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With the advancement in technology golf is changing at a rapid pace. Clubs are getting longer, balls are going further, and clothes are getting bolder. In the last five years alone we have seen such a shift in golf clothing designs. Colors are brighter, patterns are more unique, and fabrics are now moister wicking. All these changes in golf fashion are wonderful, but sometimes we lose touch with the past and with tradition. Enter the new Cleveland Classics golf apparel. Cleveland Golf has found a way to merge the technology of today with the style and feel of the 1960s.
Our very own Josh B. had the opportunity to chat with the lady behind the design, Claudia Schwarz. When he asked Claudia about the new Classics line she best described it as old fashioned and traditional without losing that modern technology. She was going with a 1960s, Frank Sinatra era, feel to add tradition back into golf apparel. Her idea was to have an elegant look with modern technology. By doing this she she incorporated today’s moisture wicking materials with yesterdays clean lines and simple patterns. As of right now the line has focused more on menswear than ladies but that will be changing very soon. The apparel is extremely true to size. These are not ‘Euro’ or ‘Athletic’ fit, they are more of the American sizing, meaning a bit less fitted. When asked about the future of the Classics line, Claudia said they plan to offer more outerwear, pants, shorts, and of course expand the ladies line. Similar to the 60s feel of the 2009 collection the 2010 is inspired by mid-century Palms Springs architecture and the Rat Pack Era. We should also expect to see more stripe and jacquard knits and to support the ‘Go Green’ movement they will also have new polyester shirts that will be made from recycled polyester. As far as accessories go, right now the only thing offered are hats.

Along with the interview with Claudia, Cleveland also provided The Hackers Paradise with some samples of the Classics line for us to test out and review. We received two men’s polos, a pair of mens shorts, and one ladies top. I want to touch briefly on the ladies top since that is my area of expertise. My first impression was that the color was outstanding. The seafoam green color reminded me so much of the Cleveland Bloom set that I reviewed a few months back.

In my review I mentioned how much I loved the color on the clubs and the bag, but then when I saw that color in a shirt I was blown away. This bright polo is sure to make any outfit pop, especially paired with white pants or a white skirt. What I loved the most about this top was the classic look that was just as described by Claudia. This is not the kind of shirt that is going to stop traffic or distract someone from their swing, but it will have people saying “Wow! What a sharp looking top.” The only part I wasn’t completely thrilled about was the fabric. It seemed a little heavy or thick for me and I would have liked to have seen it feel more like the mens items we were give to test. Overall, I was very impressed with what I saw so far for the ladies line and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for their women’s collection.

For the menswear we received two polos, gray and white, and a great pair of black and white plaid shorts. Josh B. was lucky enough to give these clothes a test run and the results were outstanding. Day one he wore the white polo with the black and white plaid shorts and tied the entire outfit together with a black belt and THP belt buckle. When I first saw him I was in shock, not because he didn’t look good, in face he looked great, but because I am normally used to seeing him in bright colored clothing indicative of modern day golf style. He said the shorts were possibly the most comfortable bottoms he had ever worn, he loved the cut, the feel, and the fabric.

The white polo complimented them so well and vamped up the traditional look of the shorts with a slightly more modern looking top. This moisture wicking shirt had a great subtle design that was not only fashionable but functional, by adding some ventilation which was extremely helpful in the Florida heat. He knew Cleveland had done it right when a man in his late 60s stopped him on the course to say he loved his outfit, the older gentleman said it reminded him of something he wore back in the 60s. Very impressive if you ask me. The gray polo had the same moisture wicking material as the white one however this top had no design to it, just the great feel of tradition that is the Cleveland Classics line.

I would like to take a quick second to talk about the Cleveland Classic Logo or crest. Normally I wouldn’t talk about this but when the reviewers at THP saw this we were all a bit speechless. This logo/crest has such a sense of sophistication and luxury. Josh B. said it was his favorite part of the entire line. It was not just that this addition added class and style to the clothing but a lot of it had to do with where it was placed. To us this was the icing on the cake, the piece that put the entire ensemble together. Below is one picture of this crest and to see additional photos you can simply click here.

Technology has done wonders for golf and I look forward to seeing what the futures holds but sometimes you need to take a step back and appreciate what once was. I truly believe the Cleveland Classics golf apparel line has done exactly this. They have found the perfect way to incorporate the fabulous feel of the 1960s with the futuristic advancements in modern day technology. This sneak peek into their new line has left me wanting more. To see more on this line you can check out their website at Cleveland Golf. Thanks to the wonderful people at Cleveland, they would like to offer the readers of THP a friends and family discount on the Cleveland Classics line. For more information follow this link and check out the very last photo, all the details will be explained there.

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