Cleveland Golf TT Irons Preview

Today, Cleveland Golf is announcing the two newest additions to its 588 line of irons. This set is called 588 TT and it’s designed to fit seamlessly into a mixed set with either the 588 Altitude or MT irons. Golfers will now have the option to build a set of irons with continuity in loft and lie that fits their needs in both looks and performance from the top to the bottom of the bag. These three lines will be complimented by the performance driven 588 Forged CB and MB irons.

TT stands for Tour Trajectory and Cleveland is categorizing this set as geared between experienced players and those wanting game improvement irons.


  • All irons available in RH and LH
  • Available stock with Traction 85 steel shaft or ActionLite 55 graphite.
  • 588 Lamkin Grip
  • Irons and lofts:
    • 3 iron – 19°
    • 4 iron – 21°
    • 5 iron – 24°
    • 6 iron – 27°
    • 7 iron – 31°
    • 8 iron – 35°
    • 9 iron – 39°
    • PW – 44°
    • DW – 49°
    • SW – 54°

Product Features

Cleveland is categorizing the various performance qualities of the 588 TT irons under three headings – Flight, Forgiveness, and Feel.


  • Engineered for Tour Trajectory – Constant blade height with progressive blade length promotes more forgiveness in long irons and controlled, penetrating trajectory in short irons.


  • Engineered Undercut – Modest cavity back with engineered undercut improves ball speed and accuracy on off-center hits.


  • Face Forged Technology – Every iron has a forged club face to enhance ball speed and feel.
  • Vibration Dampening – Multi-material insert of polymer and aluminum in iron plaque dampens vibration at impact for more consistent feel.
  • Fully Customizable – Part of the 588 Irons Family, Tour Trajectory Irons can be easily interchanged with 588 Mid Trajectory and Altitude Irons to customize a set with the perfect combination of ball flight, feel, and forgiveness.



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  • Another solid looking set of irons! Like ddxu said, I love the fact that they did loft matching across this line for ease of creating combo sets.

    These appear to have a bit more forgiveness than I really anticipated. I need to hit these outdoors against the MT’s and see how they perform.

    Shafts will be an interesting part of this for sure as I have no experience with the stock ones.

  • Man, I like how I can mix and match since I have great confidence in 7-wedge but might need a little more in the MT line for assistance above that. They both look like great sets and can’t wait to hit these.

  • Cab you say forgiveness, these look like the Clevelands I’m used to seeing. I can see these in a combo with the 588 CB

  • I love the fact that Cleveland is giving people so many different options to make a bag tailored to their game. These look really nice and forgiving. Cleveland Staffers are a lucky group.

  • Another solid looking offering from Cleveland. Different options to suit a players skill level and wants is the right direction for any company.

  • I really like the understated look of the irons. Look like a hit!

  • Perhaps my favorite thing that was released today by Cleveland.

  • I seen a mean combo set between these and the MT

  • loft matching across 3 sets is a genius move by Cleveland, as well as building upon the technology and success of the 588 line. well done.

  • I like the way they tied them all together

  • Like what Cleveland has to offer this year.

  • Still looking at their new wedges and these irons look really good! A real good year coming up!

  • Simple chrome and black! No orange, purple or polka dots! LOVE EM!… and the ability to make a combo set is right on target. Thanks Cleveland!

  • These look really good to me, I look forward to hitting them but I am one who needs extra height on my irons, not a tour trajectory. My SS is gettiing slower as the years fly by.

  • Nice looking. I want to see if these feel and look different in person to the 588 CB’s. I like all the Cleveland offerings this year.

  • Just received mine from golfsmith they are a little thick top and bottom, I just handed down my mizuno mp60’s. I am looking forward to some forgiveness, distance and not losing accuracy. Cleveland has been making some great moves lately with equipment, wedges, drivers,putters now irons.
    I have not hit them yet, don’t think the adjustment will be to hard. Great looking irons looking forward to getting my -1.5 index to 0. Keep it up Cleveland !

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