Cleveland Golf RTX Full-Face Wedges

Last summer, Cleveland Golf unveiled their flagship wedge line, the RTX ZipCore. ZipCore was very well received, and even more so after expanding the line to include a Tour Black and Tour Rack (Raw) finish options in the fall. Today, the ZipCore family continues to grow with an offering that will likely be quite popular, the RTX Full-Face

Cleveland RTX Full Face

This release does not mark the first time we have seen Cleveland Golf release a full-faced wedge; in fact, they currently have the full-faced CBX wedge present in their lineup. While many enjoy the CBX for its forgiveness, the introduction of the RTX Full-Face brings that extra groove space and high-toe action to their tour-inspired lineup. Cleveland Golf believes that this wedge will help unlock some additional imagination in a player’s short game by including the full-face grooves and high-toe design. 

“The new RTX Full-Face maintains the traditional and striking clean look that golfers have come to expect from a Cleveland wedge, all while adding shotmaking creativity with grooves across the entire face,” said Ryan Polanco, General Manager at Cleveland Golf. “It’s the perfect complement to the classic RTX ZipCore and delivers exceptional versatility around the greens.”

Cleveland RTX Full-Face

Fans of the ZipCore wedges will find comfort knowing that the Full-Face version carries much of the same technology. We still see the use of their low-density core that replaces much of the steel that was in the hosel. Using this material here to save weight allows for a shift in the center of gravity, which helps boost the stability of the head, and increase the consistency of spin, feel, and distance. Also present, is the UltiZip grooves, which are sharp and deep to help channel away grass and sand, as well as to help offer a little extra bite. 

For anyone new to these styles of wedges, the theory behind them is that when you open the clubface for those short game shots and cut across the ball, contact tends to stray out towards the toe and, at times, higher on the face. Getting a little more mass out in that area helps keep the clubhead stable on these shots. As for grooves that stretch across the entire face, it gives comfort to know that toe or heel side contact is still going to come off with more spin and control than it would versus a traditional wedge. 

Cleveland full-face wedges

Recently, I have been able to get some quality time in with both a 52° and 58° full-face wedge. I have found several variations of this wedge style in my bag throughout the last five or six years, so the basic design is not particularly new to my eye.  The 58° has held up against every challenge it has faced so far and excelled on bunker shots. Meanwhile, the 52° has been a solid choice for longer chip shots and has performed well on full swings, proving that this design is not just a one-trick pony. The only thing missing so far is that there is no rust on the Tour Rack wedge, but that will happen. 

Cleveland golf gives golfers another option to hone their short game skills with the RTX Full-Face wedges. By offering these with the Tour Rack experience, golfers have the opportunity to alter the grind and the leading edge if they so choose. For more information on the newest wedges from Cleveland, including a look at the Tour Rack custom options, visit

The Details

Available:        June 11, 2021

Finishes:          Tour Satin

                        Tour Rack (RAW)

Lofts:               Tour Satin (50°-60°, & 64°

                        Tour Rack (56-60°,& 64°)

Grind:              C-Shaped

Price:               Tour Satin -$159.99

                        Tour Rack -$179.99

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