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Coming off the heels of the relaunch of the new 588 wedges, Cleveland is announceing the new RTX CB line with their most advanced spin technology ever. The 588 RTX CB Wedges combine the legendary performance of 588 with added forgiveness and the breakthrough Rotex Face – Cleveland Golf’s most advanced spin technology ever.

16% Larger Grooves
Developed closely with tour players, these U-Grooves are more precise and 16% larger to maximize spin on critical scoring shots – especially out of the rough, sand and in wet conditions.

Rougher, More Durable Laser Milling
Advanced surface roughness technology is now more durable and dimensionally optimized for even more friction at impact. This helps generate even more spin on chips, pitches and partial shots from any lie.

Rotex Pattern
Directionally milled face pattern adds roughness and imparts maximum spin on open-face wedge shots where impact tends to be closer to the toe.

Wedge Cavity Back
Undercut cavity promotes perimeter weighting for more forgiveness on off-center hits.

Reverse C Sole
Inspired by Cleveland Golf’s popular CG14 and CG16 wedges. Wide, constant-width sole combined with heel and toe grinds improves performance from bunkers and deep rough.

Price: $119.99 for Satin Chrome or Black Pearl finish

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  1. ddxu says:

    588 performance with more forgiveness? I can get behind that in a heartbeat. I like that they kept the bounce dot system from earlier lines too. I wonder if these will use the Tour Concept shaft we saw in the 588 Forged?

  2. War Eagle says:

    Pretty excited to hear how these perform!

  3. Cookie says:

    Sounds like a solid all around wedge. I have not had much experience with the Cleveland wedges so looking forward to giving this one a go. Pretty interesting tech on the milled face and how it affects open face toe shots.

  4. DawgDaddy says:

    I am always excited with any release of Cleveland wedges, these should be a great offering.

  5. Michael Dean says:

    Id take the 588 with more forgiveness any day of the week!

  6. JeffReedMO says:

    I still carry a CG14, which at initial glance, these remind me of very much. Cleveland makes arguably the best wedges in the biz, so I am looking forward to giving these a try.

  7. Canio says:

    I have just one 588, but I have CG15 SW & LW. I don’t game them right now, but I’ll be looking at these!!

  8. DHill37 says:

    Man that’s a great looking wedge. I can’t wait to get one in my hands to see what I can do with it.
    I’ve been thinking about some new wedges, these might be the ones that push that ponder to a reality.

  9. Chunkylover77 says:

    Can’t say I absolutely love the look from that picture. But I could sure use some help in the generating spin department.

  10. Vince Santmyer says:

    The 588’s already produce a lot of spin IMO, This sounds like it will help a good number of golfers wanting to generate more spin. Cleveland keeps bringing it.

  11. ArmyGolf says:

    More spin? More forgiveness? Yes please!

  12. DevRickus says:

    I really like my 588 wedge and to add more forgiveness and spin? Sounds like a winner to me. These are really nice looking also which doesnt hurt.

  13. Bogey317 says:

    Looking forward to seeing these in the golf shops.

  14. adwillingham says:

    I look forward to hearing how these perform…definitely nice looking wedges.

  15. Canadan says:

    It really does have a CG16 feel to it.. I’m looking forward to seeing the black pearl!

  16. thetopdogg says:

    Looking forward to more pictures of this. I really like the design and since I was thinking of switching to Cleveland wedges I will have to keep a close look at these.

  17. Wicked Cool Bearded Man says:

    I want to see this in person big time. I really loved the look of the 588’s. The CB look is cool and updated. Really digging these!

  18. Thain says:

    Looking forward to testing this, thanks Cleveland!

  19. tnolan says:

    when CG marries 588, it can only lead to good things.
    i want some.

  20. TheDue says:

    Always love seeing whats new from Cleveland Golf and it looks like they came through once again. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these soon.

  21. teedupthoughts says:

    Wow, nice looking wedge! I could definitely use more spin from the rough, sand, and wet since that is where most of my shots seem to end up!

  22. Buckjob says:

    those look nice! i was wondering what this years was going to look like! i love the idea of them putting the CG and 588 together

  23. hanks says:

    Good blend of CG and 588 tech!

  24. Nate says:

    Industrial in look, but with the 588 feel and more forgiveness then I am game!

  25. tomahawk18 says:

    Awesome. Cleveland has really stepped it up… again!!

  26. Frank says:

    I like these a lot. Wedges can be punishing at times so anytime I can get more forgiveness I go for it.

  27. Dance_Business says:

    The Rotex milling is the most interesting part for me.

  28. J4U says:

    Nice advancement on the previous line with a few twists. Wish I could make up my mind on a new wedge set…not helping!

  29. Mr. Satchmo says:

    These look absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to see and hear more

  30. Freddie Kong says:

    Always liked the 588 and now its been improved, I don;t see how you can go wrong.

  31. Playdough says:

    Good looking wedges. Like the new features!

  32. 10YardDraw says:

    I agree fellas, looks like a CG and 588 had a baby, looks good IMO.

  33. IceyShanks says:

    These look amazing, I can’t wait to see how this new face design looks, the laser grooves look awesome!

  34. TripleBogieTim says:

    These are going to be MONEY…..Can’t wait to hit one and see what kind of spin I can generate!

  35. LeftySean says:

    Cool! I can see a 48* finding it’s way into my bag. Maybe a 52 and 56 as well??? Let the pondering commence…..

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