Cleveland Golf Talks about CG16 Irons & Wedges

While at the PGA Show, THP sat down with Cleveland Golf to discuss their latest offering in irons and wedges. In this video they explain the new technology in both their wedges and irons and how it helps golfers of all skill levels. Great preview into what is coming down the pipeline this spring from Cleveland Golf.

CG16 Irons In Hand Pictures & Golfer Feedback Here

CG16 Wedges In Hand Pictures & Golfer Feedback Here

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  • I want these! Nice explanation of the importance of having proper gaps in you wedges.

  • another iron/wedge im anticipating hitting at the outing! i love the direction Cleveland is going – and their support to THP in allowing them to test their clubs pre-release is first class!

  • Great stuff, thanks THP! I really like what they’re doing over at Cleveland Golf!!!

  • Cool ideas, I’m Definitely going to be taking a closer look at Cleveland.

  • Nice vid and well presented. These irons are pure money and I would put them in my bag in a second.

  • What an passionate and informative fellow. Great video on a killer set of irons and wedges from Cleveland. I still am waiting to hit the CG16. Thanks for the video.

  • WHAT!! No 2 Iron!!?

    Times are changing… My PW is 48 deg. It’ll be hard to adjust when I finally do get a new set if all new iron sets are lofted so strongly 🙁
    That said, those are lovely looking irons and they are now on my radar 🙂

  • I was considering the new Mizuno MP T-11s, because they would match my irons. I have hit them and think they feel outstanding. But now I’m going to put the purchase on hold until I can try the CG16s. Thanks THP for putting this information on your site.

  • at first I didn’t care for the look of the new CG16 irons, but after hitting them I could care less about the looks, these things are extremely long, and very straight, workability is extremely high too

  • I wish the CG 16 irons gave the option for a gap and sand wedge

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