Callaway X-22 Irons Review

Over the last few months we have had the pleasure of testing and experimenting with a number of quality clubs. Whether it be a set of high performance blades or a set of super game-improvement irons, I take away a number of valuable experiences with each and every set. Thanks to THP and its relationship with some of the greatest club makers in the world, my perception and experience with club design and technology has expanded exponentially. In the past I would have automatically sought after a set of
player’s irons but my recent experiences with game improvement irons has shown me that technology and forgiveness simply work. This past week I was fortunate enough to test and evaluate the Callaway X-22 irons. The X-22 irons are Callaway’s latest development targeting the player who is seeking the ultimate combination of playability and forgiveness. Callaway continues to expand their designs and push the limits of innovation. The X-22 irons are a perfect example of Callaway’s commitment of setting the industry standard for performance and forgiveness.

The irons according to Callaway have loads of technology behind them:
Precision Notch Weighting
Precisely positions more weight to the perimeter of the iron to create a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness and stability while maintaining the center of gravity position that produces ideal trajectories and feel.
Tour-Inspired Head Shape
Our engineers took elements designed for Tour players, like a thinner top line and narrower sole, and incorporated them into highly forgiving irons with a higher MOI so they can be played by a wide range of golfers.
Modified Tru-Bore
An advanced version of the original Tru-Bore design, the polycarbonate tip plug at the end of the shaft dampens vibration for enhanced feel and performance.
VFT Technology
VFT Technology maximizes ball speed and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness; S2H2 increases discretionary weight by removing it from the hosel and repositioning it in the perimeter of the clubhead; 360-Degree Undercut Channel maximizes perimeter weighting by moving the CG lower and farther back in the clubhead, enlarging the hitting area and stabilizing the clubhead for more forgiveness.

There seems to be an ongoing argument with these and just about everything Callaway is producing right now having to do with their looks. I was always on the side of “these clubs are ugly”. Once I saw them first hand, my opinion has changed drastically! The overall appearance of a club is very important, especially in the confidence side of things and these clubs up close and in your hands look so much better than when I was viewing pictures of them online.

Once armed with this new set of clubs we headed out to the range and to play a quick 18 holes. On the range we noted that especially at setup, these irons look fabulous. Similar to most GI irons, (game improvement) the Callaway X-22’s have a thick topline, but overall size and shape are very much different than many of the GI clubs we have played recently. The shape is very much “Player’s type” with just a thicker overall feeling. Definitely a thinner topline than we have been used to in the past. As someone that has played both types of clubs, thick lines have never bothered me. Results are what matters.

That is where these irons shine. One the range we noticed two things with this set of clubs. The first is that THEY ARE VERY FORGIVING. When you miss them on the toe or heel, they fly as straight as an arrow. The good thing about the X-22’s compared to others we have tried though is that when you do miss it, you still get the feedback that lets you know how to correct it. That is something we did not expect but was a pleasant surprise. The second thing we noticed with this set is that the feeling of good impact was better than we had felt in many of the GI irons. Many times we feel as though with clubs that are built for forgiveness, you miss that “great shot feeling”. With these you definitely get that.

On the course we had the same thoughts. The ball traveled long and straight. One thing I want to add here is that most irons in this class get the ball up quick and have a very high trajectory. The X-22 irons did not have that. They had more of a “tour trajectory” and we really liked that aspect of them. We played four rounds with them and not once did I ever complain of wanting my player’s irons back. In fact after the last few GI sets that we have reviewed, it is making this reviewer wonder if playing them full time would make a better option? On the course we had 8 people play these clubs over the time we had them and all eight remarked about ball flight and forgiveness.

Overall we enjoyed this set quite a bit. If someone has been a Callaway fan in the past, they will really love these. They have raised the bar on the “X” series quite a bit this year, and we noticed instantly. The set we reviewed did have graphite shafts, but this set is available in either graphite or steel. Price everywhere seems to be $699 for steel shafts and $899 for the graphite version. You can read all about these clubs at Callaway Golf.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Chuck before you you purchase a particular callaway set? The best was is to go down to either your local
    golf retailer that has a Callaway Fitting program? or
    Simply visit the website to
    find a dealer nearest to you.

    Good luck in your search!

  • I have purchased a set of X22 graphite irons and so far I have not used them. The information you provided is not only helpful; it provides the information one would need when considering a purchase. I am a callaway iron believer and when I stray I pay for it. I still have a set of the Hawkeye VFT’s which influenced my decision to purchase the X22s. I look forward to good weather and playing the X22s. They appear to be a great iron.

  • I have an opportunity to buy a set of x22 the driver, 5 wood, hybrid, and a bag for under a grand. Is this a good deal?

  • I just purchased a set of irons (456789PSL) for 598 canadian. Haven’t tried them out on the course yet. Looking forward to it.

  • I just purchased them. I am pretty tall so I extended the cluds a half inch and raised it 3 degrees. Let me tell you that they are amazing clubs. It feels so smooth just to swing them.

  • i just bought a set of these for 99p

  • I bought these in a steel shaft, n have played bout 4 rounds with them n love them a ton

  • also im not that good but the ball strike indicator he was referring to helps a ton for me to know when to correct my swing

  • i just bought these irons 4-SW plus AW and had them custom fitted with steel shafts and midsize grips – im about to go play my first round with them now, having been swinging them in the garden they feel awesome and i cant wait to see how they feel striking the ball properly on the course! so excited, they r the most beautiful clubs ive ever seen and if they live up to what ive read im gonna be a very happy golfer indeed 😀 will leave more feedback and a better review after my round!

  • forgot to post follow up – these irons are everything i hoped they would be. not like they are drastically reducing my scores at the minute but the ball flight and feeling you get as the ball comes off the face is unparalleled! i feel like i can strike right through the ball without worrying about chunking it (i still do but honnestly maybe once a round if even that much…) and i do feel like im gettin a clubs worth more distance, now hitting my 8 iron into 150 yrds (im not a big hitter compared to most…) the confidence at address is amazing but for delicate round the green shots id reccommend wedges like clevelands cg15 or watever else as the SW AW PW x-22 can look and feel a bit chunky but they are still decent round the greens. i play bump and runs now with a PW instead of 8 or 9 and sometimes even SW. definately playing alot more consistently with these irons having now played about 15 rounds with them (i play alot!) and am very pleased with my purchase 😀

  • Great review. It answered many of the day to day shooting questions that are often missing in reviews. Just a very informative player perspective review on what I can expect at the course with these clubs. Very helpful, keep up the good work

  • Ive tried out almost any club set manufacturer and also decided these sets might possibly be the very best there may be,because of the fresh new model moving in the scene recently it certainly is hard to make up your mind exactly what to pick up. Think that I’ll buy a few of them collectively in order to get used to using them to find should they are really definitely worth investing in a total new set.

  • I am ready to purchase new (ladies) irons. They will be Callaways but I can’t decide b/w the x22, x24 or diablos…. Would you pls advise. I am a 15-20 handicapper depending on my iron game which is extremely inconsistent. I have zero confidence over an iron and thus depend hugely on my hybrids…. but nothing feels as good as an iron shot into the green that has been hit well. Just wish I could do it more often.

  • Bella,
    If you prefer the confidence of the hybrids, I would look at some sets that fit that setup. The Callaway Diablo Edge irons do fit that fairly well. Some other sets that you may want to try are the Taylormade Burner SuperLaunch and the Cleveland HB3. While they are not Callaway, both fit what you are looking for and are getting tremendous reviews from our female testers. Our THP Fall Golf Outing & Demo Day coming up in Sept will have just about every iron out there for testing both men and women. It might be something to take a look at.

  • […] Series” line of clubs that has had forum members here at THP buzzing for several months. The Callaway X-22 irons that we reviewed over a year ago are a huge fan favorite and were even a finalist for our Readers Choice Awards for 2009 as the […]

  • I just bought a set of these. I had to go 140 yards over a lake so I pulled out what I thought was my 5 iron (I’m not a heavy hitter at all) the ball went high and landed right on the green. I went to put my club in the bag and realized I’d just made that shot with my pitching wedge! I had to ask my friend to verify that I was seeing right. He did. 140 yards with a pitching wedge. I still don’t know how I did it!

  • Have played 10 rounds with my x22’s. Has improved my accuracy. Good set of clubs. Good choice for mid handicap golfers

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