Clear Vision Cart Cover Review

If you play in the cold, this review is for you. If you play where it rains for a few minutes and then stops, this review is for you. Heck, if you play anywhere that you ride in a cart, this review is for you! Before recently, this THP reviewer never really used a cart cover. If it got too cold, too wet, or too windy, I just did not play golf. Until NOW!

Up until about a month ago I had never tried a golf cart cover. Playing in Florida we do not get too much of the bad climates and the rain really only lasts a few minutes so we brave it out. That changed about a month ago when THP was on a deadline to review some equipment and had to play. The problem was, that we had a cold front here and it was about 40 degrees outside. A reader suggested that we get a cart cover and drop a portable heater inside it to stay warm when not hitting our shots. This reader was obviously brilliant and we took him up on his advice. The THP crew went over to our local golf store and picked up a golf cart cover and heater. It worked like a charm to keep us warm. The problem was, we could not see out of the thing. Crinkled plastic windshield was distorting our view so much that you could not even find your ball in the fairway.

Fast forward about 30 days and in steps the Clear Vision Cart Cover. After that day, I vowed that we would find something that worked better than the cheap plastic cart cover with no visibility. With some heavy searching and some reader referrals we were able to get in contact with a company called Clear Vision. They assured us that there cover was different and judging by the pictures on their website, we were getting pretty excited about this review. After a couple of weeks, a box shows up and in it was a red bag. We just kept thinking “We got taken, no way will this work.”

The “bag” showed up at the perfect time. We had another cold front coming in to us in FL and I was set to play the following day in 40 degree weather. The next morning I through the bag in the back of the car and headed to the course. I got there extra early because I assumed this would be a little longer to put on then a standard cover. As usual, I assumed wrong. Once we opened up the bag and pulled the cover out, it just unfolds and drops onto a cart like any other cart cover. The added weight (next to nothing) that the windshield has makes lining this cover up extremely easy. The whole installation took about 2 minutes.

Once it was put on, we almost laughed in amazement at how nice this thing really was. The crystal clear vision in the front makes our feeble plastic “hoodie” type cover look like an ancient relic. I almost felt as though I was inside a car with how snug it was and with the heater going, it was as if we did not want to get out to hit the ball. It became comical because despite the fact that both of us were playing well, every time we pulled up next to our ball, neither THP staff member wanted to get out and hit it.

But the key here was not the weather or staying warm….Those were bonuses. The key was that we could actually see the ball to pull up to it. Something we were unable to do with the previous cart cover that we had tried. The clarity on the Clear Vision Cart cover is virtually like looking out a car windshield. When the round was over, we noticed something else that BLEW US AWAY. Folding this thing was easy as can be to get it back in the box. Most covers are a jumbled mess after a round. With this one, it folds back up with no issues. Still not as easy as taking it out, but much easier than any other cover I have tried. The windshields kind of act as guides to get you started. Then it drops back into the bag and in your trunk.

With every good, there is some bad. The MSRP on these covers is $249.95. That is exactly double what we paid for our standard cover from a local golf store. However we still think that if you use this once you will know exactly why it costs more. The quality and craftsmanship used to create these is evident and they seem as though they will last significantly longer than your standard cover.

Overall we think the world of this product. If you own your own golf cart, do not hesitate for a second, buy one of these and you will be thrilled you did. If you do not own your own cart, it is a significant investment that to us, is worth every penny. But to some they would rather spend on other things. The way we look at it is this, if it means you can play golf a few more times each year because of the weather, then it is something that you should have. It is available in many colors and you can read more about it at Clear Vision.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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