Cleveland 588 Altitude Hybrid Irons Preview

With this hybrid-iron set, hitting the ball longer and higher has never been easier. Cleveland is adding to the 588 iron family with this set that brings in maximum forgiveness, high ball flight and extreme distance.

Engineered for Altitude
Seamlessly blended hybrid iron set makes every club incredibly easy to hit for maximum playability and performance.

Full Hollow Construction
Advanced internal weighting adds forgiveness and promotes a lower, deeper center of gravity for optimal launch and effortless distance.

Face Forged Technology
Every iron has a forged club face to enhance ball speed and feel.

Customizable For Fitting
Part of the 588 Irons Family, Altitude Irons – which feature a bendable hosel to adjust lie angle, something that has been lacking in many of the hybrid irons that feature a larger sole and overall design.

Price: $699 Steel, $799 Graphite (4-DW)

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  • Wow, those were not what I was expecting, a forged face in a SGI line. I like how the OEMs seem to be going with easier to adjust hosels too.

  • Interesting design, looking forward to some more info and pictures on the new irons.

  • This photo reminds me of the Hi-Bore offering that Cleveland had. Looking forward to seeing more photos and reading up on the tech in this set.

  • Interesting design, will be interested to see more pics and see hwo this works out for some folks

  • Wow, indeed! Hollow construction, that’s like the Nike OSS irons. BUT forged face!!! AND bendable hosels?? I will be following these closely!!

  • I was liking these. Especially the longer irons

  • Frank was telling me about these. Definitely interesting. But even for me, these might be a little big. Cant wait to hit them though as I bet they are easy to whack. This seems to be the year of the adjustable hosel

  • Pretty interesting. Would like to compare the hybrid iron set to the traditional irons that I’m used to.

  • Wow. That design is pretty wild. I bet these do have some forgiveness to them.

  • With all indications that this set along with the other new irons Cleveland has coming out all match up loft wise, I can see some crazy iron set combos especially since the price doesn’t change! Might be a fitters dream!

  • Thanks for the insight into these…look forward to seeing more pictures when they are available. I really appreciate a golf company that will take the time and effort to include the technology improvements on their GI/SGI sets.

  • These are definitely interesting to say the least. Would love to give these a go as the claims they make are all parts of my game that need help.

  • Nice to see some added customization for irons of these class. Changing the lie angle could be a huge benefit for players looking for both forgiveness and a customized fit.

  • Not really digging the design. I do however like the technology behind it. A forged face will certainly be a nice plus and the easier to bend hosel will definitely be helpful in getting the right clubs in your hands.

  • Interesting set of sticks to say the least. I’m like others with the easy option to adjust the lie on these puppies. I bet there will be a ton of folks who have problems getting the ball air born, will be looking at these in the near future.

  • Interesting product. Can’t wait for some in hand pics, these look pretty slick for a SGI

  • These look very interesting. I love the customization aspect. That is one thing that I feel has been lacking in hybrids. Really looking forward to seeing these in person!

  • Very cool looking irons. Look as though they have all the bases covered.

  • whoa.
    definitely wouldn’t be a fan of a hybo iron set, but i imagine that i could mash these.
    i bet they feel amazing though…i’d like to give them a swing.

  • Hmmmmm, interesting. Not really for my personal eye but I can see where they would appeal to a group out there for sure. Remind me of the old HiBore set a bit actually.

  • Forged SGIs? Wow. Would be nice to own a few of these just as hybrids.

  • Not sure about the look of these, wil definitely need to see these in hand for sure. But the bendable hosel is a great touch

  • I can see these working for certain people for sure. Interesting to see what kind of feedback is given from these and what type of player they work for.

  • I like that it can be bent for your specs. but, I need to see some more before I comment on looks.

  • Not a fan of the looks at all, they remind me of a Yonex model several years ago.

  • Very interesting….I like the bendable hosel so you can adjust lie….and forged face too….really need to see some in hand pics to make a judgement.

  • Some nice steps in a good direction with facing and adjustment.

  • I would hit these. These are kind of similar to the Brownings I had in the 1980’s, and also the TaylorMade SuperLaunch irons.

  • Wow….these have me super-intrigued. Bendable hosel is a major plus. I’m definitely OK with the looks. Can’t wait to see & read more about these.

  • Sorta look like an extension of the niblicks. Looks as though there making a full iron line out of that design. Cartainly the backs are nearly identical to the niblicks

  • These have an interesting look and the bendable hosel to adjust lie angle is certainly something to get ones attention.

  • I am going to game these for a bit and see what they play like. I could not play this type of club due to the customization I needed. I will post in the forums when I get them.

  • Very nice. I picked up the Hi-bores about 3 years ago, and still love them. The 588’s new finish and adjustability are nice upgrades. As my game has improved – I’m now about an 11 handicap – the only change I’m planning to make is custom fitting. And I’ll definitely do that with the new clubs. Can’t imagine being happier with anything else. Thanks, Cleveland.

  • […] This set is called 588 MT and it’s designed to fit seamlessly into a mixed set with either the 588 Altitude or 588 TT irons. Considering that Cleveland is going to continue to produce both the 588 CB and MB […]

  • […] This set is called 588 TT and it’s designed to fit seamlessly into a mixed set with either the 588 Altitude or MT irons. Golfers will now have the option to build a set of irons with continuity in loft and […]

  • Had a hit today with the 6 iron. These are so easy to get the ball in the air,and a good club, club and a half longer,and straight you got no idea.They got me will be going in for a fitout in the next couple of days.

  • I have the HIBORES will look at these for the new set I am looking at

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