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Changing the Way Golfers Take Lessons

By Guest Author

Have you ever thought about taking a golf lesson? Maybe it was after a rough round or maybe you were looking for set of eyes to help fix a swing flaw. All too often, golfers think taking “a lesson” will give them the insight they need to improve on the course. After teaching more than three million golf lessons, GolfTEC knows real improvement only happens through sequential lessons and a committed effort over time.

“Most golfers want a quick fix from a new club or to find a tip online that will help solve a problem,” said Andy Hilts, PGA Master Professional in Instruction and GolfTEC VP of Instruction. “Lasting improvement only comes when golfers change their mindset. Golfers need to find a coach that will create a plan of sequential lessons to accomplish their goals.”

We just received notice that the average PGA Teaching Professional gives 100 lessons each year. At GolfTEC our Coaches average over 1,300, which means they see more swings, address more swing flaws and help more players improve in a year than the average PGA pro would in 13 years. In the last 12 months, GolfTEC Coaches taught about 555,000 lessons, roughly one in four of all golf lessons given in the United States.

The average GolfTEC client takes approximately 10 lessons, with many clients working with their Coach over months or even years. GolfTEC’s sequential approach to golf lessons is part of why 95% of GolfTEC clients experience improved swing mechanics and better on course performance, including an average of six strokes dropped. It comes down to playing better golf for a lifetime, not just a round or two.

Real improvement takes real commitment and when it comes to lessons, commitment means more than one lesson and more than three lessons. Thousands of clients add their names to the GolfTEC Wall of Fame each year by shooting career rounds and winning tournaments. Next time you think about taking a lesson, plan to contact a Coach, set goals and consider taking a series of lessons.

Editor’s Note: Many THP readers have asked about our plans to open new Centers in their area. Approximately 30 more Improvement Centers in the United States and Canada will be opening in the next 12 months. We hope we can bring a Center to a city near you!

Visit the GolfTEC website by clicking here.

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  • That’s actually a pretty good point, It seems like we often think one lesson is all we need. For some, it may be enough to get them back on track, but I think that’s the exception more than the rule.

  • I like GolfTEC’s philosophy. It makes sense. With 95% of their clients seeing improvements and an average of 6 strokes dropped, that is results!

    Great article. I am glad GolfTEC is a part of the forum.

  • I have read on here how multiple forum members have utilized their local GolfTec to help them in addressing swing flaws. They definitely appear to have a solid game improvement program.

    Thanks to GolfTec for being apart of the THP forum!

  • I like the Gloftec mission and I agree 100% that your mindset must change to see improvement. 6 lessons a day keeps these guys busy, my fear would be fresh ideas for each student. But with such a great percentage of clients showing improvement, they’re doing something right.

  • I’ve seen the local Golftec facilities and they are top notch. I love the video analysis that they do.

  • I would agree that sequential lessons is the best method for improvement, but I also believe that a quick, single lesson has it’s place. For instance, when someone gets the hosel rockets, a single lesson can usually fix that. Still, I prefer at least 3 lessons at a time.

  • A very good article. I’ll be starting to take lesson in the very near future and I too have realized that it will take a lot of effort on my part to reach my goals. Thanks for sharing this GolfTEC!

    P.S. I’m very excited about more facilites opening, especially in Canada! Hopefully there will be one close to me!

  • After just completing a lesson package with GolfTec I totally understand and agree with the article, while I’m not where I want to be yet I’m on the way. The greatest clubs in the world will not help lower scores as much as seeing your swing and understanding proper posistioning through the swing.

  • Excellent points. It’s very rare that one lesson will “fix the game”. There are usually multiple items needing correcting. And, the average brain can/should only work on one of them at a time. Once issue one is addressed/fix, go on to issue #2, etc. It’s definitely a long-term process.

    Great article.

  • Good Article, I am seriously considering a lesson plan from GolfTec over the winter months

  • It’s amazing how many lessons are given by GolfTec pros. THP members are very fortunate to have access to their knowledge in the Ask the Pro section.

  • Great article, the only thing holding me back is the closest GolfTec is over an hour away, glad to hear they will be opening more locations in the next year.

  • Very cool to see this input from GolfTEC! I think their program is great and I love the high-tech equipment used as I think that’s critical especially in the beginning.

    I definitely had pre-conceived notions as well that only a couple lessons would be ideal but that’s why my handicap is 19!

  • “real improvement takes real dedication”…………great line there! Thanks for the article and good luck and congrats on opening the new locations.

  • I wish there was a Golftec near me! I think a comprehensive plan for improvement is the way to go and can help golfers meet their goals. I love the philosophy of Golftec.

  • I had no clue GolfTEC gave so many more lessons. WOW.

  • Having been to a GolfTEC – I believe the stats! Congratulations on the new stores!

  • Just started the lesson plan, already seeing improvement on the course.

  • Great article. I took 10 lessons 2 years ago with the local GolfTEC and it changed my golf game completely. I’m thinking about doing another 10 pack this winter.

  • A very good read here with solid reasoning. I have heard over and over again from forum members how great the GolfTec lessons are. Thanks a ton to GolfTec for everything they do for THP!

  • Great point- certainly makes sense. I bet up north here Golftec is preparing for the busy season. Should be good outline for dome guys looking to take lessons.

  • Taking a lesson or several can help no doubt, but the most important aspect IMO is dedicating yourself to the change and putting the time in to make that change. Great article.

  • Sounds Great! Anybody know how much lesson plans cost and can you purchase practice time?

  • Very informative and insightful. After reading here, i feel a need to say thanks and continue to do such good work and wonderful blogging.

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