Charlotte’s Take on LPGA Q-School

There is something that all 3 of those players atop the leaderboard have in common… They entered the week fully expecting to gain their card and no doubt thought they should win the entire event. The more I’ve played, the more I’ve realized that confidence is the biggest part to being successful in professional golf. You hear players say it all the time that, “I’m here to win”. But, I wonder how many really believe that… I’ve read the interviews and articles as the week has progressed, and I was not surprised that Mollie birdied the last hole today to take sole possession of the lead. She fully believes that she can and will be successful on the LPGA. I’ve played with her during my first year on the DFT and she is something special. She is not your typical LPGA gal, but she doesn’t want to be. She is fiery and has what it takes to win. She was a decorated college player at Ohio State and hung up the clubs to work for a while. Luckily she came back because I think she has loads of talent and I’m sure she realized that too. She has tattoos, a supportive family, and doesn’t care what you think about her. Pretty cool really.

So, will she beat Wie and Lewis? It will be a battle!

In other news, there are some people that I’m surprised are in the top 20 (but shall remain nameless) and some that are not surprising at all. I guess it doesn’t matter if you haven’t had a good week all year, this is the week that matters most. Like David Leadbetter said, “there is no next week.” My girls Taylor and Nicole have hung in there and I’m really hoping for a charge these next 2 days. So, stay tuned! It’s been fun to watch!

Charlotte Campbell (aka Blingo Queen)

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