Cleveland Classic Hybrid Preview

Over the past two years, Cleveland Golf not only established the successful line of Mashie hybrids, but they also ushered in innovations like Gliderail soles.  In 2013, Cleveland is bringing something new to their hybrid line with the Classic Hybrid. The most obvious change visually is the move away from the familiar finish on the previous Mashie line of hybrids, but it’s the technology inside that Cleveland is most excited about.

Cleveland Classic Hybrid

Style and confidence are now available in a hybrid. Incredible distance is combines with Gliderail Technology for more speed and forgiveness from any lie. The Classic Hybrid is aimed at golfers of all abilities. 


  • AllAround Performance
    • Engineered for maximum distance and forgiveness from the rough, sand, tee, or fairway.
    • Gliderail Sole
      • Combination of two rails with subtle center keel measurability decreases turf drag for more lift and speed at impact.


  • Optimal Center of Gravity
    • Center of Gravity moved deeper in the club head to promote higher launch and more penetrating flight.


  • Matrix OZIK XCON-h6 Shaft
    • Provides maximum performance and stable feel while promoting a high-launch, low-spin flight.


  • Lofts available: H1 (15.5), H2 (18.0), H3 (20.5), H4 (23.0), H5 (26.0)
  • Swing Weight: D4
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  • Now this excites me! I have never tried a Cleveland hybrid that did not have the Miyazaki shaft so I am very curious to hear more about this one and how it works with this new hybrid.

    I am liking the lofts I am seeing here and the fact that a 5 hybrid is available!! That is dead up my alley.

  • This will be fun to try out, I am a fan of Matrix OZIK XCON golf shafts. They and Miyazaki are both pretty awesome IMO. Liking that the Gliderrail Sole is on the Classic Hybrid also.

  • I’m planning on replacing at least one of my long irons with a hybrid this year. Thanks for the review.

  • I was hoping for a non offset hybrid this season. It’ll reserve judgement until I’ve had a chance to hit it.

  • I agree with Freddie, I was hoping for non offset but I like the looks of it. They “sexy”ed up the Mashie. Not sure how I feel about the stock shaft offering.

  • Agreed that it is just a sexy Mashie. Hook bias and all, most likely.

  • Need to hit it. Going off these renditions I would say I preferred the finish of the mashie. But with keeping the gliderails it should still perform well.

  • The offset seems pretty extreme to me, could be just the pics though. I don’t know about the black with the name Classic associated with it just yet, I think the finish of the Mashie seemed more of a throw back or classic finish if you ask me. I can’t wait to hit it though.

  • Interesting to see this not have a Miyazaki. Great looking club though and will definatly hit this at demo day.

  • Looks great but I’m also in the boat that thinks that is more of an offset. But won’t know till I can hit one! Looking forward to the reviews on this!

  • finally a different finish offering!
    i still can’t believe they never released a hybrid offering from the Black line though…

  • Really suprised to see this come out without the Miyazaki shaft

  • The 15.5 is exactly what I am in the market for! This could be the ticket for me.

  • This could be an interesting hybrid especially in lower lofted models. With the offset it should pound the ball high and long. I like the stock shaft offering!

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