Cleveland Golf 588 MT Irons Preview

Today, Cleveland is announcing the two newest additions to its 588 line of irons. This set is called 588 MT and it’s designed to fit seamlessly into a mixed set with either the 588 Altitude or 588 TT irons. Considering that Cleveland is going to continue to produce both the 588 CB and MB irons, they have amassed a complete line of irons under the 588 umbrella that should fit just about any golfer.

MT stands for Mid Trajectory and Cleveland is categorizing this set as playable by golfers of all levels of ability.


  • All irons available in RH and LH
  • Available stock with Traction 85 steel shaft or ActionLite 55 graphite.
  • 588 Lamkin Grip
  • Irons and lofts:
    • 3 iron – 19°
    • 4 iron – 21°
    • 5 iron – 24°
    • 6 iron – 27°
    • 7 iron – 31°
    • 8 iron – 35°
    • 9 iron – 39°
    • PW – 44°
    • DW – 49°
    • SW – 54°

Product Features

Cleveland is categorizing the various performance qualities of the 588 MT irons under three headings – Flight, Forgiveness, and Feel.


  • Engineered for Mid Trajectory – Constant blade length throughout the set, blade height progressively increases in higher-lofted clubs. Easy-to-hit long irons are blended with more traditional short irons.


  • Full Hollow Construction – High performance in a playable design. Advanced internal weighting adds forgiveness and promotes a lower, deeper center of gravity for optimal launch and effortless distance.


  • Face Forged Technology – Every iron has a forged club face to enhance ball speed and feel.
  • Vibration Dampening – Multi-material insert of polymer and aluminum in iron plaque dampens vibration at impact for more consistent feel.
  • Fully Customizable – Part of the 588 Irons Family, Mid Trajectory Irons can be easily interchanged with 588 Tour Trajectory and Altitude Irons to customize a set with the perfect combination of ball flight, feel, and forgiveness. 
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