Camilo Villegas Leaving Cobra

THP got word a few weeks back that Villegas was looking at some other deals and kind of left it at that, not thinking much of it. This morning in talks with two separate people, news surfaced that Camilo Villegas will in fact be leaving Cobra/Puma Golf and going with Taylormade Golf for his equipment this upcoming season.

This news has NOT been reported by Cobra or Taylormade as of this time and neither company has commented on the subject. As we get more news, we will update this post.

In my opinion this is an incredible signing for Taylormade because it once again gives them that front line player that they needed for their stable of tour staffers. Villegas seems to have returned to form this year and with this new deal in place I expect big things from him in 2011. I also think this is a huge blow for Cobra/Puma Golf. With the small, but growing, tour staff, to lose one of its top few premier golfers at the prime of his career can be staggering. I expect the company to go after a few other names and rebound from this.

There is a discussion going on in our forum right now on this subject. You can check it out here.

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