Cleveland Mashie Hybrid Video

With the current testing going on by THP Forum Members on the Cleveland Mashie, we wanted to get to the bottom of all the hype, so we sat down with Cleveland Golf at the PGA Show and had them walk us through what makes this club a game changer for just about everybody that picks it up.

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  • Great video about a great club!

  • Loved the video. It truly is one of those clubs you don’t feel bad about hitting from any lie.

  • Great video, I can’t wait to put this club in my bag. I use my hybrids all over the course and I’m sure this one will not be any different

  • I love listening to the staffers from these OEMs, they’re all so knowledgeable and have so much enthusiasm for their product, Cleveland/Srixon really hit a home run with the Mashie!

  • I love the Mashie and I like this dude from Cleveland! My favorite video!

  • Great video about a great club. Why isn’t my M2 here yet?

  • It’s official, I need a Mashie! Thanks for the video!

  • mmm, watching the video makes me wish for better weather. Quite simply the best hybrid ever.

  • Short, sweet and to the point. I want my Mashie! or two

  • Great video! Need to check this out after my driver.

  • I know this is an old topic, but I finally got my Mashie! It’s a great day.

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