Cleveland CG7 Irons Review

When I picked up this game of golf many years ago, like many of us, I learned with hand me down irons. In my case they were very old Hogan Blades, and they had absolutely zero forgiveness. Over the years I was one of those golfers that said “you have to play blades to be a good player”. Over the last few years, I realized just how wrong I was and how good the equipment of today is getting.

Whether or not to play “game improvement” or GI irons is a hot topic discussed by golfers of all levels. Some say it masks flaws in their swing, and they want the pure feeling of a thin top line and blade like iron. The debate is something for another article, but I will touch on my experience in that I played blades for many years because I thought that is what was right for my game and would make me better. About two years ago, I switched to game improvement irons and have never looked back. I still play cavity back irons and they are in my bag right now.

With all of the emails we received from readers about Cleveland Golf and their new irons, we had to reach out and see about reviewing teir new set of irons. Within a week or so a new set of CG7 irons appeared at our offices and at first glance most of the THP crew really liked the looks of them. Last year Cleveland made CG Red and CG Gold. This year they have done away with that and have the CG7 which are replacing the gold, and CG7 Tour which are replacing the red. For the purpose of this review we will be covering the CG7 version and not the CG7 Tour.

Here are some of the features of the CG7 irons from Cleveland Golf.

A one piece injection molded lightweight visco-elastic insert that covers the entire perimeter of the cavity and the base of the head.
Provides vibration dampening across the entire face for superior feel, even on off center hits.


Progressively sized microcavities decrease in length from the long irons to the short irons to optimize the CG location for each head.
Microcavity Technology (MCT) allows movement of discretionary weight lower and deeper for increased distance, ball speed and accuracy.


6% higher MOI than traditional irons for increased forgiveness on off center hits.
Lower and deeper CG location for higher trajectory and more distance.

Like we mentioned earlier, these irons are very sharp looking. Not too busy and certainly not plain and boring at all. We decided to setup a small testing sample at our local range and we brought out the set for 6 people to hit them. With the exception of our resident pro all the golfers were playing cavity backs and none of them were Cleveland’s. I went first and I hit about 10 balls with them and then we passed them on to the next person and each golfer hit about 15-20 balls with them. When they came back to me, I hit another 15 balls. The feedback was fairly unanimous. Everybody was asked to give one word to describe them and 3 out of the 6 golfers used the word “SOLID”. The only player that did not really care for them was our the THP Resident Pro, and he even said that for forgiving irons that these felt “quite nice”. His view was just that he preferred something with a little more feel.

I decided to take these out on the course for about a week’s worth of rounds and what I noticed is two things. First, game improvement means just that. My score came down by 3 strokes the first day off my index and 2 strokes each of the next 3 rounds after that. Second, the CG7 irons are about as solid as anything I have hit. The ball travels long and straight and when hit solid, felt so good. On mishits, you still felt the flaw as a player, but the ball still went straight. People that like to work the ball, can still do this with this set, but it is much less pronounced.

Personally, I do prefer a slightly thinner top line of the club, but after a few swings, those thoughts quickly vanished and I just felt as though I was playing with an iron set that was produced to lower my score. After these rounds I went back to the range and had some of the junior golfers that were practicing take some swings with this set. Most of them marveled at the distance they were getting. I had not noticed that personally, but each one was claiming that they were getting an additional 5-7 yards out of each club and that is what they liked the most. Our resident pro hit them again and still stuck by his original thoughts. They just were not for him. He is salivating at the thought of the CG7 Tour model though.

Overall, I think that Cleveland Golf has improved upon an already solid line of clubs. Anybody that wants a solid club, that looks great needs to check these out. Unless you do NOT want to hit the ball straight and far, because that is what these irons are made for. The CG7 irons will be available January 29th, 2009 and will carry a MSRP of $599.99 for steel shafts and $699.99 for graphite shafts. For those wondering the CG7 Tours will come out the same day and carry a street price of $699.99 for steel shafts. For more information on this line check out Cleveland Golf CG7.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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  • Nice review, clubs look like they may be great for mid-high handicappers.

  • These look solid. I played the golds last year and love them. A couple of nice improvements could really make them perfect. They might just have done that.

  • I have been in the market for new irons for about 2 months. Everytime I get it narrowed down, you go and throw a review like this up. Now I have to go hit these too. HAHA. Great info thanks.

  • Great info on another good Cleveland Product. I loved the review on both the driver and these. The part about your score was intriguing. I have never really wanted to play GI irons but I think it is time.

  • Fantastic read as always. I read a lot of golf sites but these are my favorite reviews. Will you be covering Srixon stuff as well? I am dying to hear about the new balls.

  • I cannot wait to get these. I have been looking around for new equipment that can work for me and you guys have not steered me wrong yet. So far it has been a GEL putter, Nickent Hybrids, and now these are going in my bag, with the Monster that you reviewed also. Thanks.

  • Will they be coming out with anything new on the ladies side of things that you will be reviewing?

  • Grea read. I am going to look at the CG 7 tours when they come out.

  • I bought a new iron set Nike VR Cavity recently, but got a chance to hit these at a demo day. Both sets are great and as described by the reviews I have read here. Great read.

  • Will this site be reviewing the CG7 Tour model as well?

  • Mike B – We hope to be covering the Srixon stuff as well starting with their new balls.

    Curtis Strange Fan – We are unsure if we will be reviewing the Tour model of the CG7

  • Nice review. Ill have to make it a point to hit these at the next demo.

  • The clubs hit awsome !! I ordered a set from my local pro shop -1/2, 2deg flat. can’t wait to get them out on the course.

  • Excellent article. I was contemplating between Taylormade Burner and the CG7. Based on this article and also the recommendation by the golf shop attendant I bought the CG7. No regrets. My best buy in a long time! They are very easy to hit; straight, high and long. They are forgiving on miss hits. They provide the soft feel of forge irons. I had problems hitting the 3 and 4 irons of my previous set; Taylormade XD. The CG7 3 and 4 irons are comparatively easy. They should have been awarded Gold instead of Silver by Golf Digest. I would recommend anyone looking for irons to give them a try.

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