Camilo Villegas Leaving Cobra

THP got word a few weeks back that Villegas was looking at some other deals and kind of left it at that, not thinking much of it. This morning in talks with two separate people, news surfaced that Camilo Villegas will in fact be leaving Cobra/Puma Golf and going with Taylormade Golf for his equipment this upcoming season.

This news has NOT been reported by Cobra or Taylormade as of this time and neither company has commented on the subject. As we get more news, we will update this post.

In my opinion this is an incredible signing for Taylormade because it once again gives them that front line player that they needed for their stable of tour staffers. Villegas seems to have returned to form this year and with this new deal in place I expect big things from him in 2011. I also think this is a huge blow for Cobra/Puma Golf. With the small, but growing, tour staff, to lose one of its top few premier golfers at the prime of his career can be staggering. I expect the company to go after a few other names and rebound from this.

There is a discussion going on in our forum right now on this subject. You can check it out here.

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  • I think he’d be a perfect candidate to market their Superfast line. He seems like a SuperFast kind of guy.

  • WOW!!! Great pickup for TM!!!

  • First Ogilvy? Now Villegas? Whos next, Poults or JB Holmes?

  • This is huge for both companies involved. Huge LOSS for Cobra and a another good young player for the Taylor Made camp! I agree with Ryan, Villegas will be sporting a SuperFast driver soon!

  • How very interesting. I think he will be an excellent fit for TM. They have some great marketing material with Dustin J and Camillo V.

  • my opinion is that this could be good for all parties involved, i know what you’re thinking, “what the hell is TC drinking?” but let’s not forget that cobra/puma has recently signed alexis thompson and i believe that we may see them snag up another up and coming junior (maybe a bobby wyatt or jordan speith), which they should be targeting, build up a young promising stable. i do believe that they don’t have a lot of opportunity with some of the fellas already on tour so they need to change their focus.

    obviously, this is fantastic for TM golf, and deservedly so. camillo is definitely star power and his other endorsement deals with rolex and some other high end companies will be fantastic for TM.

    good luck camillo, throw the superfast in the bag!!!

  • The superfast may be super good…..but it’s super damn ugly too.

  • I thought the goal was lower scores. I would play a brick on a stick if it worked. I guess others need better looks. HAHA

  • I can’t see CV with TM. This goes to show how misleading these golf players are, or should I say commodities. This statement is in reference to the Titleist commercial where Villegas states, “why would I play any other ball.” Well Villegas, cause the other ball will pay you more for using their product!!! There is no such thing as loyalty other than the skin you have on your body.

  • it says he is leaving cobra/puma, nothing to do with titleist, he probably will still play the pro v1x, i will put money on it that he has the superdeep in his bag instead of a superfast, to light for a strong guy, same reason dustin johnson won’t have it in his bag in any tournys.

  • […] It appears as though JB is the next Cobra staffer to make a move. Not sure of the details yet, although it appears to be a done deal as he was removed from the Cobra Golf website. This is the 2nd major loss to an already small stable to begin the 2011 PGA Tour season. Back in July, THP broke the news story that Camilo Villegas had signed a deal with TaylorMade Golf. […]

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