Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

Callaway Steelhead XR Fairway Wood

The original Callaway Steelhead Fairway Wood line was one of the best selling lines of all time. The shaping and design of the club heads were some of the most versatile to come out at the time and were loved by golfers everywhere. When you have an iconic design, bringing it back seems like a no brainer, but how did Callaway modernize it?

Callaway has taken that iconic shape and made some pretty significant changes, all the while keeping the design to a throwback of sorts in the aesthetics department. The head is now more forgiving, easier to launch and by refining the sole, they made it more playable than the original to golfers of all skill levels.

The construction in this line is rather interesting and takes a very modern turn. Steelhead XR combines a steel face and body with the companys J36 carbon crown which weighs only 6 grams and is 20 grams lighter than even the XR lineup. They then repositioned the savings to different locations to lower the center of gravity and move it a bit more forward making it long, low spin and remarkably easy to launch.

The modernized Hawkeye Sole has had a redesign and new shaping to make it more versatile than ever before by reducing the amount of friction with the turf. This can provide more club head speed at impact, especially for those that come in steep and get some turf at the impact location.

Finally, we have Hyper Speed Face Cup design which will promote faster ball speeds across the entire face to help with those miss hits and the Speed Step Technology, which was developed in a partnership with aerospace experts, to assist with faster club head speeds.

The Details
In Stores: July 14th 2017
Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei CK
Lofts: 13.5, 15, 16, 18, 21 and 24 as well as the Heavenwood at 20.5
Cost: $229

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  • Love that they are rounding out the Steelhead line. The hybrid is an amazing club and I’m sure these will be more of the same. Very classic design. Can’t wait to see it in hand.

  • I like the looks of this one a lot. As much as I loved the hybrid when I tried it, I’d like to give this one a shot.

    Like the stock shaft pairing as well.

  • I loved the original steel head 3W. Compact head, blue finish and it would just go. Wonder how this will compare?

  • Sharp looking fairways that sound like they are packed with very useful technology.

  • The Hawkeye sole looks fantastic – this has to be a balmer. Fan of the pricepoint too. Looking forward to hitting it, hopefully at Hype.

  • Interesting choice in the stock shaft. I bet this thing is a bomber

  • The OG Steelhead was hands down my favorite. To see them bring it back with modern technology and forgiveness can only improve on the original offering. I can’t wait to try this one out.

  • Sole is round, lessening chance it doesn’t get stuck in the ground – a sound traditional concept.

  • I’d game the heavenwood.

  • I love the looks and would love to take these out for a test drive.

  • Can’t wait to find a 13.5 and 7w to try out. Could be a big improvement in my accuracy based on my trying out the hybrids from the Steelhead lineup.

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