Cleveland Classics Fall Fashion Preview

Back in July The Hackers Paradise got a chance to introduce a new brand to our readers by the name of Cleveland Classics. In that initial article THP got a chance to learn about the brand and speak to the designer of this new apparel line. Our thoughts were elegance meets technology in this brand and that it was going to be a big hit.
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When Fall Fashion Preview kicked off we were delighted to get a look at the new Fall line from Cleveland Classics. The package arrived and our first impressions were once again DELIGHT! Once again the clothing was done with good materials, had a nice look and wonderful color palette. We were excited to put the outfits together and bring you more.

Outfit #1
The Swing Black Pants are 65% polyester, 35% viscose and 100% classic style. At first look they have an elegance to them that you just do not see anymore. Once you slip them on you realize that there is more than just style to them. Extreme comfort, great attention to detail, and classic style make these a home run in the fashion department.
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The Lime Polo is 100% polyester and a perfect compliment to the pants. This high performance garment is engineered with CG Dry extreme moisture management. It is moisture wicking material that keep you dry and cool during any season of golf. We love the material and feel of the shirt and it is significantly softer than a lot of the “tech” shirts we have dealt with in the past.
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Outfit #2
The Swing Chocolate pants are made the same as the black pants above with a different color palette. No pair of pants we have covered so far could be called “classics” until we got to these. A truly classic pattern and style, however made with wonderful new technology. The brown and black pattern make these trousers easy to pair with so many tops, yet they did not stop there. There is a thin light blue stripe throughout adding that subtle hint of style that goes over very well.
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The Orange Polo is one of our favorite shirts we have covered so far. The color goes with just about everything we threw at it and matches perfectly with the pair of pants they matched up with them here. It also matches the first pair perfectly as well. It has comfort, style, and versatility all rolled up into a classic shirt that is great for every season.
Outfit #3
The patterned shorts featured here are also 65% polyester, 35% viscose, and 100% CLASSIC! They are a khaki and white plaid like combination and are perfectly versatile for those warmer days of fall. Attention to detail was apparent with these as they have the great Cleveland Classic logo above the back pocket and a smaller pocket on the pant leg that is absolutely perfect for tech gadgets, golf ball, score card, or more.
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The Prospect White Polo shirt is anything but a simple white shirt. It is 60% polyester and 40% nylon and features a nice design and texture to it. The Prospect has the Classic Logo on the sleeve and great breathable sides to the shirt. The same “airiness” is apparent on the back and neck and it adds a soothing comfort on those hot days.
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Additional Shirts
The Riviera shirt in Mosaic is a fun shirt that is comfortable and perfect for Fall Golf. It is made with the same CG Dry extreme moisture wicking material that we really like. It is a great color blue/green with a series of thin stripes in black, white, and yellow. It also features texture strips to add a little more style to it and is one of my favorite shirts this fall.
The One Eleven in Black is something to behold. It has a woven jacquard type of pattern done in purple and black. It features a black collar and the same CG Dry material. It is slightly thicker and another reason why Cleveland Classics continues to be one of our favorite new brands of 2009.
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The Windstream jacket in black is the ultimate for Fall outerwear. CG Dry moisture wicking keeps you dry and this half zip is an ultimate lifesaver to keep you warm and the water away. It has an adjustable pull strap at the bottom to keep it snug. It also features some great details such as the logo on the bottom but also on the zipper itself which we thought was a great touch.
The Downtown in Camel Heather is 100% cotton has a feel similar to cashmere. It is a wonderful V-Neck sweater with great stitching and textures throughout. It adds some warmth to those colder Fall days and goes with just about anything you can throw at it.
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The Fullstream in Chocolate is 100% nylon and perfect for Fall. It is what Cleveland calls CG Windproof and is engineered to protect your game from the elements. It is wind proof and water resistant while being breathable and comfortable. It is unlike anything we have felt before in this category. It is soft and feels almost cotton like and the herringbone texture adds some great style to the look. Once again the attention to detail shines through with the logo on the bottom and the zipper.
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Wrap Up
When you combine Elegant Style, Tech Materials, Great Colors, and a fit built for real people what do you get? You get what THP calls “Classic”. We were not sure a new line could go above and beyond their initial launch that we loved so much, but the company did just that. We look forward to what they have in store for the future. For more information on any of the products available check out their website.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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