Callaway Tour Van Video – Bay Hill

THP got a chance to visit the Callaway Tour Van for a while at Bay Hill this week and talk with them about the drivers and irons being put in play on tour as well as for the upcoming Morgan Cup.

THP Members & Morgan Cup participants are chatting about this video here.

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  • he is right! I am a Morgan Cup Callaway Staffer and I am interested in those Razr X tour irons. I’m also looking forward to seeing what can of performance I can get out of either of those drivers, The Forged Composite technology is very interesting.

  • Very cool to see some “behind the scenes” action and a short explanation about their new products. Pretty neat hearing those guys mention the Morgan Cup also!!

  • “Morgan Cup Staffers.” You have to love that.

  • Always interesting to see inside the Tour Vans!! Thanks for the video!

  • wow! that van is sweeeet! Im jealous 🙂 Cannot believe they mentioned the Morgan Cup.. makes this so unreal.

  • FLAT OUT COOL! I’m proud to be a Callaway Staffer for the Morgan Cup and I can’t wait to put this technology into play.

  • Fantastic video! Just gets me more motivated and excited about this event. Can’t wait to get my Razr X on!

  • Barry! I’ll gladly slap the Razr X Tours in my bag my man! Thanks for taking some time out of your day to showcase what’s successful on Tour with Callaway Golf. How fantastic that he mentioned The Morgan Cup!!!!

  • Awesome video! I really want to hit one of those new drivers. That tour van looks nicer than my kitchen. WOW.

  • Nice video. It’s so cool that THP is on the inside and that Calloway and TM are supporting the Morgan Cup!

  • Morgan Cup! Morgan Cup! Morgan Cup!

    Very cool interview. The tour vans are awesome.

  • Great video, very cool hearing the Morgan Cup and knowing the guys involved will be using those irons.

  • There’s nothing cooler then seeing the tour wizards be so excited for their product.

    Thank you to Callaway and THP for the video and good luck to the MC staffers!

  • Great video. I can’t believe how big the inside of the van is. I like the new X-Protos. 🙂

  • Cool video, I wasnt aware that Ernie was playing the Octane. I cant wait to see what the Morgan Cup staffer’s put in the bag.

  • thats awesome! Thanks for sharing the video, I have a good feeling I will be gaming the Razr X tours. Cause Barry said so

  • Awsome video JB. Thanks for sharing it. I love seeing Tour Van behind the scenes.

  • Great video and i am really looking forward to trying the Octane and Razr Hawk drivers.

  • Love the tour trailer videos. And having Callaway’s tour staff talking about what the members of the Morgan cup might want to be playing is just very cool!

  • Amazing video. Callaway has come out with some great equipment and I am honored to be able to use it. Love seeing the guys behind the scenes who put their blood sweat and tears into this equipment talk about it, and even mention The Morgan Cup!

  • That’s a van???? It is huge! Some really cool info hear, and it is always cool to hear about the MC

  • Very cool getting inside the tour van.I would like to give the Razr X forged Irons a try. I’m afraid to try the new driver as I just purchased last years.

  • That was a really cool video, if I was a Callaway staffer I would be looking hard at those Razr X Tour irons and the Razr Hawk driver. Loved seeing inside a tour van and getting a peek at what its like in there.

  • That is so freakin cool! The Morgan Cup staffers, he said it. I love it!

  • What an awesome shoutout to the Morgan Cup! Hearing nothing but good things about the Razr Hawk driver

  • Great video, very informative and I am really looking forward to swinging all the clubs mentioned at the THP demo day.

  • Great quality on the vid, JB. Great info as well.

  • That is AWESOME! Gotta love the Morgan Cup Staffers comment 🙂 Keep that in mind if you are a Callaway staffer! 😉

  • WOW! very cool video. The Morgan Cup Callaway Staffers are going to be gaming some awesome sticks!

  • How awesome was that? Loved that video.

  • Forged Composite=Cool Stuff. Awesome video. Interesting to hear the players are playing a muscle or cavity back in the Razr irons vs. Razr blades

  • you lucky dogs! I REALLY like the look of the RAZR Hawk driver and the RAZR X4 irons. But I’d probably need to check more into the RAZR X Tours for that added forgiveness myself!

  • COOL Video ! But, I’m still a newbie, What is the Morgan Cup ?? A Callaway staff only, competition ??

  • Kevin,
    The Morgan Cup is a special event hosted by THP where amateur golfers are getting the ultimate golf weekend and will be sponsored by Callaway & Taylormade for a weekend. Incredible one of a kind event.

  • Callway is bringing it. Cannot wait to hear from the Morgan Cup participants on the quality of golf products from Callaway during the Morgan Cup. Another insightful video.

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