to try it out myself, but at $4 a ball, I’d have to see some really impressive results to justify it.

  • Really looking forward to trying the SR2. I really appreciate companies who understand that what I need in a golf ball is different than what the hard-swinging tour pros need, but that I don’t want to sacrifice all other traits just to gain two yards.

  • Freddie nailed it on all fronts. The distance is there, the control is there and I’d say more durable than the Hex Chrome +. I’ve been waiting for these to be available so I can make the switch.

  • I’ve been curious about the SR series, as testers in the Callaway Ultimate Testing as well as the #Grandaddy have raved about them, but I hesitate at almost $50 a dozen.

  • As a fan of Callaway balls, really excited for this new line up.

  • I have never played a Calloway ball but these look like that could change, so far the reviews are pretty convincing that this is a game changer. Thanks for the write up Ryan.

  • Big fan of Callaway balls. Cant wait to give the SR1 and SR2 a try to see which fits my game better. Love reading about how durable they are as well. That is a HUGE for me.

  • I can’t wait to try these out, so cool there are multiple options available!

  • Love the descriptions behind each ball. For $47 I’ll be looking for the wow factor on these. I still have been scuffing my Blacks/Chrome+ balls with my irons so interested to see if this continues with this line or not. Thanks for the write-up Hawk!

  • Can’t wait to try the SR2. I love the Chrome, but the Chrome+ wasn’t right for me. Hoping the SR2 is closer to the Chrome but better for my game.

  • The Chrome+ from last year wasn’t for me, and I normally hesitate at $47 a box, but I am definitely interested in seeing if the SR2 would be a good match for me based on swing speed.

  • Good stuff Hawk. So many good balls coming to the market, so little time!

  • I’m sad to see that all levels of the ball at the same price point. I honestly thought they were going to follow the B-stone model; i.e. 330 > E-series > Fixx/Treosoft/etc. I guess that’s my fault.

    I’m not going to lie, I really likesd the SR2s that I played for a few rounds, but I would have to do far more play testing to ever pay $4/ball. I was all in, for sure, if the price point had been in the Chrome range, say $32/doz.

  • I took the SR2 out for a try and noticed two things right off the bat. It was longer and harder than the Black or Chrome +. There was not near as much grab on short chip shots although with full iron swings the ball did what it was supposed to do. i have now a big decision to make.. lengnth or a little feel.

  • Really looking forward to checking out the SR-2 on the golf course, really like it around the greens. I might be wrong, but I don’t think it is going to be about $16.00 better than the Project A however.

  • I played the SR2s this summer, and I have to say it’s the best ball I have ever played. It’s a big time improvement over the Hex Blacks, and I really think Callaway has finally caught up tp Titleist and Bridgestone with the SRs. It’s great off the tees with the driver, and with the irons / wedges. I have never felt more confident playing golf than when I am playing my SR2s.

  • I play the SR1 – good in the wind, great on the greens. For a guy with lower swing speed, it’s great to have a ball that feels great (almost too soft), is as long as others, performs in the wind and spins like a ProV1 on the greens.

    And I haven’t paid $48/dz — I can find them at $41 and on eBay one can find them for mid-30’s.

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